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  1. After lengthy and unexplained absence, I have returned. Seeing as I got so much accomplished last time (read: I got a character up and vanished), I figured I could return here with slightly more dignity than the other forum I frequent. I hope to earn my way back into your good graces, and stick around this time. (I actually have a dedicated connection running into my shack, as I bit the bullet and paid for internet. Boy, was that a bitter pill.)
  2. So, what kind of stealth bonus is ascribed to being invisible, odorless and silent? (Just trying to figure out the best way to get in, whether deftly maneuver through the throng at the front, or fly in and phase through a wall)
  3. SoWouldA

    Party Down

    Now that my character has been approved I was wondering if I could get in on this party action. Of course, by get into the action, I mean sneak in, observe and... nudge
  4. Should be fine now. Adrenal surge is supposed to make up for the lack of toughness, at least long enough for him to make his escape. Meant the Downtown waterfront, by the way. Described thusly: The Waterfront The city's waterfront is located along the southern tip of the peninsula, line with piers that handle Freedom City's shipping traffic, along with warehouses that store goods being shipped in and out of the city.
  5. Oh, absolutely not. Just thought it'd be nifty to play a Terminus beastie. Fixing it up now. Edit: Done. Dropped Flight (Subtle) to add Strike (Mighty) [i knew there was a reason I had adrenalin rush in there initially...]
  6. Well, the main thing I wanted to do with shapeshift was to limit it to 'Biologicals eaten,' but didn't figure that'd work too well. Adaptation could easily be dropped, it was added as an afterthought, As opposed to Immunity, I went with that. Figuring on changing it back. Edit: Going to drop both Shapeshift and Adaptation for mimic, some extra feats, and various stealthy/movement/physical powers, essentialy accomplishing what I intended to do with Shapeshift, but in a less unpredictable manner. I'll edit in your second concern and deal with the third. Do you feel that the freedom league or Atom family would have noticed the vessel if it crashed in, say, a small New England Town? And Comprehend 2 was supposes to be teh second on the list. It was listed first, and I assumed the others could not be bought until Afterwords.
  7. Players Name: SoWouldA Power Level: 10 (150/150pp) Trade-Offs: None Unspent PP: 0 Character's Name: Diplomat Real Name: Hive Diplomat Number 13 Other know aliases: David Peterson, Height: 5' 6" Weight: 180 lbs Hair: None Eyes: Black Description: Diplomat is a bipedal organism, but can only be classified as humanoid in the barest sense of the word. Standing barely 5' tall, Diplomat wouldn't cut an imposing figure, if it weren't for his other physical traits. His pasty white skin is puled tight over what muscles he has,while his cold black eyes seem to be assessing everything about you. His mouth is perhaps his most disturbing feature, a tooth-filled gash that seems to divide his head almost in two. As David Peterson, the first human he met (and subsequently devoured), he stands at 6 feet tall, a tad bit heavyset, with shaggy brown hair and deep blue eyes. Beyond that, he is easy to forget. History: Diplomat (Another possible translation would be 'Assassin') Number 13 was hatched on a far-off world and bred to serve the Queen, just like any other member of the hive. He was raised like every other diplomat, to infiltrate societies and assess the worth of other worlds, and lure them into a false sense of security before his hive-brethren struck and drew the world into the Fold. He would have gone on to serve the hive with distinction, If he had only stayed away from Resource Planet 18. Sent to assess the planet, Diplomat received his first real taste of liberation during his study of the purely anarchic world. It was a state of pure chaos on that primitive planet, with wild beasts running rampant, and the survivors of what civilization may have existed trying desperately to cling to their old ways. It was here, hunting and being hunted, befriending and betraying, that his mind was broken free of his Queen's conditioning. All-encompassing order was not beauty. Disorder was. And disorder could not exist in annihilation. Diplomat returned to the hive to report the planet as worthless. His next mission was to be to assess the third planet in a distant galaxy. He attempted to override the ship's autopilot, to return to the world of blessed chaos, but only managed to crash on the backwater world, called Earth. Not according to plan, but Diplomat swiftly learned that the masses of earth were malleable, thanks largely in part to David Peterson. David, whose backyard in the Mount Washington Valley served as Diplomat's crash site, was the alien's primary teacher. Diplomat's quiet charm and willingness to learn reminded David of himself, which was why he was unsurprised when Diplomat told him he was going to die. David merely sighed and asked if he'd at least get the chance to say goodbye to his wife and child. When the alien assured him she would be told, he grudgingly relented. Of course, this was only Diplomats first seeding of chaos, for when Ann returned home to find 'David' in the arms of another women, she went berserk and attempted to kill them both, Diplomat escaped through the bedroom window. His joyous laughter echoed long into the night. Soon after, he learned of what appeared to be the only place where the planet's fate could be decided. If he could topple this 'Freedom City,' then surely the world would follow. And so, he made his way south, causing trouble as he went. Renting out a small warehouse on Downtown Freedom's waterfront, he took root, gaining an information network and a crew of flunkies. His ex-queen would soon notice his absence, and would send someone to investigate. He would be ready. Personality & Motivation Diplomat is gregarious and outgoing, acting curious and naive merely as a facade. Beneath the surface, he is manipulative and deceitful, eager to see Earth fall to the chaos and barbarism of Resource Planet 13. Diplomat's motivation is one of solely personal gain. After suffering long beneath his oppressive queen, he has vowed never to bow to the will of another. Powers & Tactics: Diplomat goes about creating chaos in a disturbingly orderly manner. Rarely showing himself outside of a form he has mimicked, he will show one or two powers to any given hero, attempting to create the illusion of many disparate villains. Stats: 0+0+0+4+4+10 = 18 PP Str: 10 (+0) Dex: 10 (+0) Con: 10 (+0) Int: 14 (+2) Wis: 14 (+2) Cha: 20 (+5) Combat: 10+10 = 20 PP Attack: +5 Grapple: +5 Defense: +5 (+3 Flat Footed) Knockback: +0 Initiative: +0 Saves: 5+5+5 = 15 PP Toughness: +0 Fort: +5 (+0 Con, +5) Ref: +5 (+0 Dex, +5) Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5) Skills: 10PP (40 Skill Points) Bluff 8 (+13) Diplomacy 8 (+13) Gather Info 8 (+13) Intimidate 8 (+13) Sense Motive 8 (+10) Feats: 13 PP Assessment Connected Contacts Equipment 2 (10 EP) Minions 6 (25 Criminals) Quick Change Sneak Attack Powers: 6+4+2o+11+2+3+12+5+2+4+4+4 = 74 PP Adrenal Surge 6 [6 PP] Comprehend Languages 2 (Speak any one language at a time and understand all spoken languages simultaneously) [4 PP] Concealment 10 (All Non-Tactile Senses) [20 PP] Immunity 11 (Life Support, Need to Eat, Need to Sleep) [11 PP] Flight 1 (10 MPH) [ 2PP] Leaping 3 (100 Feet) (3 PP) Morph 4 (All Forms of the same mass) [12 PP] Regeneration 5 (+1 Bonus to Recovery Checks, Check for Bruised 1/Round, Injured 1/20 minutes, Disabled 1/5 Hours, Death 1/Week) [5 PP] Speed 2 (25 MPH) [2 PP] Strike 3 (Mighty, Claws) [4 PP] Super Movement 2 (Permeate 1, Wall Crawling 1) [4 PP] Super Senses (X-Ray Vision, Limited by Lead) [4 PP] Drawbacks: none DC Block Unarmed -- DC 15/Toughness -- Damage Totals: Abilities 18 + Combat 20 + Saves 15 + Skills 10 (40r) + Feats 13 + Powers 74 = 150/150pp
  8. SoWouldA

