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Brian Brubaker's Townhouse


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Brian Brubaker (AKA Mister Strix) owns a townhouse in one of the worse areas of Southside.  From the outside, it looks "modest," bordering on "dilapidated."  In this case, appearances are deceiving.  The cheap, weathered facade conceals steel plate shear walls reinforced with insulated pre-cast concrete, with additional stone-wool insulation on the interior, which makes the structure both earthquake-proof and nearly sound-proof.  The windows are all double-paned bullet-resistant glass.  The thick walls and windows greatly reduce incoming noise from the outside world, which would otherwise overwhelm Brian's enhanced senses.  Both the front and back entrances are covered by inch-thick steel security doors.  Every room is covered by a foam/water sprinkler system, and high-quality smoke, heat, and carbon monoxide detectors.


The whole house is wired with the best alarm systems available for purchase by the general public.  Motion sensors (both ultrasonic and passive-infrared) cover every room, and acoustic glass-break detectors are mounted adjacent to all windows.  If any of the alarms are tripped, an automated alert will be sent to Brian's smartphone, and the alarm service provider will attempt to call him.  If they are unable to obtain verification of a false alarm from him, they will assume an emergency is in progress, and they will contact the local police.  Bypassing the alarms requires a DC25 Disable Device check.


A DC25 Search check will reveal the bunker hidden under the basement.  The hidden entrance is also wired with an alarm, and can be locked from the inside to prevent entry from the house above.  The interior of the bunker shares climate control, ventilation, fire prevention, and power systems with the house.  The bunker contains Brian's crime lab, a two-way radio, a computer (with a separate phone line from the main house), a generator set to activate if power flow from the local grid is interrupted, and spare living quarters, including several collapsible cots, cold food storage, and a bathroom with a shower and a flush toilet.


Townhouse with Secret Bunker (PL13 HQ) [13EP]

Size: Tiny [-1EP]

Toughness: +10 [1EP] (Earthquake-Proofing, Bulletproof Windows, Steel Plate Shear Walls Reinforced With Pre-Cast Concrete)

Features: Communications, Computer 2 (Masterwork [modified for blind users]), Concealed (+15DC), Fire Prevention System, Gym, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, Power System, Security System 2 (DC25), Workshop [13EP]



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