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Evergreen (PL 10) WIP


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Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0 
Trade-Offs: ±
0 Attack / ±0 Damage, ±0 Defense / +0 Toughness 


In Brief: A human transformed into an  avatar for Mother Gaia herself and sworn to protect both humanity and the Earth herself.


Catchphrase: Don't really have one...for now.




Alternate Identity: Jaden Maxwell

Birthplace: Alternate Earth

Residence: An abandoned greenhouse he managed to renovate.
Base of Operations: Same as residence.

Occupation: Works as a Baker at his own shop when not out being a hero or tending to his plant friends.

Affiliations: None at the moment, though it's my hope to have him establish a working relationship with various heroes.

Family: Has an Aunt and Uncle back on his Earth named Laura and Adrian Maxwell respectively. 


Age: 20 (DoB: April 17, 1996)

Gender: He's a plant elemental. He technically doesn't have one xD

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5 foot, 10 inches
Weight: 200 pounds
Eyes: Brown

Hair: Jet Black in a crop cut.


Appears to have the physique of a young man who engages in modest amounts of exercise with fair skin and the traits listed above. He can typically be seen wearing clothing that fits the climate, such as a blue tank top and brown shorts during warmer months and a hooded coat with boots, hat and gloves when it gets cold. 


Ever since his transformation into a living plant, he tends to sway between different  forms depending on his mood. However, perhaps the one he is mainly seen with is a humanoid figure colored in emerald green with darker section to highlight features like a tunic and pants. His hair is actually white rose petals arranged in a sweeping style with a green eye mask and red eyes. He also wears a type of mantled long coat that shares a similar color scheme to the rest of him.




Jaden had, for the most part, a normal upbringing growing up. He was born to a loving Mom and Dad who took good care of him for the first few years of his life and he had an Aunt and Uncle who thought the world of him that he frequently visited on the weekends or during the holidays. However, when he was about 7 years old...tragedy struck. 


One night, he was at his Aunt's place watching cartoons when the phone rang. His Aunt went to answer it only to drop the dish she'd been drying in horror at what the police man on the other end had told her. Mr and Mrs Maxwell had been on their way home from a business trip when a drunk driver slammed into them, killing both parents at once. Needless to say, it was like Jaden's entire world had come crumbling down in the course of just one night. 


After the funeral, Jaden was taken in by his Aunt and Uncle and it quickly became evident that despite the fact that they treated him well, that life was not going to be easy since both relatives were in their elderly years and they did not have too much money. As such, Jaden had to learn at a young age to pitch in and be self-sufficient, helping his folks around the house and gradually learned skills such as cooking, cleaning dishes and even pulling weeds out of the garden. It didn't help that they ended up having to move twice even before he got into high school.


Life was difficult but it wasn't bad by any means as the young lad excelled in his classes and enjoyed helping others with their work. He took on a part-time job at one point to help his folks too. Of course, he sometimes let himself get lost in video games and anime as he got older. Eventually, he graduated from high school to the delight of his Aunt and Uncle and seemed to have a bright future ahead of him.


However, that's when his life took a most unexpected turn. During one summer, he took part in a field trip set up by a club he use to be part of that were planting trees in an area that had recently been decimated by a wildfire. During the program, Jaden caught sight of a bear cub that had slipped into the water and was now heading down the stream towards a waterfall. Without thinking, he risked his life to save the cub and return it to its family. Despite not thinking much of it, someone else took notice of his act...


That night, he was visited by a voice in his dreams. The voice introduced itself as Gaia, Spirit Of The Earth. It had watched the man's act and, despite its usual indifference towards humans, had been intrigued by his selfless act despite the fact he had risked his life and got no reward out of it. He explained that he didn't do it for a reward but because it was the right thing to do and that he didn't want anyone else to endure the pain of lost loved ones. 


Growing ever more intrigued with him, the spirit handed him what she called the "Seed Of Gaia" and that she would give him the chance to prove to her that humans and the Earth could co-exist together. With that, the dream ended...Jaden thought no more of it.


