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Centauri Prime, Lor Orbital City near Alpha Centauri 2
November 14, 2014 (Terran Calander)
Lor Timemark 1316.2 (mid-morning)

The news of the destruction of Lor-Van had spread quickly throughout the Republic and surrounding space beyond. In the days that had followed, refugees had poured into Centauri Prime and the other orbital cities around Alpha Centauri 2, beings displaced from a number of planets by the advance of the Communion. As if the increased crowds in the city had not made things difficult enough, a large number of the Lor security forces in the region had been transferred to help counter the Communion threat.

For Yukiko, the influx of beings into the orbital city had meant an increase in her freelance work, as various systems were pushed beyond their normal limits by the increased population. She also found side “hero†work increase some as well, as the additional numbers of beings coupled with the decrease in security forces had led to an increase in criminal activity.

Today the young Inghetat was making her way through the mid-morning crowd along the main pedestrian walkway through the central plaza of the orbital city. Several small buildings lined either side of the plaza, filled with various shops and food establishments. The plaza was brightly lit, a massive transparent dome set over this section of Centauri Prime, allowing abundant natural light into the section of the city from the system's star. Larger buildings loomed around the plaza, some rising up near the top of the dome.

So far the day had been rather slow paced for Yukiko. She still had a few hours before she had to report for a new assignment, so she had had time to run a few errands this morning.

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The morning rush has been getting even worse lately. She thought to herself with a small sigh, as she entered a local internet cafe along her usual daily route. It must be a lot worse out there than they say. So many more creatures around, I think it's starting to get warmer.. maybe it's just me.


She approached the counter, handing over some of the local currency - enough for about fifteen, twenty minutes of computer time. She had one of her own of course - some communication devices were practically whole computers in and of themselves  after all - but this was always a nice place to sit down for a meal on the go. Besides, it was the city center, practically making her potential jobs equidistant from each other! She noticed the clerk staring at her. "Oh, sorry.. um.. the usual, please."


And as she waited, she went back to her thoughts. I wonder who will hire me again today? Another security firm? Things have been getting a bit rough. A company's cyber security division maybe, wanting me to work data encryption. Another look brought her out of her thoughts, as she took the items, sitting at her usual terminal to check her mail and look at current events.

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The being behind the counter at the holonet café provided Yukiko with an access chip for one of the few open terminals left. Like most everywhere else these days, the place was crowded with beings from all over the Republic. Sitting down at the terminal she had been assigned to, Yukiko activated it, as she pulled up displays to show both her message folder and a rundown of some current events.

But just as she was settling, she heard a loud *BOOM* echo from somewhere outside, as the floor beneath her vibrated and everything seemed to shake slightly within the building. Low conversations that had been taking place in the room all suddenly came to a halt and head turned toward the front of the café, as everyone sought to get an idea of what might have happened.

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Instinctively, she dove under the terminal, covering her head with her arms as she was taught to do with earthquakes. A moment later, and she poked out, creeping along the floor until she reached a window. There, she moved up a little, peeking out. She wanted to see if she could find out what was going on, but without placing herself in direct danger.

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Everyone else in the room had dove down as well, but by the time Yukiko started moving toward the windows, a few others had picked up the courage to do so as well and were moving that way or at least standing back up enough to try to get a view outside as well. As Yukiko peered outside, she saw the crowd of beings were all running for cover or ducking down where they were. Clearly something was causing them to scatter in panic.

And then the young Inghetat caught sight of what that something might be. A trio of figures came into view, streaking through the air as they swooped past the holonet café. It was hard to make out too many details, but each appeared to be wearing some form of body armor, and were standing on a pair of small discs that appeared to be the possible means of their flight. The three figures zoomed past, everyone outside ducked back down onto the ground.

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