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Alternate Versions of Gabriel

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Character Name: Carson "Archangel" Keefe

Power Level: 8 (159PP)

Trade-Offs: +4 Defense/-4 Toughness; +2 Attack/-2 Damage (Pistol Only)

Identity: Public

Birthplace: Limerick, Ireland

Occupation: FBI Special Agent

Affiliations: FBI, Interpol, Jesuits

Family: Angus Keefe (Father), Bevin Keefe (Mother), Brody Keefe (Older Brother), Doyle Keefe (Younger Brother), Riona Keefe ("Baby Sister"), Brogan Keefe (Paternal Grandfather), Bridget Keefe (Paternal Grandmother), Colin Doherty (Maternal Grandfather), Moreen Doherty (Maternal Grandmother)

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Irish Caucasian

Height: 6'

Weight: 170 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: White


Carson always cuts a rather dashing figure that's hard to forget. His standard dress is a white suit that nearly gleams, especially at night. The trousers, shirt, and single-breasted coat are all a crisp, clean white; the tie and waistcoat are a soft silver color, while his tie chain, cufflinks, and buttons are all a gleaming metallic silver color. The shoulder holster he wears is a white leather, and his custom 1911 pistol (a bit heftier than a standard FBI service revolver) is a gleaming nickle finish with white wood grips. He almost always wears white leather boots, ones that are a more rounded and squared-off cowboy style. Completing the ensemble is a white fedora, sporting a cloth band that matches his vest and tie in color.

Carson himself is lean and fit, a testament to years of hard work and discipline to maintain enough fitness to keep up with criminals young and old. His bright blue eyes typically have a friendly sparkle to them, though when he's angered, they have a slightly otherworldly light. His suit hides the assortment of scars scattered across his body, all of them reminders of his years in the service. His hair, kept trimmed fairly close, is a bright, clean white, and gives him a somewhat otherworldly air.

Power Descriptions:

Carson's body has the natural ability to process ultra-high sounds and interpret them as information on his surroundings.

As well, he has a subtle aura of super-high and super-low sound waves that can affect how people interpret his words, expressions, and body language. These waves operate on frequencies where they are felt rather than heard, and serves to help his social interactions across the board.

His is able to produce a "sonic scream", a blast of alternating high and low frequency sound waves that carry enough force to knock down doors and knock men out. However, he has never been able to refine his accuracy, and can only produce a large, cone-shaped blast of sonic energy.


Carson's family immigrated when he was still a young child; only his older brother Brody stayed in Ireland, as he'd found work with the local police (and later went on to join Interpol). It was only a couple of years before their family became naturalized citizens, but even with that paperwork saying they belonged, they still faced the difficulties of prejudice. They endured, and in time Doyle and Angus Keefe managed to get a small family pub opened up in their home neighborhood. Business started to boom, and the friendly family made sure anyone was welcome, and that fights went outside. But while his father and older brother found their passion in food and drink, Carson himself felt discontent. Ultimately, when he graduated high school, he decided to follow the example of his older brother Brody and go into law enforcement. But instead of Interpol, he sought to become an agent of the Federaul Bureau of Investigation; the FBI had, for many years now, been a place that welcomed Irish Catholics without hesitation (as so many were founding members of the institution).

Carson worked hard and studied hard for the next few years, and with the encouragement of his family, he got himself into the FBI. Of course, it wasn't too long before his immediate superior discovered Carson's more...unique...abilities, and decided to assign him to the Special Investigation Division (the "Black Cats"), a semi-official section of the FBI dedicated to investigating the more outlandish happenings. Carson was in over his head, but he thankfully had the tenacity and luck to survive and learn lessons, and he rapidly became one of the most successful and respected members of FBI's SID. Of course, he loved doing field work so much he never seemed to come up for promotion beyond Special Agent, but that was a situation that suited him just fine.

Ten years of hard work in the field have left their marks on Carson, but despite his scars and bruises, he remains dedicated. Despite often being assigned as the lone federal agent in a city, and sometimes being the only honest man around, he's never lost his faith or his dedication to justice.

Personality & Motivation:

Carson is a pleasant, hardworking man who tries to be friendly and helpful to anyone he meets, and always tries to have time to listen to a friend's problems. He tries to give thoughtful advice when he can, or direct his friends to those who can give such advice. He's a bit of a sucker for kids, women, and family men down on their luck; while it's gotten him into trouble in the past, he can't seem to shake that immediate desire to help.

