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  1. Rei


    Actually I never intended for him to wallow in self-pity. His a character arc would’ve focused around creating and using the Avatar persona to achieve a sense of importance that doesn’t exist in his real live then developing a truly heroics self. Or if pushed in the ‘right’ direction, he’d realize the suffering inn super heroism and embrace self-indulgence-a villain ending sort of speak.
  2. Rei


    I’d say Jacen has the emotional center and appeal to hold a solo series, but a strong supporting cast can elevate enough the most powerful characters. Just imagine how the Dark Knight franchise would’ve turned out without Alfred or Jim Gordon to play off Batman. That’s precisely why I want to find his antithesis or best friend. This way, I can use other devices, particularly outside my control, to further his development. Perhaps we’re looking it from different backgrounds and perspectives, but I learned role-playing by using external focuses, such as other characters, to develop one character. But if it’s a serious issue, I’ll forget about it.
  3. Rei


    It’s not a sidekick parse, but a close friend. Consider the relationship between Iron Fist and Luke “Power Man†Cage of the Heroes for Hire fame as the two are incredibly close and will drop everything to help each other, but have their own lives, personal issues, and unique villains.
  4. Rei


    I’m looking for a heterosexual life partner, someone to control my in process Avatar. Jacen’s problems are twofold: He has an incredibly fragile ego and is prone to make stupid decisions and/or overextend himself for approval. I’m looking for either a veteran hero who’s expressed with children or a more responsible young hero that’ll act as Jacen’s foil. Anyone up for the task?
  5. Rei

    Water Control

    I’d say no if it grants you variable power stunts without paying a hero point. A for nullifying fire you achieve the same effect with a water blast anyway, just use that.
  6. Unfortunately, Time Control is much more mundane. Time Control is a just a fancy term for Super Speed (Extras: Ranged, Affects Others) and if you took away the extra you’re left with a typical speedster. Your ideas’ closer to the “bullet time†concept from Max Payne and the Matrix franchise, which is a temporary container with enhanced feasts, enhanced reflex saves and possibly mental quickness.
  7. Think we can play the game with that many people?
  8. I haven’t made much experience with a reaction-based boost, save Absorption, but I’m sure you could achieve the same effect with Triggered (Adrenaline Rush). If you’re going for the classic Adrenaline Junkie I’d also recommend: Immunity 2 (Sleep, Starvation and Thirst, Flaws: Limited: Half Effect), Diehard, Endurance x2 (optional), Fearless anod possibly Adrenal Surge 12 (Feats: Slow Fade x2).
  9. Rei

    Opinion Requests

    Inpsired by Serris, I've decided to post my Shadow Academy character for so much needed peer editing. Anything you can suggest is welcome.
  10. With maximized interaction skill, “Attractive to all†is a case of description /hyperbole than anything with statistical backing. However, you could make it a feature/benefit to throw players a bone during interaction. Really, you never explained why she’s so persuasive, so outstanding beauty could help.
  11. Rei

    Animal Control

    If you’re supplying the animals, the concept becomes a Beast Master analogy with several minions. Animals control only becomes necessary to keep the beasts from becoming feral and attacking you, but fanatical is just as effective. Otherwise, it’s feasible to ‘borrow’ animals off the street, but unless you’re going to purchase them as minions your hold wouldn’t exceed the encounter.
  12. Rei

    Non-Damaging Telekinesis

    Ultimate Power describes Telekinesis (Move object) as the mental analogy to Super-strength. As with the conventional powerhouse the mentalist is limited by his strength of will or in this case points. With enough points you pull a door off its hinges, chuck a bathtub or juggle tanks.
  13. Rei

    Feat Requests

    A few more feats lifted from Hero High, I was wondering I could use them for my in-progress Caster (one of Saku/Naxy summons)?
  14. Rei

    Feat Requests

    The problem I’m having is abilities in the Green Ronin book were incredibly a general; they gave clear reference with enough flexibility to create anything. The Third Party expansions focused on the worlds within a world creating abilities for specific concepts and situations. Devil’s Workshop in particularly emphasized co-operative combat in their strategy feat that used Leadership and Inspire to tweak a situation into the team’s favor. Back up*, for example, gave a character the advantage when joining a battle already in progress. While Regroup**, allow a team to recognize. I was planning to create tactical field leader, filling the same niche as Oracle, (Ultimate) Nick Fury, Norman Osborn, and Brainiac 5. The strategy feats are better suited for this concept than the general abilities listed in the core manual. *Backup Characters with this strategy feat receive a +1 to attack and Defense bonuses on the first round entering a battle already in progress. **Regroup This is a common strategy learned by many groups. When participants spend one round not attacking their foes in order to regroup at a rally point determined by a character with Leader¬ship, they automatically take the initiative on the first round after reaching this rally point. These characters will be able to act before their opponents, no matter who has the highest initiative.
  15. Rei

    Feat Requests

    I was hoping to create a character whose well-versed in support skills, something that the second edition is lacking. Is there any way there skills could be changed to fit the current game? If the name's a problem I could easily change it to something else.
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