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Rahman the Undying


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On a later page of the newspaper, on October 9th, a small blurb can be found.


Are The Dead Rising?

Late last night, the police responded to a disturbance at the Lantern Hill Graveyard. Several mourners reported that they heard loud banging noises, followed by what could only have been an explosion. They claimed to have not spotted whoever, or whatever, was causing it, only being able to point the police in the general direction of the disturbance. The police searched for several hours, before finding the apparent cause - a stone mausoleum with the front door destroyed. Within was what appeared to be a very old sarcophagus, also blown open, and empty. The most curious thing? Both the sarcophagus and the mausoleum had apparently been blown open...from the inside. 

Are the dead rising again? Is this another attack by some leader of the undead? What is next - will the rest of Lantern Hill rise up to attack us?

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