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old Redline thread, please delete


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Okay, getting close here.  I am afraid that the character is still not hitting PL caps, mainly due to the changes you made to AA’s Tiny Titan build.  More notes below: 

Abilities: You are actually spending 26 points here, not 24. 

Also, should list your Str in the battlesuit, which would be 16. 

With the changes you made when shrunk your attack and defense bonus will only be +7, so you will be below caps.  (For example you defense and toughness only make you a PL 6, even your blast only makes you a PL 7).  You should probably shave some points somewhere and put points back into the battlesuit for the enhanced attack/defense Vahn had for you.

For you battlesuit, it is actually a 80 pp device, not 79. 

For the powers in the arrays, the cost should be listed as how many points it costs and uses in the array’s available points.

For example, in the movement array, flight would be {8/8} not [8PP], this shows you are using all the points in there.  The supermovement would be {4/8}.


The Sensor array should be Sensors Array 3 (6 PP array; Feats: Alternate Power 2) for total cost of 8 PP

As discussed before, for the Emotional Awareness to tell you anything about the emotions you sense, you need Analytical on it (making the total costs of the supersenses 6 pp.


Because the Sensor Array should be 8 pp total, you have actually spent 81 pp in your battlesuit, making it 1 pp over its total points.


One last note, on the blast, while Improved Range gives you a range increment of 175 feet, it does not change the max range, so that stays 700 feet.  (I see this mistake a lot, but Ultimate Power is very clear on Improved Range not increasing the max range.  It is actually possible with enough Improved Range to have a single range increment that is also you max range!)

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Ra-endome, we are certainly getting close!  There are still a few things though.

Abilities: Cost is fine.  But your Strength when in the battlesuit is 16, not 19 (10 base + 18 Density -12 size = 16) 


Combat:  One thing here is that 3 BAB and 3 BDB costs 12 pp total (6 pp each), so you need to adjust that.  (If this is what you have always had down and I missed it before, I apologize, it was late last night right before I went to sleep that I gave you some feedback). 

Right now, your defense and toughness is spot on for caps, with some slight adjustment as will be discussed below.  Your attack/damage is still slightly below caps (with your sword you are +10 to hit/+7 damage, with the blast attack you are +7 to hit/+10 damage) so we need to find a way to push those up just slightly. 

Your knockback in the battlesuit should be -12. 



The exotic saves (fort, ref, will) all are fine.

For Toughness, you are just hitting +13 toughness, but only with your jumpsuit (if it provides +3 toughness), which you can wear in your battlesuit (it is assumed to shrink with you).  Right now you have +4 toughness from Density and +9 protection +3 jumpsuit -3 Size = +13.  (You would also have +3 toughness when outside the battlesuit and wearing the jumpsuit at normal size). 

I would drop the "masterwork" on the jumpsuit, as it does not add anything for you (and will save you 2 ep). 

Also, per our house rules, your Impervious is capped at your PL, so you can only have 10 Impervious, so you will have to drop three ranks off Impervious off the Protection (discussed below). 


Skills:  I count 58 skill ranks, not 52, so you either need to shave 6 ranks somewhere, or come up with some extra PP. 

Feats:  I would drop most of the equipment.  A lot of that stuff (laptop, video camera, GPS, multitool) are things you can have for free being Rich.  The jumpsuit is obviously helping you met your def/toughness caps, so you likely would want to keep that.  The other thins (the sword and dart-caster) do not add much to you, given that your battlesuit gives you far better attacks than they do, so I would just drop them (you can always add them later).



For the battlesuit:

As noted above, you need to drop the Impervious on the protection slightly.  So it would be Protection 9 (Impervious 6) for 15 pp, which saves you 3 to use elsewhere. 

Space Travel: We have barrowed from 3e on this, making Space Travel a type of supermovement.  Interplanetary is 1 rank and costs 2 pp.  So, you have the right cost, just change it to 1 rank. 

For your Weapons Array, I would use some of those freed points from lowering impervious to boost it up some so you can meet PL Caps.  I would add at least 2 points in, making it a 8.5 array (for 27 pp). 

For the Sword, make it Damage 9 and add another rank of Accurate (for Accurate 2).  This will give you +11 to hit and +9 damage, meeting PL caps.

For the Blast, bump it up to Blast 11 and add a rank of Accurate.  This makes it +9 to hit and +11 damage, also meeting PL caps.  (also, with Improved Range, the Range Increment is 250 feet, not 175). 

For the Sensor Array, minor point, the Super-Senses are 7, not 6.

This leaves you 1 pp to find a use for in the battlesuit.  If you cannot think of anything right now, you could leave it free for later improvement.

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Strength Issue:  The penalty to strength from shrinking does not just go away just because it takes you down to the minimum of 1.  When you apply something else to increase it, it still needs to be accounted for before your strength starts to increase beyond 1 one more.   

Combat cost:  Unfortunately AA made a mistake on his Tiny Titan build.  It happens.  I am sorry I missed it when you first copied that character.  As for why it is still there, builds like those in AA’s oddballs and other similar character building threads are experiments by refs and players here.  Those that create such builds do try to make them good examples of how you can possibly build a type of character, but we do not give them the same thorough review as we do characters people are submitting to be approved for play.   

Toughness: This is not D&D, so the armored jumpsuit adds in fine.  Not sure what the issue is, as it works to your advantage and allows you to meet your PL caps. 

Equipment:  I would point out that when not shrunk and trying to use that equipment, you are all of about PL 3, so it provides very little utility for you.  You really need many of those points to bring your base attack and defense up so that you meet your caps.

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Okay, this has gotten very close, but a few things.  A few nit-pick minor things, but some other things that are more major.




The Weapons Array is 15, not 16.


You cannot apply Full Power to the Immunity power, it is always operating at full power.


The cost of restricted for the battlesuit is not bought with the points within the battlesuit, but is part of the battlesuit’s total cost (so it costs 85, not 84).


With that 1 pp change that needs to be made to the cost of the battlesuit, we will talk about the bigger issues. 


Vulnerability: Super-Science: This has raised questions with several refs.  How do you define this?  And why is he vulnerable to it?

Weakness: Addicted to Sugar: I am not sure you have fully thought this one through.  You do realize that if he were to fall asleep for just 50 minutes he is dead?

I would strongly recommend that you try to drop most if not all the Drawbacks if possible.

As I have said before, that 5 points of Equipment is the first place you could cut.  Even with that equipment, you are only at a PL 3-4 outside the armor (and only PL 2 in terms of def/toughness), so you won’t likely be accomplishing much trying to do stuff outside the armor.  Freeing those 5 points will cut into the need for drawbacks. 

You could also consider dropping a few things in the battlesuit to start.  Maybe the Life Support, Concealment and Quick Change could go now?  You can always have them added in later when you gain experience.


So, a few things that need to be changed (the nit-picks) and at the very least some questions on the drawbacks.

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Okay, really close now. 

Under combat, knockback is 0 at full size (as you have no toughness save, sorry if I missed this before) 

Feats, you list spending 11 pp, when it is only 6 (total at bottom of sheet is correct). 

Powers:  The battlesuit only costs 81 pp now, not 85, so you have some unspent pp there. 

Weapons Array:  A 29 pp array would be rank 14.5, otherwise it is all good. 

Equipment: That dart-caster is not something you can just have for free for being rich.  It is not an off the shelf item.


So, I count you with only 145 pp spent, leaving you with 5 to use.  One suggestion might be to boost up your exotic saves a bit (Fort/Reflex/Will).

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