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Origin Story



-2300~ Years Ago: Once, there was the Scourge of Za'ak

-2000~ Years Ago: Matters of Honor

-2000~ Years Ago: Tales of the Praetorians: We Are Legion

-2000~ Years Ago: Revenge is dish best served hot


Unknown 2014, Incursion: Praetorians: Awakening

Unknown 2014, Incursion: Blood in the Water

March 1st 2015, Incursion: Blockade Runners

Unknown 2015: Once, there was the Scourge of Za'ak

Unknown 2015: Edge of the Black

Unknown 2015: Praetorians: The Deadly Dozen

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1. Where are you from? "I was born on the planet Za'ak."

2. How would you physically describe yourself? Is this different from how others would? "I am the pinnacle of what a Za'ak should be, is that enough for you? Althought I suppose your strange pink and brown-skinned aliens would find me strange. I assure you creatures that the feeling is mutual."
3. Do you have any speech characteristics or recurring mannerisms? "Some say I have a certain habit of over-inflating myself. As the God-King of the Za'akis, it is only fitting."
4. What is your motivation? "Overall? The advancement and betterment of my people. On a more personal level, I seek my own survival and glory, as any true Za'ak should."
5. What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? "You would be wise to not imply again that I have any weakness..."
6. What do love? What do you hate? "I love my world, in all it's brutal, deadly glory. I hate inaction, cowardice and those who schemes and plot rather than act openly."
7. How would you describe your mental and emotional state? "Again with the implications! I consider myself the apex of Za'akis, and that is all you need to know."
8. What do you fear the most? "I fear nothing except the extinction of my species."
9. What is your greatest ambition? "Ruling over the Za'akis again in a galaxy-spanning empire or simply travelling the galaxy again and taking on countless challenges."
10. How do your feel about the state of the world and your place in it? "The world I awakened to isn't the one I lived in, unfortunately. I do feel regret and loss about this fact."
11. Do you have any prejudices? How do you get along with others? "Over the years there are many alien species I might have developped a grudge against. As for getting along with others, if they cannot bear my presence then they should leave."
12. Where do your loyalties lie? In what order? "Myself, the Za'akis and the Delaztri empire, if only grudingly."
13. Do you have a lover or partner? How do they feel about you now? "Over the years I might have had a few varied romances. Generally I do speak about it much; it is not customary of my people to brag about their reproduction. I also know that so many years have passed that all have returned to dust."
14. Do your have a family? What is your relationship there like? "I am a child of the Gods. It is all you need to know."
15. How would the people closest to you describe you? "I would assume my people only speak of me with praise."
16. Are you a role model? "I consider myself one to my entire people."
17. How spiritual are you? Do you follow a relgious tradition? "I am not spiritual, I simply AM a spirit or a god, in so much as you humans could understand Za'ak ancient religions."
18. Are you part of a team? "I am part of the Praetorians."
19. How does you feel about the place of metahumans and aliens on Earth? "Earth is not my home, I am in no position to truly discuss the matter."
20. If someone could give one piece of advice to your hero, what would it be? "I have no need for other's advice."



Who are you? Sum yourself up in one sentence.
"Why would I reduce myself to a mere sentence? Sit down, human and hear about the story of Kharag from his very mouth. Few can say they have, let a lone a human. I am Kharag, God-King of the Za'akis and you will know my life story, or at least the details I deign to share with you."

Do you have any nicknames, street names, titles, or nom de plume?
"I have many names. Kharag is my birth name, but it has also been written as K'ralg, Kural or Kheral. My titles are also many; Son of the Gods', 'The Golden King', 'The Deific Emperor', 'The Scourge of Za'ak', 'Conqueror Of A Thousands, 'The Immortal' or even 'The Destroyer'."

What is your full birth name?
"As I have said, it is Kharag."

Where do you live?
"Currently nowhere, I am homeless. A king with no throne."

How old are you? What year were you born (if applicable)?
"I have lost count of my actual age."

Physical Traits


What is your gender? If not applicable, please explain.