One night though, he was in his room, doing some reading when he heard a commotion downstairs. Going to check, he saw several men in black suits ransacking the place while holding his Aunt and Uncle at knife point.


For a brief moment, he felt like a small boy all over again, like history was about to repeat itself...but not if he had anything to say about it. When the men saw him, they shot the young man on the spot...only for his wound to heal up within seconds, causing all those present to freeze in shock. Anger fueling his actions, Jaden's power activated and vines broke through the windows and floorboards, disarming the men and slamming their bodies against the walls over and over again with enough force to shatter the plaster.
However, just when it looked like he was ready to do the unthinkable and take their lives...his Aunt and Uncle's voices brought him back to reality. He collapsed to his knees, sobbing and wondering what he had become. His folks consoled him as the would-be murderers were taken into custody, likely traumatized for life by the ordeal. The police asked questions but nobody was in the mood to give the actual story.
After having some time to calm down, and being reminded that his Aunt and Uncle still loved him, it was decided that he needed to learn control since the world was likely not ready for an individual like Jaden. As such, the next week or so saw him practicing with his new abilities and growing quite adept at them. His body underwent more changes until he instinctively created a new identity for himself to go with his new form. 
It was around this point that an event happened that awoke his inner hero and made him realize that his powers were meant for bigger things. A powerful Fae had come to his town by the name of Glastig and, true to the myths surrounding her, went about luring in unsuspecting men and draining them of their blood, leaving lifeless corpses in her wake, meant to gather strength as her followers constructed the pieces for a gate that would open a way to the Fae Realm and allow her army to come through.


After several close calls, and having his family's lives endangered and discovering that his supposed girlfriend was a dirty coward willing to sell him out to secure her own future as a journalist,  Evergreen cornered and exposed Glastig, in the process destroying the gate and closing one of the links to the Fae Realm for good. One lengthy battle later, Glastig was defeated. Evergreen refused to kill her...but that didn't mean he or Gaia let her off the hook either. 


In an event that still haunts him, Gaia, manifesting physically, transformed Glastig into a plant entity...and then Evergreen transformed the fallen Fae into a tree for the rest of her days. Victory was his...but at the price of never again reclaiming a normal life or his humanity as the power he had inherited had transformed him completely. Not helping matters is, upon realizing his girlfriend didn't love him and had betrayed him, broke up with her, leaving him somewhat downtrodden. 


Feeling alone and isolated from society now, Jaden was unsure where to turn to. He still enjoyed helping people but it didn't give him the same satisfaction it normally did,leaving him in a bit of a rut. 


Thankfully, Gaia provided a solution in using her connections to transferring him over to another parallel Earth where he may find people in need of his services and where he may find peace of mind at last. After agonizing over the decision, and realizing other heroes were starting to appear on his Earth to take up the torch, decided it was for the best, bid good-bye to his loved ones and was thus whisked off to the other Earth...an Earth very similar to our own yet very different...


What adventures await from here? Will he find the peace he desires? Only time will tell...


Personality & Motivation: Jaden is for all intents and purposes a rather easygoing and calm individual. He enjoys life for what it is and tries not to worry too much about the future. Growing up with his Aunt and Uncle bestowed on him the values of hard work and independence, as such when he commits himself to something he tends to see it through, regardless of the consequences. Being a fanboy of anything related to anime or video games, when he runs into someone who shares what he is into, he can get surprisingly passionate and ecstatic, to the point that he briefly stops acting his age and behaves like a kid in a candy store.


Inspired by the comics he read growing up, he has a strong sense of justice and morals and tries to see the good in people along with being willing to stand up for those who can't do so for themselves. He does not want to see anyone else suffer the tragedy of lost loved ones, but that does not mean he is blind to the real world either. He is aware that unfortunate things happen regardless of what one does in life but does not see that as a reason to do nothing either. 
He does have a fun-loving side to him too, sometimes using his power to pull off jokes or pranks on his friends all in good fun. 


