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  • 1 month later...

“They’re coming through the left door!†shouted the resistance soldier, running down the tunnels as blaster shots narrowly missed him. In the tunnel, ferals hiss and howls could be heard as the vampires moved closer, with their feral, degenerate kind at the front acting like rabid attack dogs. Just in time, he managed to close the massive door as the creatures came at him, snarling and clawing. “Jesus, man! That’s a lot of them!â€

Further down the tunnel was a large room, cluttered with machines, crackling with energy and covered with wires. At the center of it all, a metal pedestal, with a small station nearby to monitor and control the time machine. “That door won’t last forever.†said Bloodline, in a gruff voice. Tapping his ear to open the communication line, he tried to get in touch with the rest of his team. “Deadaim, Raze, you two still around? We got a pack of ferals pounding at the door! I’d blow them all up to kingdom com but I can’t risk opening the door, can you two secure the door so our tech-guys can start up the machine?â€

“We’re on our way, we’ll clean the corridors and clear a path. Cathedral’s on his way too.†On his side of the door, Bloodline waited with the remaining resistance members, ready to open fire should the feral vampires bust the door open. Then he heard blaster fire and a knock on the door. “Open up, it’s us. We got a wounded!†said Deadaim, the team’s best shooter. The man was carrying Cathedral, Bloodline’s superior, the only one of the team who was still human. “Oh damn. What happened?â€

“Took a few shots trying to save some of the kids but some didn’t make it.†wheezed out the man, holding his bleeding stomach. Immediately, Bloodline began administering first aid, while trying to hold back the urge to just feed on the wounded man. “If you’re dying, then who are we going to send back?â€

“I-it...it’s going to be you!†The man then began to cough. “But I’m infected. This is crazy, you can’t send one of us back. You’re our best man and you’re clean, it has to be you.†Cathedral shook his head, knowing deep down there was no other way. “You’re the only one I trust to handle the mission. Just do it. Figure out the details later! Ack..ugh…the machine can only send one of us back, it doesn’t have the juice for more. Either we send you or we let those leeches get their hands on the last time machine in existence. Anton, please...do it...for us. For all of us...†With a shaking hand, Cathedral handed over a small metallic slate, containing the information he’d need once he’d be on the other side of the portal. Heartbroken, Bloodline’s face cracked for a brief moment, showing a grief-stricken expression.

“Come on, I’m not dead yet.†muttered the man. “I’m just...taking a little nap, that’s all.†It didn’t take long for Bloodline to take back a serious demeanor as he walked toward the platform. “Alright, time to erase those suckers out of existence.†With his hand, he signaled he was ready to travel through the time portal. Around him, the panels began to light up and the machines hummed. “Okay now, this better work and not turn me inside-out!†Electricity began to crackle, forming a sphere around him. In his last moments in his timeline, Bloodline saw Cathedral crawl to a pair of blasters just as the door was torn open and vampires began swarming in. Deadaim, Raze and Cathedral all held their ground, taking down as many vampires as they could in their last moment, Deadaim always cleanly taking them out with headshots with Raze engulfed them in entropic energy. His last vision was Cathedral turning back to look at him one last time. Then everything exploded.


Time, space and matter. It also ceased to exist as Bloodline found himself tossed around across the space-time continuum. Light brighter than the sun. Pain sharper than anything. It was the only thing he could experience.

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