"As I understand, our species are similar enough as to be considered male."


How would you describe your heritage?

How tall are you?
"Roughly two and a half zoomahk. Oh, that is six feet in your human terms."

What is your body type?
"As much as you human may imagine a warrior race to be a physically impressive race, enormous and muscular, I must dissapoint you; my kind and I are rarely particularly tall or muscular. Our bodies tend toward more the thin but fit. Giants we are not."

Do you have any particular weaknesses, such as allergies or physical disabilities?
"None, I am perfect in body."

How do you carry yourself? Are you graceful, or heavy on your feet? Can you be stealthy, do you walk with confidence?
"Do you expect anything else but perfect poise? How dare you suggest otherwise?"

Describe your skin, eye, and hair color.
"My skin is green-blue and callously hard, as expected of my species. It should be noted that our skin tone can vary from any shade between green and blue. Like the rest of my kind I am hairless. My eyes are yellow, the most common color for my kind."

How do you wear your hair, if applicable? Do you have facial hair?
"I have no hair."

Do you consider yourself attractive? Do others?
"Perhaps so but such is irrelevant to me."

Do you have any scars, tattoos, piercings, or birthmarks?
"No scars, as my wounds all heal perfectly. The pattern of my armored skin could be considered a form of birth marks for my species, as is the form of my cranial ridges, even if their pattern tend to be something shared between familly members."

Do you resemble anyone famous?
"I suspect it is the opposite; people ressemble me."

Do you have a dominant hand?
"I am trained to use both of my hands. By default I am right-handed like the rest of my species, a trait we share with humans."

What kind of clothing do you wear?

"As a whole I have very little physical need for clothes, my body is naturally designed to resist to the most extreme of environments. It is customary for the Za'akis to wear what they kill, which is what I do during public appearances. Otherwise I am quite found of robes."


Do you wear makeup?
"Yes. War paint is commonly used and painted nails and ridges are also commonplace for both genders."

What is your vocal range? Is your voice distinctive in some way?

"My voice is not as deep as one would imagine."


Do you have any distinctive habits, nervous tics, or mannerisms? Where did they come from, and what causes them? Do other people notice and remark on these habits? Do they annoy you or other people?
"I am told I am too 'pompous'. I do not understand how they would dare to imply I have to be so....banal...to fit in."


Where do you come from?
"I was born from an egg made by the gods. Or so does my tale go."

Have you made any major moves, or do you live in your hometown?
"When I was younger, I left my city to explore the world and seek adventure."

Do you feel loyal to your country of citizenship? Do you consider yourself patriotic? How do you feel about the government of your country?
"I am Za'ak. How can I not be loyal to it, it's people and culture?"

How do you feel about the place you come from?
"I love, in it's beautiful, savage glory."

Where is your home town? What was/is it like?
"Kachsak, which became the center and seat of my empire. In Kachsak I built walls, a great rampart, and the temple of Kehnaka, and for Viidaka. Look at it still today: the outer wall where the cornice runs, it shines with the brilliance of copper; and the inner wall, it has no equal. I helped build and carve this blessed city, as well as my palace."

Growing up, were most of the people you knew similar to you, or were you somehow a minority? How did that affect you?
"I had no equal and such can be a lonely existence indeed."

Is there something you've always been really good at or really bad at? How has that affected your life?
"What good is there in focusing on what one does not excel at, unless one wish to remedy such fact?"

Were there any traumatic experiences in your early years (death of a family member, abandonment, orphaned at an early age)?
"I had to confront the mortality of my mentor and father figure. Up until then I had no understood that mortal lives are finite in time. I understood they could be snuffed out in battle, but the thought of them growing old and dying out, leaving me alone, filled me with great grief. I cried for seven days and seven nights and I have no shame in saying so, for his importance in my life was great and there is no shame in weeping the loss of a great man."

Briefly describe a defining moment in your childhood and how it influenced your life.

