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Claremont Academy New Student Question Sheet


Translated from the Avian Language and shortened after completion


Student: Jann Fa-Re




1. Where are you from?


I was born and have lived all my life in the ancestral homeland of my people, the place you refer to as the Aerie. It is located in Greenland, at a hot springs, and has been the home of my people for as long as history remembers.



2. How would you physically describe yourself? Is this different from how others would?


I am of rather average build for my people. I do not stand out much in a crowd of fellow Avians. This does not apply for the environment I currently reside in, as I am taller than most my peers, sometimes even taller than fully grown adults. My natural build also differentiates me, being more lean and muscular by nature. Obviously, my natural avian features, my wings, talons and feathers also make me stand out.



3. Do you have distinguishing speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms?


My knowledge of the English language is limited. While I have spent some time trying to improve it, it is not nearly as easy for me to learn a language as it is to learn a style of combat, and it requires more effort. So, while I do my best to increase my skill, my accent and lack of vocabulary are noticeable.



4. What is your motivation?


My motivation lies in making the best out of my time at this Academy. I strive for learning more skills, increasing those I already gained, and learning more about the world. While I do not care much for the forthcoming classes, I do want to use any chance I have to increase my martial skills, of which Freedom City should hopefully offer a lot.



5. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?


My strength comes from my ability to, no matter the circumstances, put up a fight. I can fight, for as long as I can stay conscious, and I can do it without any fear or regret thanks to my natural instincts. As for weaknesses, I would put my lack of knowledge on various subjects at the top, it is my main trouble.


Lopi Notes: Jann, as can be seen above, is really prone to being overconfident. He would pick a fight with just about anybody, just because he feels he’d have a chance at beating them, when really, they’d barely have to try in order to win against him. He’s also rather focused on fighting, not being too interested in non-martial arts/combat related activities at the moment. His “Natural Instincts”, the Avian Rage also are a weakness, since he will fall into a trance of sorts, where he simply fights. His lack of knowledge, both when it comes to how the human world works, as well as various subjects, doesn’t help either. He’s a quick learner however, so this will probably change in the future.




6. What do you love? What do you hate?


I love the thrill of combat! The feeling of power, when everything my body does works towards the goal of standing victorious over my opponents. I also love the feeling of wind, blowing against my body when I am soaring through the sky. Being out in nature, the closest I can get to home down here in Freedom City is also a feeling I greatly enjoy, be it a simple walk, or a hunt.

I dislike all affairs related to my heritage, and the reason I am attending Claremont. I do not care much for the deals between my Mother and the Freedom League. My position is that of a simple critter, somebody who exists as a sacrifice. I do not feel animosity towards those involved, but I do hate the deal itself. The prospects for my future, going home and leading the military, are also something I am not fond of. I would much rather make my own future, do what I enjoy, whatever it may be.



7. How would you describe your mental and emotional state?


I do not think there is anything out of the ordinary with either. My mind is where I want it to be, honed yet able to relax. I can focus when necessary, and relax when not, with nothing making it more difficult. There is nothing about my mind out of the ordinary, no problems that exist.

My emotions are something I do not show much. It is a potential weakness, something that one may use against me in combat. If my emotions do not show, they cannot tell, which is a benefit in combat, where anything negative may cost you many things.


Jann’s mental state is probably, as he mentioned, fairly ordinary. Fairly ordinary for somebody growing up as a spoilt brat in an isolationist society, that is. There’s nothing major, but it’s certainly not as perfect as he assumes.


His emotional state’s more complicated. He has emotions. He does his best to hide them whenever possible. Something he’s been taught, something he thinks is the right way to go. And something that will probably cause problems, bottling up emotions does have that with it. He’s unhappy with many things, does his best to keep his mind off of it and not tell others, but it’s certainly a problem and weakness!




8. What do you fear the most?


I do not think about my fears. It will not help me become stronger, and they are not something I will come across often. Thus, I do not know what my biggest fear is, I do not have one.


Yeah, it’s Jann alright. No fear and all. He’s afraid of a variety of things, but he’d never confess that. Part of it because he himself doesn’t realize he’d be afraid of it, and part of it because he thinks it’d make him look weak. Most of them are probably related to a boring life as a part of the avian military, with little action ever happening.