Despite facing some pretty nasty situations, including corrupt police departments and even FBI agents, Carson has never shaken his firm sense of morals or his deeply-rooted idealism.

When dealing with criminals, he's typically stern and fast-acting, but not spiteful or angry. His anger only rises to the surface when dealing with particularly loathsome individuals, such as those who endanger women and children, and those who traffic in the Darker Powers.

His odd appearance (both his clothing and his hair) often earns him a bit of distrust or even insults from others; he always brushes these reactions off with a smile and a bit of humor.

Powers & Tactics:

Nine times out of ten, Carson will try to first use words to solve a confrontation. Failing that, he will try to use his fists to take someone down without lethal force or property destruction. When faced with a group of attackers, he will often bellow out a couple of screams before going for a few finisher punches. He only draws his gun in situations where fists aren't enough and his scream would do more harm than good, or where he knows the specially-coated bullets will be needed more than his powerful yells.


Appreciates Art: Carson is an upstanding gentleman, and has never been anything but polite with the women he meets. However, he can be a bit of a harmless flirt, and occasionally fines ladies distracting.

Took an Oath: Carson takes his oaths as an FBI agent very seriously; most seriously was his promise to protect the citizens of the nation. Given a choice between stopping a criminal or protecting a bystander, he will always choose the latter. Often he will take almost reckless chances to protect a civilian from harm.

Knight in a White Suit: Carson has a chivalrous streak 3 miles wide, and will go out of his way to not only be polite to women, but to protect them from harm. His instinct to protect women sometimes blinds him to the wiles of particularly devious female criminals, though he does not take kindly to a woman who takes advantage of that instinct.

Prejudice: Carson is a white-haired Irish Catholic FBI agent; plenty of people find one or more of these things to be offensive enough to give him trouble.

Can't Betray the Law: Carson believes firmly in the importance of the law, enough such that he will never take advantageous "shortcuts" if they conflict with the laws (and his oaths to uphold them).

Fatal Flaw:

Only Honest Man in a Dishonest Town: Even when working in a corrupt city where the local police are in collusion with criminal elements, Gabriel won't compromise. He will, if he feels it necessary, attempt to confront or arrest any number of officials who he finds in contempt of the law, even if good sense would tell him to back down (even temporarily). He also makes no secret of his unwavering dedication to his principles, meaning he marks himself a target for those who prefer to keep things "running smoothly". He can even butt heads with his superiors if a particularly influential person was found breaking a "minor" law. All told, Carson's determination to never compromise may one day earn him too many enemies at once.

Abilities: 6 + 4 + 8 + 4 + 6 + 8 = 36PP

Strength: 16 (+3)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)

Constitution: 18 (+4)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 26/18 (+8/+4)

Combat: 16 + 12 = 38PP

Initiative: +6

Attack: +8

Grapple: +

Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed


Saving Throws: 3 + 4 + 4 = 11PP

Toughness: +4 (+4 Con)

Fortitude: +7 (+4 Con, +3)

Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, +4)

Will: +7 (+3 Wis, +4)

Skills: 100R = 25PP

Acrobatics 3 (+5)

Bluff 6 (+14/+10)

Diplomacy 6 (+14/+10)

Drive 4 (+6)

Escape Artist 4 (+6)

Gather Information 6 (+14/+10)

Intimidate 6 (+14/+10)

Investigate 8 (+10)

Knowledge (Art) 3 (+5)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) 6 (+8)

Knowledge (Civics) 6 (+8)

Knowledge (Life Sciences) 6 (+8)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 4 (+6)

Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy) 2 (+4)

Notice 8 (+11)

Perform (Stringed Instruments) 6 (+15/+10)

Sense Motive 8 (+11)

Feats: 13PP

Distract (Intimidate)

Dodge Focus 6

Fascinate (Bluff)


Improved Initiative


Quick Draw

Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)


Powers: 9+8+16+3= 38PP

Enhanced Charisma 8 (to 26/+8) (Sonic, Mutation) [8PP]

Damage 8 (Extras: Area [General, Cone, 80ft cone] ) (Sonic, Mutation) [16PP] ("Sonic Scream")

Super-Senses 3 (Ultrasonic Hearing, Extras: Accurate) (Sonic, Mutation) [3PP] ("Echolocation")

Device 3(15PP Container, Flaws: Easy-To-Lose) [9PP] ("Custom Blessed Pistol")

