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Players Name: Jack of Tales

Power Level: 6 [90]

Characters Name: Eva Levasseur

Alternate Identity: Hellspawn

Height: 5’ 6â€Â

Weight: 118

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Red


Eva has medium length, spiky brown hair that hangs down to just past her jaw-line. She wears a sleeveless black jacket over a red shirt that has black stripes with white arm-warmers and black leather gloves. She also wears a pair of black shorts with white leggings and black boots. It’s also not unusual to see her with a pair of headphones and a cigarette.

Description of Powers:

Eva essentially has a fount of hellbound power inside of her. She can manipulate this in various ways:

Demon Fire: Hellspawn extends one hand and lets loose a stream of black and red flames.

Napalm: Hellspawn conjures a small ball of fire in one hand and throws it where it explodes showering an area in fire that stays for another round.

Soul Burn: A gout of white flames burns through the eyes, causing the foe’s eyes to glow briefly as the flames burn into their soul.

Heat Up: With a thought, Hellspawn makes the surrounding area’s temperature rise.

Hell Geysers: The floor rifts open and great gouts of super-heated flame burst from it.


Stats: 6

Str: 10 (+0)

Dex: 10 (+0)

Con: 14 (+2)

Int: 12 (+1)

Wis: 10 (+0)

Cha: 10 (+0)

Combat: 12

Attack: +0/ +6 ranged attacks

Defense: +6

Initiative: +0

Grapple: +0

Saves: 11

Toughness: +6 (4 defensive roll, 2 Con)

Fortitude: +3 (+5 total)

Reflex: +4

Will: +4

Skills: 6 [24 points]

Craft (Artistic) 4 (+5)

Disable Device 8 (+9)

Disguise 4

Knowledge (Art) 8 (+9)

Feats: 11

Accurate Attack

Attack Focus (ranged) 6

Defensive Roll 4

Powers: 47

Demon Fire Hellfire Control [infernal] (2pp/rank+4) Rank 6 (16)

Napalm AP: Blast [Fire, Infernal](4pp/rank) Rank 3

Extra: General Area (+1), Secondary Effect (+1)

Soul Burn AP: Blast [infernal] (4pp/rank) Rank 3

Extra: Alternate Save (Will) (+2)

Heat Up AP: Thermal Control [Extreme Heat] (2pp/rank) Rank 6

Hell Geysers AP: Environment Control [ Infernal][Hamper Movement ¼] (2pp/rank) Rank 6

Hounds of Hell Summon (4pp/rank+3) Rank 7 (31)

Extra: Horde(+1), Heroic (+1)

PF: Progression 3

Drawbacks: Vulnerable [Powers with the Holy Descriptor] (Uncommon, Major) 3

Complications: Criminal History, Addiction (Tobacco)

Costs: Abilities (06) + Combat (12) + Saves (11) + Skills (06) + Feats (11) + Powers (47) - Drawbacks (03) = 90

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The history is..well..massive and not even finished I'd like to expand it some in the middle and redo the ending. I also dislike the codename but can't think of anything good. Suggestions are appreciated!

Eva Levasseur, Stealing through College

Desperation creates the worst scenarios in history. Eva was not an evil person or really even all that unkind of a person. She was a freshman in college who was part of the volleyball team and majored in photography. Unfortunately, she came from a poor family that had no way to support her while in college. She had taken out several loans to pay for tuition and housing but had no cash in hand for many other necessities and wants such as clothes, movie tickets and club costs.

The difficulties really started when she went to an ATM in downtown and tried to take money out. She found that her balance was zero. She threw a small fit at the machine and kicked it multiple times before storming away from it and heading towards FCU’s dormitories. It was going to be a long walk. On the way, she was stopped by a man in a black suit with a broad-brimmed hat and a cane. He smiled at her kindly and asked her why she was so angry at the machine, it was after all automated. For whatever reason, Eva made her first mistakeâ€â€talking to strangers. She told him of her difficulties and off-handedly asked for the cash for a bus ride home. When he refused she continued on her way.

