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Make Way for Prince Ali


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A young man runs through a park, then into his dorm room. "GUYS you won't believe what I saw in Midtown, there's this huge like street that just showed up and then BAM!!!! like actors and stuff started playing music, fire-dancers, Belly dancers, and people flying through the air I think I think its a parade" he says as he and his friends rush back to Midtown.


In Midtown almost as if by magic a large Parade has descended on the city what once was a busy street in midtown has now become a huge parade, with elephants, dancers and huge balloons making there way down the streets, and at the center of it all stands a huge pavilion being carried by at least a thousand people. Its stark gold and purple banners flutter in the wind. Standing atop the large pavilion in the middle of the  float stands a tall handsome looking man in expensive regalia of a Sultan, Behind him a band plays a large and boisterous tune over the celebration as more and more people begin to gather to watch this impromptu Parade. Large assortments and retinues in the parade have different groups of large animals being displayed in cages and with leashes. Beautiful woman belly dance on the streets as they sing praises to this prince standing on the pavilion. Seeing as this is a busy street being taken over traffic throughout the city becomes much slower as word travels about this parade. Freedoms Cities Finest soon find it impossible for them to intervene as  some sort of mysterious power keeps them from ever reaching the parade street, making it so they remain in traffic or become to fatigued to either run or walk the distance to the parade. "Prince Ali we love you" can be heard through out the crowd as the man in the regalia steps to the edge of the pavilion and waves at the masses.


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