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Our Better Angels -ooc

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ArchAngel is going to mind control the security guard to let her in, I don't know if that should require a roll or not. I thought it might just be cool although unneeded as she doesn't have a weapon on her or anything.


She's also going to use ESP+Supersenses(psychic blindsight) to look around for anything and keep track of the party.

notice: 1d20+13 28



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There's a dozen guys with guns and batons scattered across the room. You can't sense a mind on the young woman and the DJ. Hyperactive isn't far from you and is in fact the closest of those minds. 


Because this is a massive crowd I'm ruling this difficult terrain.

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Hold on, Hyperactive and the DJ Droid go first. So Hyperactive seeing Archangel go for the two guards he's going to attack the Droid. 


Attack the DJ: 1d20+10 12


Then Hyperactive will move and put himself between Sands and her bodyguards.

The Two bodyguards go before ArchAngel

Attack Sands: 1d20+4 24

Attack sands: 1d20+4 11


ok so one of those is a crit... DC 27 on that toughness save

Toughness save: 1d20+4 8

well... she's going to be bleeding out... 


Ok and now the Droid. It's going to take a swing at Hyperactive:

Attack Hyperactive: 1d20+8 24

that is way too close for comfort, but it does miss. 

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