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Introducing Origin Stories!

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Have you wanted to tell all about how your character came into their powers, but wanted to do it in detail that the History section of your character sheet doesn't quite allow? Do you want to dig into the moment that convinced them they should become a superhero? Did you always want to show them putting on the costume and taking to the streets for the first time, and regret not starting up a thread for it? 


Well, now's your chance to tell all about how your character came into their superhero career! Introducing the Origin Story, Like the 20Q and HellQ, this allows you to essentially write a Vignette surrounding:


-Your character's powers coming into bloom

-The moment your character decided to become a superhero

-Their debut as a superhero


...or some combination of the above. Like all Vignettes, entries should be equivalent to at least 1 page in the word processing program of your choice. Like the 20Q and HellQ, it should be posted in the respective character's News Thread. 


Let's see how it all began!

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