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  1. You're probably right, I just have this picture in my head of that dome at the top sliding back and Neo-Knight jetting out (not going to happen until he upgrades his flight power a little bit, 25 MPH isn't exactly a climactic takeoff). Anyway, judging by his garage, he'll probably just drive. I'll lower it to 50 feet. P.S. Thanks for all the constructive criticism. I've only ever run one game before so I'm just getting used to making up stuff that works. That's ok, I'm not sure how fast PBP moves in this forum, but I've been running one on another forum for a couple months and we're still on out first adventure.
  2. My apologies, I'm still new at Mutants and Masterminds and didn't know of that particular feat. In light of that, a gather information check is allowed, DC 20 if you have the feat, DC 25 if you don't to represent making the inquiries on short notice.
  3. I knew someone would call me on that, and I have an explanation. You see the Knights of the Round Table maintain that Sir Ashcroft is a wealthy investor. In actuality, the only money he really has is an allowance the Knights give him. The only things in that house he actually owns are his car parts. The Knights own the rest and can take it away at any moment. I'd say that's more of a requisition than a purchase, and as such is covered by his benefit (membership: Knights of the Round Table) feat. I thought about gather info, but it's a skill that takes time, and I wasn't sure the characters had time to ask around. If anyone wants to do it, you can. But the DC remains the same.
  4. Heck, I'm sure The Knights of the Round Table would have some interest in stopping an apocalypse. Count me in if there's a spot open.
  5. The topic is up, have fun everyone (and read the OOC thread first).
  6. I'm really not that talented with descriptions. I'm pretty good when I get on a roll but most of the time I'm just average. If there's anything I can improve don't hesitate to point it out. One more thing, I tend to describe in 2'nd person (You do this...) and talk in 1st person (addressing my character as I). I do it without thinking; if that makes anyone uncomfortable I'll try to stop. I prefer dice rolls linked inside the in-character description. It cuts down on the clutter. I gave a generic entrance description, if you want to describe your own entrance you're welcome to. Also, you can take a knowledge (current events) or (popular culture) to see if you know anything about Sir Ashcroft. If you get a 25 or above you know that Sir Ashcroft is a wealthy English investor that recently moved to the Freedom City for "business reasons." He tries to keep a low profile and not much is known about him.
  7. You show up at precisely 8:00 PM; just like the invitation said. In fact, that's just about all the invitation said. It gave a time and an address. The address was located right on the waterfront in Bayview. Not a shabby neighborhood by any means, but not one of the best areas. It was signed "Sir Ashcroft." A very British sounding name, and one you are completely unfamilliar with. As you round the final turn you are greeted with the sight of a bayside statehouse. It is exquisite even for this neighborhood; the property has to span at least 4 acres. Turning down the gravel drive you get a better sight of the house in its entirety. It expels the essence of a Medieval cathedral, with lots of spires and arched windows. There's even some structures that could be called battlements, if they weren't so obviously decorative. The gate comes up before you and you begin to slow down in anticipation of a conversation through an intercom. It is a needless gesture, the gate smoothly opens once you get within 20 feet of it. At the end of the drive you finally reach the house. The drive ends in a roundabout surrounding a massive fountain. The statue in the middle depicts a knight facing a dragon. The dragon's mouth is open and a jet of water emanates from it, only to be deflected by the knight's upraised shield. Judging by what you've seen so far, this Sir Ashcroft must be both very rich and slightly eccentric. Before you can take in the sight fully, a Chauffeur appears beside your window. You smoothly give him your keys, and perhaps a slight tip, and he gives you a receipt. Very formal for a private establishment. The Chauffeur drives the car down a path so well disguised as to be unnoticeable, to a door at least as well disguised as the driveway. As the door opens, you get a slight glimpse of an immaculate garage, all white tile and brushed aluminum. You get a sight of this up on a car lift with the transmission half-way out. Sir Ashcroft must have a thing for cars as well as knights. As soon as the Chauffeur departs, a Butler appears by your side. He is a very English man, rather stout with black hair and brown eyes. When he talks, it is with an accent that reeks of stuffy sophistication. "This way please." He leads you up a ramp to a, quite frankly, enormous set of double doors which are opened by another set of servents. They're big enough to drive a car through and you have the sneaking suspicion that Ashcroft has. Inside is a vaulted foyer all tile and marble, and at least 50 feet tall. A glass dome in the ceiling gives you an excellent view of the heavens. Spoiling the effect somewhat is a cloth draped over a table in a corner. One corner of an engine can be seen peeking out from under it. The butler quickly walks over to the table and pulls the cloth over the engine with an audible "tisk." "Wait here please, the dinner will begin momentarily."
  8. Good to see some interest. I'll be starting this thread either tonight or tomorrow.
  9. Technically yes, but I figure that since anyone who's anyone will be there, at least a few heroes will show up. And a scene with so many heroes out-of-costume would be a perfect opportunity for villains to get them off guard. P.S. It wasn't obviously stated, but no one knows Sir Ashcroft is a super hero yet.
  10. Sure, I'm inviting heroes and villains. Any heroes who might want to attend the party, and any villains that might want to crash it .
  11. Hi, I just signed up for this forum and got my first character approved. I want to do something to get myself and my character integrated into the campaign world. Basically, I'd like to start a thread where Sir Ashcroft (Neo-Knight's rich English alter ego) holds a moving-in party at his waterfront estate in Bayview. Hopefully, it would provide an opportunity for Neo-Knight to get acquainted with all the heroes in Freedom City. If I'm lucky, maybe some super-villains will crash the party and we'll have some combat. So, anyone interested in joining/crashing the party?
