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Claremont Character: Feeding Frenzy WIP

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Definitely need to finalize the formatting on this (the tablet is awful for that) and would love feedback if I've gotten anything really terribly wrong numbers wise as I finish cleaning this up. 


Feeding Frenzy

Power Level: 10

Trade offs: -3 defense/+3 toughness, melee -5 attack/+5 damage


In Brief: Atlantean wereshark struggling to be a hero and not an animal. 

Catchphrase: Chow time

Theme: Jaws Theme/monster by Skillet


Alternate Identity: Koa Halelani
Birthplace: Pacific Ocean 

Residence: Claremont
Base of Operations: Claremont
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Claremont
Family: Mother, Celeste Halelani


Age: 16 (DoB: 2000, September 15)
Apparent Age: 16
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Atlantean
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: silver
Hair: black

Koa is a dark skinned very skinny boy. He's thin and on the shorter side. He hates wearing shirts and prefers to go around bare chested. If he has to wear a shirt he tries to leave as many buttons open as he can. His entire upper body is covered in black and red Polynesian style tattoos. He usually wears either cargo shorts, jean shorts, or swim shorts. He has webbing between his fingers and toes which forces him to wear zori sandals or go barefoot. His mouth has a few rows of sharpened teeth. 

When he's doing hero work he wears a pair of red goggles and a tight red swim cap. He also wears a pair of red and black swimming shorts. He also has a small utility belt with meat sticks in it. 


As a wereshark, Feeding Frenzy is a massive creature. He hunches over and still stands at seven feet tall. His fin sprouts from his back between his shoulder blades. Back between his legs is a large crescent shaped tail. His tattoos are all expanded over his tough black flesh. His face is totally unrecognizable, it's a massive shark head with rows and rows of teeth. His silver eyes are still present. 



As a boy, Koa remembered waiting for his father to come home. His father was a soldier. He fought for the kingdom of Atlantis and would often be gone for long stretches of time. However, he knew his father wasn't a normal soldier. He knew this because he wasn't a normal Atlantean boy. He and his father had the same set of abilities. From the time he could swim on his own Koa found himself very different from those outside his clan. 

His voracious appetite was the first thing. He could consume his entire body weight in a single sitting. But nothing set him off like blood. Any kind of blood even miles away beneath the waves made him fly into a rage. His father was one of the few people who could hold him back. For good reason, when they smelled blood they both would  face that same fury. That same hunger. Koa's father trained him to resist the blood frenzy. When he turned twelve he began to find that his fury was matched with a change in his physical body (which, adding to puberty? Really really sucked.) his body became a slender shark with arms and legs. Atlantean Military training from his father made that more and more muscular. 

Koa would have wanted to continue to train under his father. But then Atlantis went to war. His father was part of the invasion force in Emerald City. He never came home. His mother couldn't train her son, and was afraid of what he might do if he lost control. So she pulled strings with her husband's military and government friends.

Koa arrived at Claremont to learn to be a hero. He resented the deep ones for taking his father from him. On the other hand everyone looked at him with trepidation, he looked and fought like the invaders. So he decided to do one thing. Prove them wrong.

He decided to be a hero. Not just a hero, the best hero. His way, his terms, but Koa would be undeniably heroic. Through and through. He wanted to show them that he was up to snuff. 


Personality & Motivation:
Koa's farther was a hero. He raised his son to want to do right for the world. Koa wants to do right for his home nation. At Claremont he is trying to learn to become the man his father wanted him to be. He fights to prove the Atlantean aren't all terrible, and because he wants to prove that for himself. 


Powers & Tactics:
Most people can't tell tell that Koa is a wereshark. This allows him to go around incognito or get a lot closer than he could as a humanoid shark. Usually Koa prefers to drop in and snatch people out of the way and into the dark. When forced to fight openly he prefers to grab enemies and grapple them. He is a grappler first and foremost in his Frenzy form. He batters away smaller enemies he can and bites those he can't just smack away. 


