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Found 2 results

  1. GM April 1st, 12.02AM, 2018 Club Infinity, on the Waterfront, Freedom City, New Jersey, USA, Earth-Prime The music had hit its fever pitch, the pulsing beat was in its stride. Bodies had become moderately-active bodies propelled around a world full of smoke machine exhaust, lasers, strobe lights and sweat. Then- With roar and a crash the ceiling collapsed! Four figures landed among the shocked and frozen crowd and then split up, two racing for a corner of the club where a young woman was seated. The other two headed for a small crowd surrounding a lithe young man. Both were grabbed, with a light flaring before their eyes and their vision abruptly cutting out. Before anyone could raise a proper protest at such behavior both were gone, the quartet vanishing back out through the roof into the waiting nigh-silent and invisible aircraft waiting for them. With a whisper and a sigh, the craft was gone. Below it, hundreds of shocked eyes, blinking phones and belated yells began to overcome the still-throbbing music. The bartender had already pressed the silent alarm. She made double-sure she'd pressed the one about supercrime. --------------------------------- Elsewhere On the plane, the two captives had been tied together at the knees and elbows. It was shockingly uncomfortable. Since their sight was gone, all they could make out of their captors were their voices. A sulky, faintly-accented voice spoke first "You sure this will wear off, Wallflower?" "Of course! In a few hours or when I flash the reverse signal to their brain!" that one was lighter and bubblier, with a bit of electronic distorition. "Hey!" a growl sounded right next to the captives' ears "I'm watching you, don't even try anything and you won't get hurt." The last was punctuated with a sharp, painful kick to Cherish's shin. A fourth snapped imperiously "Jawbreaker! That is no way to treat a client. Toy, take over flight to HQ." "Affirmative" a robot's voice, oddly friendly-sounding. Cherish felt a warm hand on her shoulder "I hope you won't hold that against Jawbreaker, Miss? We're only keeping you for a short time and, I promise, you will be treated with the utmost respect. Here..." Cherish felt an energy emanate from the hand, flowing through her veins, easing the pain from her throbbing shin. More worryingly, she could feel something slip between her and her powers... Meanwhile, Luther felt someone crouch next to him. "Hey, Luther! You can call me Wallflower, I'm a huge fan!" "Your grasp of the dark universes conjured from his music is like a child's." the sulky voice said "Aw, don't be like that, Pixie! Anyway, Mr. Sorrow, I just want you to know I won't let anyone hurt you and we're going to be best friends!" "It's a good thing he can't see you. You sound ridiculous talking like that at your age."
  2. OOC thread for this thread. @Letty @Supercape
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