9. What is your greatest ambition?


I do not know. I do not plan for the future much, instead I live for what is happening at the time. My future will come when it comes, and I will see what it has in store for me.


Jann’s telling the truth for once! He’s living for the moment. He doesn’t really want to think about his future too much, so he tries to get what he can from the present. This also means he doesn’t really have any ambitions.


10. How do you feel about the state of the world and your place in it?


I am enjoying myself. The recent attacks have shown that things are not as peaceful as I was told they were going to be. And that’s a positive. Yes, the attack did not end well for me, so I need to train more, and become stronger. Learn my opponents’ tactics, and use them against them. All the while, I have to keep my grades at an average level. It is much more difficult than combat.


“Pay no attention to me being a political pawn, please.” Jann is alright with his current situation at Claremont, but all the things it entails are things he is, at best, uncomfortable about. He doesn’t want to be in a position where a simple action or word happening somewhere else could affect his entire future. And he doesn’t really like the responsibilities that come with being essentially as hostage either.




11. Does you have any prejudices? How do you get along with others?


I do not have any predjuces against groups of people. My upbringing has taught me that there are many people, and everyone has their own reason for doing what they do and being as they are, no matter the rightfulness of what they do, their appearance, or their thoughts. I am not entirely comfortable around Warren, he draws his powers from the Communion, which my mother has fought. He does appear to be under control, but part of me does feel uneasy.

I get along with people well. I have already made a variety of acquaintances and friends, most without much effort. I do not care about who people are, so long as they treat me okay I will do the same, no matter anything else.



12. Where do your loyalties lie? In what order?


My loyalty lies with my friends. No matter what they do, I will remain loyal to them. I am also loyal to the Academy, but I do not agree with all of their stances, and would go and challenge them if necessary. My loyalty to my people, and my mother, also remains as it is. I will go and do what is best for them, but I would prioritise my friends over them, in most cases.



13. Do you have a lover or partner? How do they feel about you now?


I do not. And never have. I have not cared about Love so far. A variety of movies I have recently watched have shown me what it is, and what it could bring, but so far, I have not pursued it.



14. Do you have a family? What is the relationship there like?


I have a mother, her Majesty the Queen, and my siblings, who are both older than me. My relationship with my mother is good, she has supported and assisted me for as long as I can remember, using her contacts to allow for me to gain the best possible education. This includes my stay at the Academy, which is possible mainly due to my mother’s relations to the Freedom League. Relations that are not entirely positive in nature, but good enough for me to stay where I am, and make sure the relations do not deteriorate.

My relationship with my siblings is alright. We have our fair share of conflicts, but I would assist them in times of need, and they would do the same for me. My sister is the designated heir to the Kingdom, and she has been trained to continue what my mother has done, as she also shares most of her abilities. My brother is a scholar. He knows many things, and has travelled through Europe and Asia in search of more knowledge. I do not talk with him often, as he is rarely back home at the Aerie.



15. How would the people closest to you describe you?


I am a man of competition, involved in one at almost all times. I am outgoing, talking to people when possible, and enjoy their company, even if I do not show it often. Even then, I am somewhat reserved, especially when it comes to revealing things about me and my people.


Jann’s somebody that does a lot of things, some of which he tries to not draw any attention to. He spends a lot of his free-time watching movies, mostly older ones. He is also, as he mentioned, almost always challenging someone to some competition, usually one where he can use his skills. He’s a bit of a show off actually, but shows off in subtle ways. As a person, Jann doesn’t reveal much about his thoughts, while still being outgoing and interacting with people. He is a good person at heart, and if he sees somebody being mistreated, he will often interfere, sometimes more obviously than others. Jann’s interests are rather narrow, just about anything related to Martial Arts and Exercise, but not a lot beyond that. Jann also has a way of avoiding the rules if he doesn’t agree with them.




16. Are you a role model?


I do not believe so. I am not somebody who does things that would qualify for me being a role model. I am simply living my life, and doing what I believe is best. Some may say my handling of my friends being mistreated, and how I help them is something worthy of being a role-model, but I do not believe so myself.



17. How spiritual are you? Do you follow a religious tradition?


I follow the religion of my people. The Star Gods watch over me, and I continue my rituals praising them. Here at the Academy, their influence seems weaker, the stars are not visible. This does not change my belief; it simply means they are forcing me to learn without their help.


