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Fleur's Last Sheet


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Okay, for better or worse, this is likely to be the last new sheet Fleur gets, so I'd better make it count! Parking the statisticals here while I cogitate upon the fluffimication.

Abilities: 0 + 0 + 14 + 4 + 4 + 10 = 36 pp
STR: 10 (+0)
DEX: 10 (+0)
CON: 24 (+7)
INT: 14 (+2)
WIS: 14 (+2)
CHA: 20 (+5)

Combat: 16 + 16 = 32 pp
ATK: +8 (+10 Flower Power)
DEF: +10 (+2 Dodge Focus, +4 Flat-Footed)
Init: +8
Grapple: +8, +28 w/Move Object
Knockback: -10/-3

Saving Throws: 3 + 10 + 8 = 21 pp
Toughness: +20/+7 (+7 Con, +13 Protection)
Fortitude: +10 (+7 Con, +3)
Reflex: +10 (+0 Dex, +10)
Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8)

Skills: 112R=28 pp
Bluff 15 (+20) (Skill Mastery)
Concentration 8 (+10)
Diplomacy 15 (+20) (Skill Mastery)
Gather Information 16 (+21, Skill Mastery)
Knowledge (Life Sciences) 8 (+10) (Skill Mastery)
Medicine 8 (+10) (Skill Mastery)
Notice 13 (+15) (Skill Mastery)
Profession (Florist) 3 (+5) (Skill Mastery)
Sense Motive 13 (+15) (Skill Mastery)
Stealth 5 (+5)
Survival 8 (+10)

Feats: 29PP
Accurate Attack
Benefit (Freedom League Member)
Dodge Focus 2
Equipment 10
Improved Initiative 2
Inspire 5
Luck 2
Skill Mastery 2 (Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Info, Knowledge (Life Sciences), Medicine, Notice, Profession (Florist), Sense Motive)
Uncanny Dodge (auditory)

Headquarters: 47 ep

Masterwork Commlink: [1ep]
Masterwork Flashlight: [1ep]
Masterwork PDA: [1ep]

Powers: 2 + 66 + 3 + 2 + 14 + 2 + 6 = 95 pp

Feature 2 (Distinguish Seeds By Touch Instantly, Instantly Make Flowerpots) [2PP]

Flower Power Array 24 (48 pp, PFs: Accurate, Alternate Powers 15) [66PP]

BE: Snare 20 (entangling vines, PFs: Indirect 3, Obscures Senses 3 [Visual + Audio], Reversible,
Subtle) {48/48}

AP: Create Object 15 (plant shapes, Extras: Duration [Continous/Lasting], PFs: Precise,
Selective, Subtle) {48/48}

AP: Dimensional Pocket 5 (inside Flora, Extras: Duration 3 [Continuous/Lasting], Range [Ranged],
Feats: Indirect 3, Progression [Cargo] 10 [1,000 tons], Subtle) {44/48}

AP: Disintegration 13 (plantbane, Extras: Range [Perception], Flaws: Limited 2 [Plants],
Feats: Incurable, Precise, Reversible, Split Attack, Subtle) {44/48}

AP: ESP 8 (Flora's gaze, Visual + Audio Senses, 2,000 miles ["Same Continent"], Extras: Duration
[sustained], No Conduit, Simultaneous, Flaws: Action [standard], Feats: Dimensional 3 [Any Dimension],
Subtle) {44/48}

AP: Healing 13 (medicinal plants, Extras: Action [standard], Total, Flaws: Distracting, Feats: Persistent,
Regrowth, Stabilize) {42/48}

AP: Healing 13 (plantsboon, Extras: Area [Targeted, Burst, 65ft radius], Range 2 [Perception], Total,
Flaws: Distracting, Limited 2 [Plants], Feats: Persistent, Regrowth, Stabilize) {42/48}

AP: Move Object 20 (mobile vines, Effective STR 100, Heavy Load: 12288 tons) (PFs: Indirect 3, Subtle)

AP: Nullify 10 (photosynthetic mastery, All "Air" Powers, Extras: Area [General, Burst], Effortless,
Selective, Flaws: Range [Touch], Feats: Progression [Area] 3 [500ft radius], Subtle) {44/48}


AP: Snare 15 (nature's grasp, Extras: Area [General, Shapeable], Selective, Flaw: Distracting) 

AP: Stun 20) (stunflower, Flaw: Action [Full], PFs: (Indirect 3, Sedation, Subtle, Variable
Descriptor 1 [any plant]) {47/48}