"There are many and I would not know which to describe first. I suppose the lessons spent around my mentor as we walked around the city would be the ones that defined me the most."

What stupid things did you do when you were younger?
"I mistreated the slaves a travelling merchant brought to the palace. You see, I was young and the merchant told me what a slave was, as I had never seen one. Naive and told a slave could be punished at will, I chastized one when in he spilled wine on the floor. My mentor scolded me; it was then I asked why slaves existed. While I fully understand and respect the concept of a social order and hiearchy, it seemed to me that slaves were counter-productive to our well-loved and well-held belief in one's ability to self-improve and attain new height. I have since outlawed slavery. None may work without being repaid; either with money or objects of value, or given food or a place to rest in exchange."

Where did you go to school? How much school did you have, and did you enjoy it?
"I was home schooled by a sage, my mentor."

Do you have any mementos of your childhood? What are they, and why did you keep them? If you have none, why not?
"Several and I have lost count of them. They are in my treasure vault, assuming it still exist today. Of note include the few personnal possessions of my mentor, Ghakarizi. He was a simple, plain man and his possession amount to mere baubles fit for a commoner in raw value. However they are worth entire swath of my kingdom to me."

When did you decide to become a hero? Why? Did anyone influence you one way or another in the decision?
"I was young, I wanted to see the world. The people in my city were starting to talk at how I had become a lazy oaf, unfit to rule. I had too little deeds to impress them so I sought to change this."

Is the reason you give people for becoming a hero different than your real reason? If so, why?
"As I have previously said; I wanted to see the world."

Do you have any deep, dark secrets in the past that may come back to haunt you?
"And why exactly would I share such information with you?"

Do you represent yourself as being different from who you really are? Why?
"I am as I am. How could I? For I have to be supreme in every way and to present myself as I do not see myself would be a great affront. First, as the God-King of Za'ak I cannot allow myself to hold any self-doubt as it would make me falter and destroy not only myself but my credibility. Second, what happyness is there in presenting yourself as different from what you truly are? Where is the honor and worth in living a life of lie?"

If you do have these secrets, what do you fear would happen if the truth became known? How far would you go to protect those secrets?
"You would be wise to leave this topic behind. It is not your place to pry into my mind, human."

Do you have any sort of criminal record? If so, is it public knowledge?
"Our species' concept of crime is somewhat different, especially when it come to murder. That said, my hands are irrevocably stained with the blood of countless in my conquests and I cannot change nor hide such a fact."


What are your biological parents' names?

"This is where you are mistaken. I was not 'born', I was created."

Were you raised by them? If not, please explain and describe who raised you.

What was their standing in the community? What did/do they do for a living?

"I was not raised by the gods who created me. Instead, I was cared for by the elder sage Ghakarizi.

Where are your parents now?

Did your family stay in one area or move around a lot?

How did you get along with their parents? How do you get along with them now (if applicable).

How do your parents view you now, or how would they?

Do you have any siblings? If so how many and what are their names? Describe your relationship with them.

What was your birth order in the family?

Where are your siblings now (if applicable)? Do they have families of their own? What do they do?

Do you stay in touch with them or have you become estranged?

Do you love or hate one member of the family in particular?

Is any member of the family special to you in any way (perhaps, as a confidant, mentor, or arch-rival)?

Are there any black (or white) sheep in the family (including you)? If so, please explain.

Do you have a notorious or celebrated ancestor? If so, please explain, including how it has affected your life.

Do you have a partner and children currently? If so, please describe them.

If you do not have a partner or children, do you want them someday? How firm are you in your opinion on this, and what might change your mind?

What type of person would be your ideal mate?


Do you have any close friends? If so, please describe them, and how you came to be close to them.

Do you have a best friend? If so, how did they become your best friend? How close are you to your best friend?

If you were to go missing, who would worry about you?

Have you lost any loves? If so, how did it happen, and what did you do?

"Unfortunately, many have been lost to age. I have learned to accept that all mortal become dust in the end."

Do you have any bitter enemies? If so, please describe them and their history with you.

