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Beefing up the News Forum (and Earning PPs in the Process)


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Heroes and Villains,

During the month of April (and thereafter) we are hoping to beef up the News Forum. First, let's review its purpose:

The News Forum is the place where the Refs and GMs will post news, clues, rumors, gossip, etc. from all around Freedom City. Some of the things you may find here are:

1. Story starter ideas for characters.

2. Summaries of completed campaign threads that are newsworthy.

3. Newspaper headlines, stories, and interviews from all around Freedom City.

4. The latest gossip on Freedom's finest.

Players may also create one thread here for each of their characters to keep a record of all their doings. Please make the title of your thread the name of your character, and we also ask that you confine your posting to your own characters' news threads. This forum is just for news, not discussion.

For our part the Refs are going to post one thread in the News Forum for each major area of the city to keep track of all of the happenings there. And we would like you to join us by starting a character thread for each of your characters in the News Forum to keep track of all your doings, battles, dates with beautiful girls (or boys), etc. All you need is one post per thread you have been involved in with a paragraph description of what happened, where, and with whom . . . with a link to the thread. Simple, right?

At the end of April any character who has RPed throughout the month of April and has an active and up-to-date news thread will receive a bonus PP award. We won't do this every month, but we will periodically be auditing the News Forum and giving surprise PPs to those characters who have up-to-date News threads. Think of it like a "pop quiz." :D

Awesome? Awesome!

So get to work . . .


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