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Excerpt from the Freedom City Newspaper under Jobs:

WANTED: Pinball Technician

Job Description: Pinball Machine in Rita Kord Dormitory at the Claremont Academy in Bayview needs fixing. Salary: Gumballs and a few old euros Benefits: What is this for? Contact: Telephone: (989)555-5647. Ask for Room 5.

Bulletin Post on a wall in the Cafeteria at Claremont Academy


Someone fix the Pinball machine in the basement at R.K.? It stole my quarter! Mr. Summers refuses to pay. What a grouch, yea? Anyway I have a surprise to whoever fixes it! If you need help getting into the building call (989)555-567 or just push the button for Room 5B. Thanks!

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May 14, 2008: Journal Entry:

Alright so memo to self--Totally hang out downtown more often. I met the -coolest- people there today. One = totally famous. A hero. Wow. I mean I've met Star and Dr. Archeville and Legionaire but had never heard of them before I met 'em. I think I actually may have seen something on Velocity on the news in the past...or maybe not. But whatever, like. It was lovely. I'm so going to get her and this other awesome girl Lynn to show me around town.

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