Jann is, in fact, rather uneasy about the lack of stars on Freedom’s skies. He’s gotten somewhat used to it by now, but he doesn’t like it one bit.


18. Are you part of a team, or would you like to be? Why?


I am not part of any full team, no. I have fought alongside other students before, but we do not have enough reason to call ourselves a team. In one view, I am on a team with all my fellow students, but I am not on what one would consider a classical super team. I would not mind changing this fact, if the opportunity presents itself I may go and establish a team myself.


19. How do you feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth?


I believe they deserve to have the same rights and abilities as all others, with no discrimination towards them. This partially comes from my own experience, partially from what I believe is right. As it is now, it is not bad, but there are still things that could be made better.


20. If you could give one piece of advice to your hero, what would it be?


Keep on doing what you’re doing, but maybe don’t break the rules all the time, ‘kay? Oh, and also, don’t pick fights with people that will wipe the floor with you.


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Mk. VI


Thursday, May 18th, 2017


10:03 AM


Jann Fa-Re was currently between lessons. The geometry course had just ended, and next up was sports. Jann didn’t exactly enjoy the former, but he could do it well enough. He didn’t exactly enjoy the latter either, because generally, it was below his level of skill. But he had to do what he had to. He was just storing his textbooks in his locker, when his phone gave him an alarm.


ASTRO Labs had written. His new armor was ready. With that, he got out the outfit he had to wear for sports (even if he knew much more comfortable ones!), and walked over to the gym. He didn’t have to do much now, he had to be at peak condition for later.





Jann had hurried to ASTRO as quickly as he’d been able to. Thanks to his ban on travelling alone, it had required more time than he’d expected, in order to get the necessary permit, but after some time he’d finally gotten there.


“Mr. Lo-Nah, you are earlier than expected. Please follow me.”


He led Jann into one of the training rooms. In the middle, on a stand, his new armor. Immediately, something stood out.


“We have incorporated all your requested changes. However, one thing we were unable to manage was keeping the design the way you requested. In order to access the boost you requested, we were forced to add sleeves. But please, try it on.”


He did so. The sleeves did not feel good. Scratching, against his skin, even as the microscopic needles pierced his skin in order to interact with his muscles, and in order to be as tight as possible. He could move his arms just fine. But it did not feel right.


“We’ve also engineered the boosters completely new. These will hopefully not go the way of the Mark 3. I will apologize again on behalf of the entire team, we did not expect them to overload. Or for any potential overload to cause an explosion that big. We have spent many nights proofing all the systems, it will not happen again. Now, how about we conduct a few basic tests, figure out if the interfacing acts properly?”


The room changed itself, something that Jann was completely used to by now. He’d spent enough time in the Doom Room and in ASTRO’s training areas to get used to their brand of training. A large box appeared in front of him, fading into existence one moment to the next.


“Please try lifting this. Your new upgrades should allow you to lift objects up to a weight of a metric ton. But please be careful, as the technology currently only allows a short span of usage. You activate it by hitting the blue button. “


Jann did not feel anything change upon hitting the button. But as soon as he grabbed the box, it became obvious. It would clearly have been too much for him at first. But now, he could just about lift it. He kept it in his hands, up until he could feel it begin to fade, for the load on his arms to grow stronger. He never dropped it, as it just disappeared out of his hands.


“Good, good, it all works effectively. Now, as for the boosters. They still work the same as on the Mark Three, activated through the red button. And as before, if you hold it down, you will be able to prime it for a short amount of time, as requested. Due to safety, we’ve had to reduce the fuel tank, it will now only allow for a single burst before having to be recharged. “


Jann hit the button. He was ready to once more go up in flames, but this time, there was no explosion. The flames burned, as he felt the heat around his wings, and with a single flap, he covered most of the room, much more than he usually would have.


“Good, good. Please come back down here, we’ll switch the fuel source and then try the primed version. “


No issue. Even if it was something that Jann had to get used to first. The priming time would allow some efficient techniques, but it would require additional training.


“Okay, the last thing are the minor upgrades. As you have probably already realized, everything is lighter, as requested. Once you switch on the armour itself, you will also notice a boost to your internals, stronger than the previous one. It may negatively affect your current physical state, so you will have to increase your training if you plan on regularly using it. “


“Now, how about a combat stress-test?”


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