Powers & Tactics: Evergreen has not had much in terms of professional training with his abilities...ok, to be more exact, none at all, other than what he's learned through practice and experience. His favored tactics seem to scale to the threat. As such, unless it is not possible, he'll use his plant friends to scout an area before moving in to take out a group, utilizing his plant powers from long range to wear them down before moving in to mop up the leftovers with some hand to hand combat. He also prefers to avoid using lethal force unless it's a situation where it's required. 


Power Descriptions: Being an avatar for Mother Gaia means Evergreen has total control over any and all forms of plant life and thus can call upon their aid whenever he wishes. His uses for it range from simply calling upon vines and roots to constrict and crush his targets to turning giant sunflowers and watermelons into turrets that shoot seeds as bullets. However, because his original body has been transformed into plant matter, his strength, agility, and endurance are no longer trapped within human limits, allowing him to pull off feats that, although not up to the level of traditional physical-based powerhouses, is still enough to seem superhuman, and he even has a radar-like sense that allows him to commune with other plants.


Having a body made up of plant matter also means he has total control over its shape and flexibility, allowing him to morph his limbs into various kinds of weaponry such as hammer fists, spiked maces, blades, and so on, and can even alter his appearance to varying degrees. He is immune to poisons and disease and does not age at all, being virtually immortal.


Fire And Ice: Evergreen maybe extremely powerful but that strength comes with a hefty number of weaknesses. Not the least of which is having a severe weakness to extreme heat and cold. His creations will either burst into flames or eventually freeze solid if exposed to these elements for too long and he himself is not safe from them and he will likely maintain his distance unless otherwise. Usage of these elements is perhaps one of the only ways to permanently destroy his physical form, or at the very least incapacitate him. Also, this could make it difficult for him to work with individuals who have said abilities.


Sun And Water Dependence: Another weakness is that Evergreen derives much of his power from his connection to the sun and the water. As such, while he is stronger during the day and/or near bodies of water, the opposite is also true since as the light wanes, that power diminishes. Not enough to make him completely helpless, but enough that an enemy could eventually gain the upper hand by severing him off from the source of his strength, which can be done by facing him within enclosed spaces and what not.


Corruption: Similarly to another hero themed around the environment, pollution is another way to get the upper hand on Evergreen in that although he is immune to things like poison and disease, actual pollution such as oil can have a detrimental affect on his physiology if he gets too close to it. Also, although it may partially due to his transformation, he does not have a high opinion of people who shamelessly pollute and destroy the environment for no good reason. 


A Stranger In A Familiar Land: One of Evergreen's reasons for coming to this other Earth was to get away from everything and find some peace of mind. However, an alien world like this makes it sometimes difficult for him to fit in. After spending so much time as a solo hero, he is eager to meet others like himself but at the same time can occasionally be unsure how to handle himself, and having such a vast new, yet familiar, world to explore and interact with can be a daunting task at times.


Doesn't Like Attention: Jaden has never been one to enjoy being the center of attention as although he is friendly and well-behaved the events since his transformation, and said transformation itself, have left him in a bit more of a rut than he is use to, and even getting a girlfriend doesn't really appeal to him much at the moment. However, if he intends to be a proper hero on this Earth, he may have to get use to stepping out into the spotlight...


My Hidden Self: Although Jaden has revealed it to very few people, he is actually the kind of man whom is in touch with his feminine side, to the point that they use their abilities to crossdress and take on forms that have more of an androgynous and/or feminine appeal. This side of him is one mostly enjoyed in secret as he knows how judgmental society can be at times, and does feel some hints of secret shame, even if it is not really hurting anyone.


Morality: Evergreen is an extremely moral individual who is well aware of what his powers are capable of and the responsibility that goes with them. As such, he tends to limit himself when facing his enemies, wanting to bring them in alive rather than severely harm them. He tends to also question himself and what the right course of action is in certain situations, especially in his struggles to maintain balance between the human world and the natural world, even if that means inconveniencing progress on one side of the spectrum or the other, and having some degree of honor means he will prioritize saving lives over pursuing the villain. 




