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Formatting Tricks


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(This page is an archival copy of the "Formatting Tricks" Section of the Newbie Guide, removed on 5/12/15 after it became obsolete with the site upgrade)

Formatting Tricks


The tireless efforts of our webmaster, Sorus, have provided us with several formatting options not commonly available on phpBB forums.


Rather than list them all I will simply point out on the formatting bar, in between the Remove Format Button and the Font pull-down there is a button called Special BBCode which allows one a quicker frame of reference for the formatting tags available.  It should also be noted that one can use some of the same macros from Microsoft word whilst editing and can even directly copy Plain Text documents and Word documents with little change done to the text thanks to the current version of IP Board's software.


Arial font -- Comic Sans MS font -- Courier New font -- Georgia font -- Lucida Sans Unicode font -- Tahoma font -- Times New Roman font -- Trebuchet MS font -- Verdana font


bold italic underline strikethrough


normal subscriptsuperscript OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO



  1. Steal Underpants
  2. ???
  3. Profit

align left


align right

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