Blast 6 (Feats: Accurate (+2 Attack), Affects Insubstantial 1 Variable Descriptor 1 [silver or Cold Iron]) [15PP] (Ballistic Damage)

Drawbacks: -0PP


DC Block:

ATTACK             RANGE          SAVE                       EFFECT

Unarmed            Touch          DC18 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Physical)

Blast (Pistol)     Ranged         DC21 Toughness (Staged)    Damage (Ballistic)

Damage             Area           DC18 Reflex                1/2 Effect

                                  DC23/19 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Energy)

Abilities (36) + Combat (38) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (25) + Feats (13) + Powers (36) - Drawbacks (0) = 159/159 Power Points

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Player Name: KnightDisciple

Character Name: Morningstar

Power Level: *Matches Gabriel's*

Trade-Offs: None

Alternate Identity: Carson Finbar Keefe

Identity: Public

Birthplace: Limerick, Ireland (Chalk it up to the Almighty's sense of humor)

Occupation: King of all of Ireland

Affiliations: Himself


Living: Riona Keefe ("Baby Sister"), Noreen Keefe (Wife), Brigid Keefe (Wife), Enya Keefe (Wife)

Deceased: Angus Keefe (Father), Bevin Keefe (Mother), Brody Keefe (Older Brother), Doyle Keefe (Younger Brother), Brogan Keefe (Paternal Grandfather), Bridget Keefe (Paternal Grandmother), Colin Doherty (Maternal Grandfather), Moreen Doherty (Maternal Grandmother)

Age: 28 (DoB: March 21, 1984)

Apparent Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Irish Caucasian

Height: 6'

Weight: 175 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Red


Morningstar's attire is befitting a great and terrible ruler. He wears clothes that are as black as night, with faint silver tracery giving the impression of stars in the sky. Over them, he bears a suit of armor made of gleaming dark iron; it covers most of his body, though normally the face-covering helmet his left sitting on the top of his throne, while he hears a gleaming crown of interwoven silver and gold studded with black diamonds. The armor is engraved with uncountable tiny runes; at a glance, they are beautiful, but on closer inspection, the knowledgeable will recognize them as the terrible language of Fallen Angels. Over his armor, he wears a heavy black leather cloak, with a hood that covers his head, even when helmeted. The cloak's edges carry white and gold runes of the same size and type as his armor, in a two-inch-thick band. Black gloves and boots (both covered in armor) complete the set.

To go with his beautiful, terrible armor, he bears a broadsword of the same dark iron as his armor, with a single line of tiny runes along the center of the blade. At will, the sword can shed light as bright as day, and has even been known to burst into beautiful, flickering flame.

Carson himself is a lean, pale man whose body carries many scars hid by his kingly vestments. His long red hair is kept in a tight ponytail, and his blue eyes flicker with wicked intelligence and cunning. His movements are smooth and precise, those of an alpha-predator.

Power Descriptions:

(OOC: The same as Prime!Gabriel, barring the note below.)


Anti-Earth Ireland has rarely been a kind place. Its already-difficult history worsened on a world run by villains, and the entire island nation was beset by the deprivations of a cruel and merciless British Empire. What super-powered sons and daughters of Ireland made it to adulthood seemed destined to be either lackeys of the English, or ran to America to try and toady up to the Crime League. The most patriotic people were the scattered remnants of the Irish mafia and a few "freedom fighters", and even they were losing whatever passed for hope among their lot.

This was the life the Keefe family survived in. This was the life that, at age 12, took Carson Finbar Keefe's family away. Only he and his younger sister Riona survived the bomb blast, mostly by virtue of playing in the snow outside while their family was talking business (and his mother was scolding Doyle) with some friends inside the family bar. This was the Ireland that tried to take in two children suddenly thrust into a cold, terrifying world. Carson quickly learned that no one cared about them, and the only way to survive and stay together was to be cunning, brutal, and ruthless. He learned to fight and lie and charm and tell just enough truth to get his way.

By the time he was 18, Carson was well-adapted to living in his world's dark mirror of Dublin, at the fringes of their society. He and his sister survived, mostly on Carson's efforts. The sliver of decency left in him was determined to keep her save and comparatively "clean" of his criminal deeds. But Riona was an intelligent girl, and she knew what her brother did; she simply chose to not care, for fear of having nothing left int the world, and being alone at age 14.