The man smiled and told her that there were better ways to make money then the small job she had at a local coffee shop. Eva paused at this, she hadn’t told him anything about her job. When she turned around to ask him, he was gone; but on the ground where he had stood was a small business card. On it was printed a number and a name: Galatihel.

When Eva returned home she put the card on her desk and promptly forgot about it. Three days later, disaster struck. Eva not only had no money but was fired after the coffee shop closed. She began to search for a job but had no way to support herself while doing so and since it was near finals week she again had little time to look for a job or pick up one. Her first final went terribly and she sat at her desk wondering desperately what to do. Somehow, the card happened to be sitting there in plain view. It waited, knowing that now was the time.

Eva took the card and called this man, this Galatihel. What could it hurt? If it was something weird she’d just refuse. An interview was arranged and Eva went to the indicated address. It was a tall, dark skyscraper. The inside was dimly lit and bore black stone floors with onyx pillars. It was very obviously expensive and, in Eva’s opinion, tasteless. She hesitantly walked to the secretary who was a small, Asian woman. When she asked about the interview she was led to a small conference room and told to wait.

Not ten minutes later, he walked through the room. The man, this Galatihel, was the one who she had met on the street. They passed a few formalities and then got down to business. Galatihel told Eva that he could give her a gift that would help her get money, but in return for taking this gift she was to do a ‘job’ for him. He told her that a friend of his had stolen a beloved trophy of his, a tall statue of white granite depicting a man holding a horn in one hand and a bowl in the other. Galatihel told Eva how his friend had agreed to return it but did not have the time to bring it over himself. He needed to have this item picked up from his friend’s house. He had been told it was in the center room on a pedestal.

It sounded like a sketchy job at best, but Eva was desperate for money. She took it. She went to the friend’s house which was a small mansion in Bayview. Her taxi there was paid for by Mr. Galatihel. Upon arriving she found the place mysteriously empty. The gates to the house were wide open and no one was guarding the area. She went to the door and knocked and received no answer. After a few minutes she knocked again, but again received no answer. She was about to leave when she received a call on her cell phone (which had no minutes on it and she carried around just to see the time). She hesitantly picked up and heard Galatihel’s voice on the phone. He told her that he had just been told that his friend would not be in and that the person to pick it up was to go in through an unlocked side window.

Why did Eva assume that this was true? Why was it that she didn’t question Galatihel or his friend’s supposed logic? Even she doesn’t know the answer to that. She went in through the indicated window and an alarm went off. Within a minute a police car arrived at the scene and arrested her for breaking and entering. She told them the truth but no one believed her. The address she told them was actually a banking building and had no knowledge of a Mr. Galatihel, an Asian secretary or an interview with Eva. She was charged with the crime and put in jail for the night until her bail hearing.

While she waited in jail she was visited by Mr. Galatihel. He walked in and only smiled at her when she started screaming and yelling at him. After several tenuous minutes Eva calmed down and stood there, glaring at him. He thanked her for distracting the police while he obtained the object and apologized for not telling her the truth. Eva was furious and demanded that he get her out of jail and cleared of the charges, that it was all his fault and he had to fix it. The man simply smiled and told her that he had the aforementioned gift for her. When she asked what it was, he reached out and took her hand. All he did was pat the top of her hand, but Eva was thrown into a dizzy vision.

She saw an area of hell filled with large, black dogs, roaring fires and hideously tortured souls. She sat back from him with a gasp and looked at him through slightly red-tinted eyes. No words were exchanged, but she could feel something welling up inside of her. A small bit of Hell personally attached to her soul. With a small scream she erupted in flames and melted the walls of the cell. Galatihel was gone and she was left standing with a clear line for freedom. She could either stay and attempt to convince the police that she had been visited by the man they had proved did not exist or escape into the street.

What would you do? No one believed her. There was no record of this man’s existence. And now, not only where you to be charged with breaking & entering, attempted burglary but most likely vandalizing a prison on purpose. Eva felt hopeless, lost and broken. She felt there was only real option left to her and she ran into the shadows.

A string of minor robberies and burglaries ensued all done by a strange girl with flaming eyes accompanied by a pack of black-furred wolves. The newspapers began to call the girl Hellspawn and it stuck.

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