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DC10: "Ralf's that German transfer kid, right? Yeah, I've seen him around before. Just look for the short kid eating junk food all the time."

DC15: "That Ralk kid is a little odd. I mean... I don't think I've ever seen him participate in gym class. Plus I heard he takes a LOT of extra classes, even through the summer... why? I dunno. He never complains about it so I guess it's for a good reason..."

DC20: "Ralf? Oh, you mean Amorph. Yeah, he's a complicated one... once he drops that whole human facade, he's a whole lot different. Not personality-wise; kid's the same goofball he was before. Just a really strong goofball. Just don't get him wet though."

DC30: "Ralf Steiner doesn't exist. Not really. I hear he's some sort of artificial life form or something..."

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