AP: Super-Movement 3 (plant dooors, Dimensional Movement 3 [Any Dimension], Extras: Duration 2
[Continuous], Portal 2, Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Easy, Progression [Portal Size] 5 [250ft x 250ft],
Turnabout, Subtle) {28/48}

AP: Teleport 9 (plant doors v.2, 900ft per Move Action, 20,000 miles per Full Action ["Anywhere On Earth"],
Extras: Accurate, Affects Others, Flaws: Medium [Plants], Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity,
Easy, Progression [Cargo] 12 [500 tons], Turnabout, Subtle) {44/48}

AP: Teleport 9 (plant doors v.3, 900ft per Move Action, 20,000 miles per Full Action ["Anywhere On Earth"],
Extras: Accurate, Linked [super-Movement], Flaws: Medium [Plants], Feats: Change Direction, Change
Velocity, Easy, Progression [Cargo] 14 [2,500 tons], Progression [save DC] 5 [DC24]) [40PP] + Super-Movement 2
(Dimensional Movement 1 [To/From Earth-Fleur], Extras[/i}], Flaws: Medium [Plants]) [4PP] {40+4/44/48PP]

AP: Transform 10 (plant mastery, 1,000 lbs., Extras
: Duration [Continuous/Lasting], Feats
Innate, Subtle) {42/48}

Immunity 3 (ambrosial, Aging, Disease, Poison) [3PP]

Immunity 2 (plant physiology, Critical Hits) [2PP]

Immunity 1 (photosynthesis, Suffocation [CO2], Extra: Affects Others) [2PP]

Protection 13 (lignin skin, PF: Subtle) [14PP]

Regeneration 2 [ambrosial, Resurrection 2, 48 hours] [2PP]

Regeneration 10 (botanical rejuvenation, Recovery +2 [+9], Recovery Rate: Bruised 3 [No Action], Staggered 1 [20 minutes], Injured 2 [5 minutes], Disabled 2 [1 hour], Flaws: Source [sunlight], Feats: Regrowth) [6PP]

36 + 32 + 21 + 28 + 29 + 95 = 241/250 pp

Unarmed Touch DC1- Toughness (Staged) Damage
Dissolve Plants Perception DC23 Fortitude (Staged) Drain Toughness
Perception DC28 Toughness (Staged) Damage
Entangling Vines Ranged DC30 Reflex (Staged) Entangled/Bound
Grow Plants Ranged DC20 Fortitude Transform
Magic Flower Ranged DC20 Reflex Dimensional Pocket
O2 Burst Ranged/Area DC20 Reflex 1/2 Effect
Ranged/Area Contested vs Power Rank or Will Nullify
Step Through Plants Touch DC24 Reflex Teleport
Stun Flower Ranged DC30 Fortitude (Staged) Dazed/Stunned/Unconscious
Vines (Thrown Object) Ranged DC35 Toughness (Staged) Damage


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I Need You, Baby:  There are a lot of people counting on Stesha for their very survival. First and foremost is her little girl Amaryllis, who is still a toddler and wholly dependent on her mother. The giant bees also count on her to provide the giant flowers that are their primary sustenance, and the humans in their village need her healing powers and plant magic to help them survive and grow their small population. Getting away from it all is not really an option. 

Caught in a Bad Romance: Stesha loves her husband Derrick, but he is literally never around anymore. This fact can be depressing and distracting, especially when she is reminded of it by seeing other happy couples. 

With Flowers in Her Hair: Stesha's long green hair is actually alive, and an important component of her powers. The last six inches or so are dead cells and can be cautiously trimmed, but anything above that is part of her body and will cause pain and damage if cut. If too much of her hair is damaged or lost, she will not be able to use her immunities to food and sleep, nor will she be able to regenerate her health. 

Where Everybody Knows Your Name: Stesha technically has a secret identity, but it's a very poorly kept secret. There isn't much she can do to hide her highly distinctive coiffure, and she's not great at maintaining an air of mystery. She doesn't always even need to be in uniform for people on the street to know who she is, one more reason she spends a lot of her downtime on Sanctuary. 

Let Them Not Pass Like Weeds Away:  A naturally compassionate person, Stesha's first inclination is to safeguard all life, even of people who are trying to kill her. It is also very hard for her to accept that sometimes you can't save everyone. 

What You Give is What You Get Returned: Stesha is friends with many, many, many superheroes, and she knows that if she's in trouble, she can call on them for help. On the flip side, if one of them calls her for help, she will do anything she can to assist. She's also a member of the Freedom League Auxiliary, which carries a whole other set of responsibilities that she strives to live up to. But there are only so many hours in the day! 

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