Power Descriptions:
Most of Koa's regular strength comes from Atlantean physiology. He's tougher, faster, and stronger than a normal human. He has gills in his neck and webbed hands. 


In his wereshark form his magic lends him his tremendous strength. He tends to opt for a crushing bite down on targets, due to years of training he doesn't devour enemies, but they will be left with pretty nasty wounds. 



Am I a monster?: At a very basic level turning into a terrifying shark on legs is enough to make people run screaming. In addition, most weresharks are ruthless and frenzied flesh eating berserkers. This means most Atlanteans, even those who appreciate his potential military uses, usually give him a wide berth. 

On another level, people still remember the Atlantean invasions. It's hard to wake up every morning trying to be someone who no matter what face you have is a scary one. 


Blood lust: When seized by the Frenzy Koa can't turn back until he has eaten flesh. He also can't control how much of a thing he eats when he starts there's no stopping until it is gone. Usually his keen senses can find something so that he can turn back, but if he can't the hunger will grow and grow. The longer and more times he transforms the more he needs to eat to grow back.


Needs water: Koa needs to spend at least fifteen minutes a day fully immersed in Salt water or he begins to become very sick. 


My Country Right or Wrong: Koa's father, was part of the invasion and Koa saw the videos of atrocities and even war crimes committed by his fellows, but he still stands by his people. A hero point should be awarded for forcing him to go against the nation of Atlantis. 




Abilities: 14+0+14+2+4+8=42

Str 24/40 (+7/+15)

Dex 10

Con 24 (+7)

Int 12 (+1)

Wis 14 (+2)

Cha 18 (+4)


Combat 8+8=16

Atk: +4 (+5 melee)

Def: +7 (+4 base, +3 dodge focus)


Grapple: +7/+25


Saves +3+5+5=13

Toughness +13/+7

Fort: +10

Ref: +5



Skills 60r=15pp

Intimidate 10 (+14) skill mastery

Sense motive 8 (+10) skill mastery

Notice 10 (+12) skill mastery

Medicine 6 (+8)

Language 2: Atlantean(Native), English, Hawaiian

Search: 10 (+11) 

Stealth: 10 (+10/+12) skill mastery 


Feats 10

Attack Focus: Melee 1

Dodge focus 3

Environmental Adaptation: Water

Uncanny Dodge: Olfactory

Power attack

Move by action

Hide in plain sight

Skill mastery: (intimidate, notice, Stealth, sense motive)



Powers 7+3+2+1+5+43=61

Atlantean Movement Array 3 (6pp Array, feats; Alternate power) [7pp]

BP: swimming 6 {6/6}

AP: speed 3 and Leaping 3 {6/6}


Immunity 3 (breathe normally underwater, cold, high pressure) [3PP]


Super senses 2 (acute scent, infravision) [2PP]


Super strength 1 [2PP]


Super strength 5 (flaws; limited, grappling only) [5 pp]


Wereshark 10: (50 PP container, drawback: involuntary transformation [-5, smell of blood, DC 15 will save to resist], drawback one way transformation, [cannot turn back without eating meat -2 pp]) [43 pp]

  • Enhanced strength 16 (+8) [16 pp]
  • Protection 6 (obvious) [3PP]
  • Super Senses 6 (tracking, accurate olfactory, extended olfactory 3) [6PP]
  • Enhanced Feat 1: Improved Grab [1PP]
  • Super Strength 6 [12 PP]
  • Enhanced Dexterity 6 [6PP]
  • Regeneration 3: (recovery rate: bruised) [3PP]
  • Concealment 2: (visual, limited: only in water, passive) [6 PP]


Drawbacks: -3-4=-7PP

Vulnerability: Silver (uncommon, Major) -3pp

Vulnerability: Heat (common, Major) -4pp


Total: Abilities (42) + Combat (16) +  Saves (13) + Skills (15) + Feats (10) + Powers (61) - Drawbacks (7)=150/150

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