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Wildcat shifted nervously before the reporter – this would be his first interview, and he felt caught out and exposed in doing so.  But...well, he had to tell his part of the story.


1. So, where are you from? 


“Oh, uh, I’m local.  I’m from around here, I mean.  Freedom City, born and raised.â€


2. How would you physically describe yourself? Is this different from how others would?


“Describe myself?  Well, I guess I’m a little taller than average, I’ve got a good build, I mean, I’m in good shape.  Brown hair, light brown eyes, uh, I’ve got callused hands from working with them, that sorta thing.  I dunno if someone would describe me differently or not.  I mean, I’ve had a couple of girls call me ‘brooding’, but I don’t see what they mean, unless it’s because I’m not smiling and laughing like an idiot all the time.â€


3. Do you have any speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms?


“Well, uh, not that I know of, really.  I guess...I guess I sometimes get a little growly when I’m fighting someone, but that’s not...really a whole speech thing.  I, uh...tend to sniff the air more than most people do.  It’s a powers thing.â€


4. What is your motivation? 


“There are so many people out there that just get the short end of the stick.  It’s nice to be able to step in and do something when they need the help.  But...I guess, really, I do what I do because I need the outlet.  Finding people that need me to step in and get physical helps me from losing my cool when it’s not appropriate.â€


5. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?


“Strengths? Just that, I guess – I’m strong, and quick, and fast.  I tend to sense more of the world around me than most people do, and that can give me an advantage.  Weaknesses?  Uh, well, it’s all too easy for me to react instead of act, and my impulses can get the better of me.  Which is why I try and work that out on people that deserve the caveman routine.â€


6. What do love? What do you hate?


“I love just...getting out there.  Feeling the breeze, stretching myself to get about in ways that most people can only dream of, the burn of muscles being worked, the scent of...um, well, just all of my senses being tuned up to the max.  I hate when I lose control and just sort of...be like an animal, you know?  I stop being me, a little, and it’s both frustrating and a little scary.  Oh, and I’m really not a fan of those who think they have the right to push people around just because they can do it.  Not cool.â€


7. How would you describe your mental and emotional state? 


“Uh, I try and keep them stable, but that’s sorta my problem a lot of the time.  I just...feel so much sometimes, it’s hard to keep a lid on it.  I have all these...wants, just trying to burst out all the time, and I have to lock them down so I don’t screw everything up.â€


8. What do you fear the most? 


“I...I worry about losing control, and either killing someone or just...not coming back.  Being half an animal, rather than a thinking person.â€


9. What is your greatest ambition? 


“I want to get...full control of myself.  Leash the beast.  Be able to stretch what I can do, take it to the limits and not worry that I’m going to go too far

and all of a sudden everything’s gone to hell.â€


10. How do you feel about the state of the world and your place in it?


“When you get right down to it, the world sucks.  Sure, there’s some amazing stuff out there, and all the heroes are pretty great, but for every do-gooder with powers there’s a couple out there just out for themselves, and a handful of crooks of the normal sort.  That’s why I’m trying to make it my place to do something about it.  I’m not going to be assaulting some tropical island base and fighting robots and dodging lasers in order to bring some big supervillain down – but I will be out there, taking on the little problems that escape the big boys and girls.â€


11. Do you have any prejudices? How do you get along with others?


“I...don’t think that I do.  I mean, I’ve got a real issue with jerks, assholes, and bullies, but that’s more of a deserved thing, than a prejudice, right?  I get along okay with people as long as I can control my temper.  Well, and other strong emotions.  If I let things get out of hand, they can get...ugly.  Or embarrassing.â€


12. Where do your loyalties lie? In what order? 


“I stand by my family first, what’s right next, and my city, third.â€


13. Do you have a lover or partner? How do they feel about you now? 


“Uh, no, nobody right now.  It’s...complicated.  It’s really hard for me not to be a jerk when it comes to dealing with women, especially those I’m attracted to.  And while there are woman out there who are okay with that, I’m not, and I’m worried that if I get used to letting that go, everything else will follow it to hell.  So, uh, yeah, no girlfriends or anything right now.â€


14. Do you have a family? What is your relationship there like?


“I got parents, siblings, yeah.  We’re...okay, I guess.  They don’t know that I’m doing this, and we had our issues when I was growing up, especially since I was more likely to...well, it was like I was acting out, with the whole ‘primal’ thing I have going on.  They appreciate that I’ve kinda settled down some.â€


15. How would the people closest to you describe you?


“I dunno...quiet, maybe?  It’s a lot easier to keep from getting out of hand if you play things close to the chest.  They know I got a temper, though, although I try to keep it contained.  I keep my head down and do my job.  My family and friends know that I’m basically a good guy, just with some issues, as they see it.â€


16. Are you a role model?


“Hah!  God, I hope not.  Nobody should want to be like this, if they can help it.â€


17. How spiritual are you? Do you follow a religious tradition?


“Ahhh...well, I was raised Catholic, and I still go to church on Sundays with the family, but I’m not so sure there’s a God out there that looks kindly on people like me.  The Bible’s got words for people who act more like beasts than men, and they ain’t complimentary ones.â€


18. Are you part of a team? 


“Heh, no, just me by my lonesome.  I’m...better off if I don’t keep a lot of people around me that might rub the wrong way, y’know?â€


19. How does you feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth? 


“Honestly?  The world would probably be better off if there were none of us out there.  For all that there are amazing things that can be done to make the world a better place, just about everybody that has that kind of power either uses it for their own benefit, or spends a lot of their time playing supercop to deal with the first group.  And it’s usually the little guy caught in the middle that loses out.  But...well, we’re here to stay, I guess, so things’ll keep rolling along as they are.â€


20. If someone could give one piece of advice to you as a hero, what would it be?


“I dunno...relax, maybe?  I can get pretty intense when I’m out there, and they’d probably say I should take it easy a little.  But then again, they ain’t in my head, and they don’t know what I’m feeling.  It’s easy to say, but it’s damn sure not easy to do.â€

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