If you have enemies, how do you think they might attempt to work against you in the future?

What is the worst thing someone has done to you?

Where do your loyalties lie? In what order?

Who or what do you trust the most? Why?

Who or what do you despise? Why?

"There are many things under heaven which are worthy of my scorn but in particular I despise cowards and schemers, as well as weaklings who dare not risk everything they have. If one has any matter of dream or ambition, then they should pursue it even if it means their destruction, as it is better to die knowing you have done everything in your power to reach greatness rather than live in shame and regret. I also greatly despise beings which rob others of their free will and identity, as they then become naught but mindless puppets and can never reach any greatness. This is why I greatly despise the Communion."

What qualities do you admire most in other people? Are these qualities you possess?
"Strength. However, it will be incorrect of you to assume it merely mean physical strength or martial skills. Strength is not merely physical power, it is also the core and fiber of one's character. It is the power to see through that you will reach the dream and ideals you have placed upon yourself, no matter how impossible they may seem."

What qualities do you hate most in other people? Do you have any of those qualities?
"As I have said, I despise those who schemes. I would never do such a thing, unless my adversary forced me to such lows. I am not as foolish as to retain my sense of honor and code of conduct against an enemy which has none."

Do you have a secret identity? If so, who knows it? Do you hide it from people who are close to you? Why?

"What need would I have for a secrety identity?"

Do you work well on teams and in groups? Are you a leader or a follower?

"It is difficult for me to work in a team without being in charge."

Are you on a super team? If so, how do you get along with your comrades? Do you trust them, or do you have secrets from them?

"I have joined the Praetorians and such...transition...was not an easy one, as it was one born of a duel of honor which I lost. Relationships can be somewhat strained as they cannot fathom my motives or reasonings. Strange creatures they are, unable to understand the way of life of my people. However, since I am honor-bound to them to a degree, I have to adjust my code of conduct."


Are you a member of any church, fraternal organization, club, committee, political party, or other group? How much time do you spend on that?

Personality & Beliefs

Who are your heroes?

Did you ever become disillusioned with former heroes or idols? If so, why and what were the circumstances?

Do you like being a hero? If so, what is the most rewarding part? If not, what makes you keep doing it?

Is there anything that would make you give up hero work, or even switch sides?

What are your short term goals (what would you like to be doing within a year)?

What are your long term goals (what would you like to be doing twenty years from now)?

What is your greatest fear? Why? What do you do when something triggers this fear?

Is there anything you would give you life for?

How do you feel about money and material wealth? Do you desire it or disdain it? Are you miserly with what you have, or do you like to share? Is it a mark of success, or a means to an end?

How do you generally treat others?

Are you a trusting person? Has your trust ever been abused?

Are you introverted (shy and withdrawn) or extroverted (outgoing)? Do you have a lot of self-confidence?

How do you act around attractive, available members of your preferred sex?

What are your most annoying habits?

Do you feel contempt for any general category of people? Who are they, and why?

What is your favorite food? Do you prefer any particular type of food? Do you take the time to enjoy your food, or do you eat as fast as you can?

What is your favorite drink (alcoholic or otherwise)?

What is your favorite treat (dessert)?

Are there any specific foodstuffs that you find disgusting or refuse to eat?

What is your favorite color? Are there any colors you dislike?

What sort of music do you like? Is there any that you hate?

If you have a favorite scent, what is it?

"The scent of blood on a battlefield."

Do you have a favorite animal?

What is your most treasured possession? Why?

Do you enjoy "roughing it", or do you prefer your creature comforts?

Is there a job or a task you would absolutely refuse to do?

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? If so, how do your beliefs affect your life?How important is it to you?


Was your faith influenced or molded by anyone special?

If you belong to a religious organization, how often do you attend? Do you have a specific place of worship, or friends within the organization? How much do you agree with the beliefs of your organization?


Could you kill? Have you killed?