PL: 10 (150)


Abilities: +14 +20 +24+4+2 =44 pp

STR 24 (+7)

DEX 20 (+5)

CON 24 (+7)

INT 10 (+0)

WIS 14 (+2)

CHA 12 (+1)


Combat: +12 +12= 24 pp

ATK: +6 (+13 melee)

DEF: +6 (+4 flat-footed)

Init: +11

Grapple: +20


Saves: +2 +5 = 7 pp

TOU +7 (+7 Con)

FORT +7 (+7 Con)

REF +7 (+5 Dex, +2)

WILL +7 (+2 Wis, +5)


Skills: 40 r=10 pp

Climb 3 (+10)

Knowledge: Life Sciences 10 (+10)

Medicine 3 (+5)

Notice 8 (+10)

Sense Motive 8 (+10)

Stealth 5 (+10)

Survival 3 (+5)


Feats: +2 +3 +1 +7 +1 +2 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 = 22 PP
Attack Specialization (Plant Control) 2
Attack Focus 3


Dodge Focus 7

Improved Initiative

Luck 2

Move-By Action

Power Attack
Second Chance
Skill Mastery (Sense Motive, Notice, Life Sciences, Survival)

Takedown Attack

Uncanny Dodge (auditory)


Powers: 27 + 3 + 4 + 9 = 43 pp

Descriptors: All plant 


Plant Control Array 10 (20 PP, Array, Feats: Alternate Powers 7) 27 PP

  • Base Power: Create Object 8 (Feat: Innate, Precise,Tether) 19/20
  • Alternate Power: Snare 8 (Root Attack, Feat: Extended Range Effect: Drain Toughness 3) 20/20
  • Alternate Power: Paralyze 8 (Spore Swarm, Effect: Dazzle 4)) 20/20
  • Alternate Power: Blast 6 (Flower Blaster) Feats: Precise, Accurate, Progression, Indirect, Mighty 4) 20/20
  • Alternate Power: Teleport 10 (200,000 Miles. Flaw: Medium (Plants)) Extra: Accurate)) 20/20
  • Alternate Power: ESP 6 (Visual And Audio Cues) Flaw: Medium (Plants) Feat: Subtlety 2) 20/20
  • Alternate Power: Strike 8 (Feat: Variable Descriptor 1(bludgeoning, piercing, slashing), Extended Reach 2,  Accurate, Precise, Penetrating 5, Mighty, Improved Critical ) 20/20 
  • Alternate Power: Healing 8 (Healing Fruit Sprouts) Feat: Stabilize, Persistent) 18/20


Flight 3 (50 MPH) 3 PP


Immunity (Aging, Disease, Poison, Suffocation) 4PP


Morph (Rank 3) 9 PP



abilities 44 + combat 24 + saves 7 + skills 10/40 + feats 22 + powers 43 = 150 pts


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Okay. As always, this is just me doing this by myself, and I will probably make mistakes/say things the refteam might not have the same opinion on. With that disclaimer out of the way:



Not doing this one just now, maybe at a later date.



No real critique from my part here



Looks right. Pretty high physical ones, but not really an issue. I suggest doing a 14+10+14+0+4+2 at the top so it’s a bit easier to calculate



You might want to indicate what you’re getting from what better here. Currently, it looks like you’re getting 10 Attack and 13 Defense from points spent here, which would cost 52 points. Also makes it unclear how you calculated your flatfooted.

Knockback is missing.

As above, I suggest a X + X = Y PP



No real issue here.

As above, I suggest a X + X = Y PP



Looks right too.



Same here.



Disclaimer: I’m not gonna go through all the cost individually, unless something stands out.

The Strike breaks Caps, as it’s at 10 at the moment. You’ve also got a fair chunk of strength, so it might be worth looking into a lower level mighty strike instead, and adding some extras. Also, you’re not really indicating what Feats (Variable Descriptor) you’re using.


The other powers I can’t spot anything wrong with on a first glance. I personally think full-vanilla powers like these (without feats, extras, flaws and drawbacks) aren’t as interesting, but that comes down to personal preference. I feel it helps add some character to the powers, but in the end that decision’s up to you.

As above, I suggest a X + X = Y PP



Also, you’re missing a DC table.

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