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Super Thug

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The television screen on Channel 3 shows a female asian reporter who is better known as Amy Feng who appear behind the Eastern Seaboard Bank building with broken doors.

"Good day! This is Amy Feng from channel 3. Right now the supervillain

Ben Popkin or better known as Super Thug is tried to rob the bank! Let us take closer look inside the bank while Super Thug is threating the bank tellers." Amy Feng said as she walked inside the bank while the camera man seem to be hesitant about moving in until Amy waved the camera man to move in. The screen show image of Super Thug while he is threating front of the people until he notice the camera as he looked quit surprised about it.

Amy moved to Super Thug as she talked to her microphone.

"Mister Super Thug, can you explain why you are robbing the bank?" Amy asked she moved her mic to Super Thug who seem to be unsure about he should say until he spoke.

"Because I can do that! And also... I´m gonna buy something that will make me more stronger..."

"I see... Do you want to say something to the heroes the will properly stop you?" Amy asked him.

Super Thug moved closer to the screen as he said, "If you heroes are gonna stop me... Then you are better have stopped eated baby food even you are adult now!" Then suddently Super Thug started showed off his muscles in front of the camera.

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