"Of course I have killed? Why is it that humans and Lor are so frail-minded as to fear someone who has killed? First, I would rather fear someone who has not killed, as in my mind such person could be a variety of things, each despicable. He could be a coward. He could be a liar. Tell me, is it not better to know that someone has killed and thus knows how to defend himself? Then it would mean that he or she is worthy of my a token of my respect at the very least. The taking of life does not even need to be the taking of a sentient life; a hunter is a killer and is he not respected by his peer and family? No, the act of taking a life is not a sin to me. As such, yes I have killed, plenty of times."

What circumstances led to you forming that conviction, or taking that action?

Are there circumstances under which you believe it is permissible to kill? What are they?

"The question is more; when is it not permissible to kill? The answer is quite simple and I shall tell you; killing outside of survival and outside of one's code of honor and conduct is despicable, as is the killing of certain person, such as the young or the ill. So is killing the defenseless or those pleading for their lives. I know you are asking yourself 'but then why doesn't every Za'akis plead for his life?'. We are not like that. We don't plead for our lives when we know we have lost. Such would be an act of extreme cowardice."

How would you react to watching someone kill another person? Would your reaction be different if the killer was a friend or an enemy of yours?

How would you react if something important was stolen from you?

"Thieves must and will be punished by death. None may steal from me and live if I deem their plight unworthy. I would never slay a starving orphan, but a petty callous thief will meet a short end."

How would you react to public humiliation?

How would you react if a good friend or relative were purposely or accidentally killed? Has it happened to you?

What do you consider to be the worst crime someone could commit and why?

If your life were to end in 24 hours, what five things would you do in those remaining hours?

Career & Training

Do you have any special training in your hero skills? If so, where and how did you get it?

Who taught you the most about your heroing abilities? What was your relationship with that person?

Do you have any particularly unusual skills? How did you acquire them?

Do you do something besides hero work for a living? Have you ever done anything else, or do you plan to?

What is your preferred combat style?

Have you ever received any awards or honours?

What skill areas would you like most to improve in? Is there anything you can't do that you wish desperately you could?

How do you act around people who are more skilled than you in areas you'd like to improve? Are you jealous, or do you try and learn?

Lifestyle & Hobbies

What is a normal day for you? How do you feel when something interrupts this routine?

Do you have any hobbies, or interests outside hero work? What are they, and where did you pick them up?

What do you do for fun?

Do you have a costume? What does it look like?

"Costume? Why would I wear a costume?"

How do you normally dress when not in costume?

"Again, why would I wear such thing as a costume?"

What do you wear to bed most nights?

"I sleep naked."

Do you wear any special jewelry? What is it, and what does it look like?

"I used to own quite an impressive amount of jewelry, however, most of it was left behind on Za'ak. Mostly ring, bracers, crest piercings and necklaces made of gold."

Do you have a special place where you keep your valuables?

"Hopefully, my vaults have remained undisturbed during my absence."

What's your preferred means of local travel? How about long distance?

"I walk or procur myself a mount. It would be ridiculous for I to travel carried around by others. I would be mocked for my weakness."


Have you ever made a will, or tried to make arrangements for your death? What provisions did you make?

If your features were to be destroyed beyond recognition, is there any other way of identifying your body?

What would you like to be remembered for after your death?

Do you believe you pose a threat to the public? Why or why not?

What do you perceive as your greatest strength?

What do you perceive as your greatest weakness?

As a player, if you could, what advice would you give your character? Speak as if he/she were sitting right here in front of you. Use proper tone so they might heed your advice...

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The Coming of Kharag

Introduction and translation by Meldivus, Lor Xenomythologist


The Coming of Kharag is part of a larger cycle of Za'akis epic poems. While not the oldest Za'akis myth (the Creation of Za'ak, carved on the cyclopean walls of the Cave of Nakazah have such an honor), it could easily be considered the one most relevant to modern history of the Za'akis. Because of the current situation on Za'ak involving the Andromedan invasion, studying these myths in their original wall-carving form has long been considered a foolish and suicidal attempt by even the most intrepid of Xenohistorians and Xenomythologists. However, in the last few decades years, an almost complete and accurate recreation of the Coming of Kharag was found on the planet Duris IV, sold for a mere few Credits at a bazaar. The story goes that the seller didn't know what these scrolls were and assumed to be mere Za'akis wall-scrolls, a form of art which involve beautifully painted decorative scrolls. These scrolls have since been acquired and heavily studied.