One night, Carson had a terrible, terrible dream; it was death and violence and suffering, and it promised a terrible fate for both himself and his sister. At the end of a dream, he met a man in a gleaming white suit. The man's smile was bright, his hair perfectly combed, and the cane he carried was clearly just for show and style. Even the reflective sunglasses just gave him that extra "flair". The man just said his name was Nick, and he could help Carson make sure that that dream never happened. In fact, he promised that his gifts would make sure Ireland broke free of its chains, and was never again shackled by England. All thanks to Carson! The boy agreed almost eagerly, never looking close enough to recognize the fiery glint behind the glasses...

When he awoke, he somehow knew what power he held, and he saw the black clothing beside his bed...That was the day Morningstar came to Ireland, and the country was never the same.

Within 5 years, Ireland was a sovereign nation, with a King ruling over them, and a slowly-growing economy. For all that some decried him as a ruthless overlord who cared not for his subjects, Carson was an efficient man. By the time he was King, he barely had to fight; a couple of minutes of conversation, and a mortal enemy was a friend! His words were so convincing that the longer he was around, the more his people loved him. Even some of his enemies who saw a speech or two couldn't help but admire his hard work and dedication. For Morningstar, his rule was less about "crime all the time", and more about "This is My Island". Challenges to his authority were not to be brooked, and threats to his nation were, at best, talked into helplessness; at worse, they were crushed utterly.

When word came of the Fae Realms seeking to rise again, Morningstar ensured he and his people were armed with iron and steel to "greet" them. The night before the battle, Nick came again, this time as an "angel of light". But Carson had grown wiser in the intervening years, and had an inkling who he faced. But when Lucifer Morningstar confirmed his identity, he surprised Carson by stating he didn't want his soul on a contract (though of course the Prince of Lies was not immediately believed). He much preferred the route Carson was taking without any urging; besides, he found it amusing to have a "personal champion" on the planet who was doing what he did without any strings attached. Which was why he gifted his Champion with a set of armor, a crown, and a sword to bear in the upcoming fight.

After all, why make someone sign their soul away, when they were already handing it to you on a silver platter?

The part of Carson that protested was buried with the thoughts that becoming more powerful would help keep Riona safe.

So he took up Nick's offer, ignoring the laughter. He had a nation to defend from interlopers. He awoke wearing his now-infamous armor, and by the end of the week the Fae had been routed, with a counter-assault (enabled by a handful of minor mystical talents Morningstar had recruited) taking another couple of weeks.

By the end, the Fae realms had learned to never again touch the Emerald Isle, and Morningstar had rescued three prisoners trapped in seemingly-eternal sleep. Of course, their gratitude was so boundless when they awoke that the King found himself with three Queens, each just as cunning as he. Their temperaments varied enough that the 4 of them balanced each other out, which only made them more dangerous.

Today Ireland stands as a center of industry, science, and even culture. Their King and Queens handily drive off invaders. Their Army of Light stands strong, with the leaders often being metahumans loyal to the King. The British Empire, and the rest of Europe, watch nervously as Ireland's power only grows.

And on his throne, Morningstar sits and waits, pondering the future....

Personality & Motivation:

Morningstar is a ruthless man, willing to exploit any and every advantage in his arsenal to accomplish his objectives. He has used violence, threats of violence, promises of friendship, promises of unending war, seduction, denial, lies, and truth. He would willingly sacrifice anyone except his wives and his sister to accomplish anything.

But he's also cunning; he knows the value of loyalty in his subjects, and so he ensures that those who are sacrificed want to be sacrificed. He uses actions and decisions to gain that loyalty, but just as much he uses his silver tongue, the power of his oration, to win them over.

Carson is reserved; few people ever see even a hint of his emotions. Only his family tends to see much of anything beyond "detached amusement" or "cold determination". When he's been driven to public anger, people have died, armies have been routed, and buildings have crumbled.

Morninstar feels empathy for almost no one; he simply does not care about people (except for his family). This is at least partially a defense mechanism, as he learned that caring meant you could be hurt more easily.

He is methodical, meticulous, articulate, patient, ambitious.

And at the end of the day, Morningstar is King.

Powers & Tactics:

(OOC: Roughly the same as Prime!Gabriel.)


All Abilities, Saves, Combat, Skills, Feats, and Powers the same as Prime!Gabriel.

(OOC: Only main difference is that his weapon is a sword not a spear, and instead of Dimensional Travel it can activate a Hellfire descriptor for damage. Also no HQ on Sanctuary, and a few ranks of Benefit to represent being, you know, the King of Ireland. And instead of Perform: Acting he has Perform: Oratory.)

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