    PL 10

    Something along the lines... Huh. That question answered mine. I'll have It up in the Character Bank in short order.
  9. SoWouldA

    PL 10

    So, I pulled the 'Stalkers' Description from Instant Superheroes and made it my own. Stats are as follows. (I'm posting it here first, because I'm curious what extra-dimensions are in use) Actual Content to be determined. Would Super Movement- Permeate be a better bet than Dimensional Movement? Did I screw up the math somewhere? Abilities: 38 STRENGTH 22 DEXTERITY 18 CONSTITUTION 22 INTELLIGENCE 8 WISDOM 16 CHARISMA 12 Saves:9 FORT- 9= 3+6 REF- 7= 3+4 WILL- 6= 3+3 Toughness- +6 Combat: 36 Defense- +10 Attack- +8 Skills: 12 Acrobatics 8 (+12) Climb 8 (+14) Intimidate 8 (+9) Notice 8 (+11) Search 8 (+7) Stealth 8 (+12) Feats: 15 All-Out Attack Endurance Evasion Fearless Fearsome Presence 6 Improved Initiative Improved Trip Power Attack Startle Uncanny Dodge (olfactory) Powers: 40 Leaping 4 Strike, Mighty (Claws/Bite) 4 Super Senses (Danger Sense Olfactory, Infravision, Scent, Tracking Scent, Ultra-Hearing, Time Sense, X-Ray Vision-Limited By Lead) 7 Speed 3 Strike, Ranged (Spines) 2 Emotion Control- Fear, Auditory only 9 Super Movement- Dimensional 1 Regeneration- (2 Bruised, 2 Staggered, 2 Disabled, 3 Resurrection-Removal of the Heart) 9
  10. Howdy. I'm SoWouldA, your average not-quite-20 college dropout. I work at a local fast food joint, and am striving to either A) get the heck out of dodge or find a slightly better place of work. I got my start roleplaying casting magic missiles at the darkness (Ok, actually it was casting cure light wounds. A lot.) and moved on to nWOD. I discovered Green Ronin thanks largely to their Handbook's series, and picked up M&M for kicks. Learned to love it real quick.
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