It is from these scrolls that this translation has been created. I have tried to keep the translation as accurate as possible. A few creative liberties were taken in order to help the story flow better, especially when it came to the numerous missing fragments of the story. This is a simpler translation, I will admit, but my goal was to bring this tale to an audience as wide as possible.


Did Kharag Exist?

Perhaps the most controversal aspect of the story, when studied from a historical perspective is wether or not the God-King Kharag truly exist and, if so, what was his nature. There are many historical evidences to support that a Za'ak named Kharag did exist but historians and mythologist heavily debate the divinity described within the text. Some argue that the text is heavily exagerated and colored by the religious belief of the Za'akis, which ascribed a divine nature to many things such as objects or phenomena. This has led many to conclude that Kharag was simply a mortal Za'ak given a spiritually significant role due to his actions. As the unifier of his people, it made sense for him to be recognized as a god. The phenomena of giving divine legitimacy to a leader is nothing new or unique.


The critics of this theory point out to two facts; Kharag's feats of power and his longevity. They argue that dismissing Kharag's gifts would be foolish, as many of them described within the stories are similar to those of our Mentats. While Kharag's divinity may not be true, his abilities beyond those of his peers and his longevity would mark him as an individual gifted with unique powers. If one is to consider the wide variety of abilites exhibited by the people of Earth, then Kharag is not so implausible.


I personally believe Kharag to have been a particularly skilled individual, gifted with great psychic abilities. Such abilities, while exceedingly rare, have been reported amongst the Za'akis several times. It is thus safe to assume Kharag did exist and was a single individual, not a title passed on through the ages.


Confusion Over Title

Is Kharag a King, an Emperor or something else? The reality is that his titles (and he had many) simply do not translate to any particular word. To further muddle the waters, he acquired the titles of the leaders he defeated and these titles all had different-yet-similar meanings. Furthermore, different populations gave him different titles. It is worth nothing that Kharag never sought to entirely assimilate cultures he added to his empire. Centuries after their conquest, these people conserved their own languages and had mostly intact social structures. It is safe to assume Kharag never gave himself a universal title as the ruler of all Za'ak.



To the people of Za'ak, people of strength, of resolve and great wits.

Let us remember the tale of the one who brought the never-ending rays of light to the land.

The one who whose deed echoed for all eternity across the land.

When the gods made Kharag, in him they poured the greatest gifts of creation.

In him they poured great strength to crush beasts and monsters.

In him they instilled courage and resolve to never falter as he traversed the lands.

In his eyes they poured the light of the sun to banish all darkness.

His body was an image, an idol to the perfection of the form, unmarred and unmatched.

Let him be the greatest of all, let him be recognized as the true one, the one who fear no beast, no monster or man.


Chapter I - The Birth of Kharag

In ancient days, not even the beautiful city of Kachsak was.

The city, with it's great walls and it's tunnels, carved upon mountains, was born of Kharag.

Born like a twin to the God-King, for the two are intertwined by fate.

The gods saw fit to bring their perfect birth into the world and so they sent the sage Ghakarizi.

It was he who walked a thousand lands and braved a thousand seas to find the perfect land.

Unto this land was delivered Kharag, born of the gods and the people gathered in wonder, for the of Kachsak grew bountiful to feed the newborn god-king.

No foul beast dared to thread upon the beautiful land, blessed to feed and nurse the perfect King.


The people toiled and prayed and the land returned their labor a thousandfold.

Great walls were carved from the mountain to safeguard the people.

And in return for safeguarding the God-King, the people were given gifts beyond compare.

The people loved their king and the young king loved them in return, for they knew the gifts they had given each others.

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