  12. Hi, I live in Boise, Idaho (it isn't quite the middle of nowhere, but you can see it from here). I'm currently a student at a classical high school (i.e. you learn algebra and Biblical Greek in the same day; I like Algebra). Anyway, I'm something of a nerd and RPGs have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My friends and I used to role play free-form as early as the first grade. I want to go to college at California Technical Institute and get a masters in computer science. I'm interested in computer security and want to become an ethical hacker. For those of you that don't know, that's a guy who works for a company and tests for security holes in their system. They then fix the holes they found. It's not a glamorous life, but it's what I want to do. Heck, that's about it. When I'm not at school or doing homework I'm sitting in front of the computer doing something like this. I'm currently running a Warhammer 40,000 RPG called "Kill Team" here. I also tried starting a forum like this with a Steampunk RPG, but it died due to lack of interest. P.S. The linked forum's having some troubles. The theme used randomly refuses to load. Just choose another from the list at the bottom left of the screen and you should be fine.
  13. If that's the case, I'll just put everything in alphabetical order (It's no big deal, I did it for the feats anyway).
  14. That's from Ultimate Power, right (I can't find it in the core book)? I don't currently have access to that book, but I assume it works just like any other power feat and that it applies to the actual device power. If that's the case, I've changed it.
  15. Players Name: dementedwombat Power Level: 11 (151 pp) PP Unspent: 1 Characters Name: Neo-Knight Alternate Identity: Sir Ashcroft Pendragon (uses Sir Ashcroft) Height: 6'3" Weight: 195lb (300lbs in armor) Hair: Black Eyes: Grey Description: Upon seeing Sir Ashcroft Pendragon, one immediately gets the feeling of old English aristocracy. The man is well built and muscular, and he literally exudes an aura of steady confidence. No one would suspect the wealthy businessman is actually a super hero. Whenever he grips his magical sword Excalibur and says "For Arthur, for Justice, for Camelot!" he is instantly encased in a suit of technologically advanced power armor. History: Neo-Knight is the last descendant of the King Arthur and is the rightful bearer of Excalibur. Recognizing that super-powered threats are too powerful for any man to stop, he has been appointed the bearer of an intricately crafted suit of mystical power-armor. This allows him to stand up with other heroes and hold his own. The Knights of the Round Table has become a secret society dedicated to the protection of humanity from super-criminals (especially those of the mystical sort). It is composed of the knights themselves, as well as servants (called Squires) that ensure the knights are taken care of, that they have transportation, and that their armor is maintained. Costume/Powers: Sir Ashcroft pendragon always dresses in a perfectly tailored pinstripe suit. As Neo-Knight his costume resembles a suit of medieval plate armor, although sleeker. It is actually a sophisticated battlesuit incorporating the latest in armor plating and strength enhancing servos. The Knights have also added an experimental jet boot system to allow Ashcroft to keep up with other heroes. His offensive powers come from the mythical sword Excalibur. It is a mythical artifact capable of cutting through just about anything as well as projecting a blast of magical energy. Stats: 22PP Str: 14/22 (+2/+6) 4PP Dex: 14 (+2) 4PP Con: 14 (+2) 4PP Int: 12 (+1) 2PP Wis: 14 (+2) 4PP Cha: 14 (+2) 4PP Combat: 32PP Attack: +8 16PP Defense: +8 16PP Grapple: +14 (8 attack+6 Str.) Initiative: +6 (2 Dex+Improved Initiative) Saves: 29PP Toughness: +2/+12 (10 impervious) Fortitude: +11 9PP Reflex: +12 10PP Will: +12 10PP Skills: 40 ranks/10PP Bluff 9/+11 Craft (mechanical) 8/+9 Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 5/+6 Knowledge (Current Events) 5/+6 Knowledge (Tactics) 5/+6 Notice 8/+10 Feats: 15PP Ambidexterity Benefit 3 (Status [Knight of the Round Table], Wealth 2) Improved Critical (blast) Improved Critical (strike) Leadership Fighting Style: sword fighting (added all-out-attack) (Accurate Attack, All-Out Attack, Defensive Attack, Improved Block, Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Power Attack, Taunt) Powers: 46PP I: Device 9 (battlesuit; hard to loose) 36PP --1.Enhanced strength 8 [penetrating 4] 12PP --2.Flight 2 (25 MPH) 4PP --3.Immunity 9 (life support) 9PP --4.Protection 10 [impervious 10] 20PP II: Device 3 (Excalliber; easy to loose; indestructible) 10PP --1a.Strike 6 [penetrating 6; mighty; affects insubstantial 1] 14PP --1b. Blast 7 [alternate power] 1PP Drawbacks: +4PP Normal Identity (common/major) [full round action] +4PP Complications: Chivalry. As a knight, Sir Ashcroft has vowed to always protect those in need, always be polite to ladies, and remain virtuous and moderate in all things (Could be interesting if he's put up against a female super villain) Reliability: Excalibur is an artifact of immense power, but that still doesn't change the fact it is a very old sword. Every once and a while (usually at the most inopportune moment possible) the sword's powers just stop working. The duration of the power loss can range from instantaneous to several minutes; and the only way to recover is to wait until the time's expired. DC Block: ATTACKS: SAVE DC: DAMAGE TYPE: Strike 6 [penetrating 10] 27/Toughness lethal or nonlethal Blast 7 22/Toughness nonlethal unarmed [penetrating 4] 21/Toughness nonlethal Costs: Abilities (22) + Combat (32) + Saves (29) + Skills (10) + Feats (15) + Powers (46) - Drawbacks (04) = 150PP
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