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Reflections (IC)

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Eve smiled when her girlfriend, Etain Maher, ceased recording. They were at the Parkhurst Hotel in the large second floor bedroom by the stairs; Etain's room as it happened, and Eve was seated, shoeless, in the center of Etain's large bed. She had sat quietly, the telepath's time spent as a mute made the silence a comfort instead of a burden, and listened attentively to her dark haired companion.

Slipping off the bed, Eve padded silently over to the seated illusionist. Slender fingers, made strong through years of gymnastics, brushed dark hair aside and began to knead the illusionists neck and shoulders.

"The offer remains open," Eve murmured in a French accented soprano. She stopped her ministrations for a moment to kiss the nape of Etain's neck. "With my brother having moved into the penthouse downtown, it would be just us. Well, Renard too." And things won't be so lonely there, Eve thought to herself.

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Etain leaned back and relaxed into Eve's touch, gentle and smooth as it was as she clicked the button for the recording to stop on the laptop. She put a hand on the one on her shoulder and looked back,

"It is a nice offer, but I am more comfortable here. This place has blossomed from what it once was, and I am fond of the company I keep. Also, Morgan lives down the hall, and while Millie would cook for us, he does not like to trouble the ghost for food, to the point where I am afraid for his health if left to fend for himself."

That and the general condition of the kitchen, yes Joe will repair anything damaged almost instantly, but three kitchen fires was really just too much.

She turned around and kissed Eve on the nose, just something quick but very soft with her pale lips,

"Plus you would likely be busy with the school plans you have told me. I too have some schedules set in place. It does not garner much, but it is enjoyable entertaining the young, and travel is just more simple here."

She reached forward and put a hand tracing around her face,

"The scrying pool can look for clear locations and the talismans can take me anywhere I need to go in an instant. It makes schedules not too difficult, and I would very easily be able to meet you at the school for midday meals if you would like."

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Even though she expected that answer, Eve was still disheartened by it, though she did well enough to conceal that fact. Instead the telepath gave a Etain a lingering kiss, one that lasted several heartbeats before she reluctantly broke contact.

"I would like," Eve confirmed. "But it won't be like it is at Claremont, I'm going to have more free time on my hands, not less, and I'd like to spend that time with you." The telepath smiled, looking a little impish. "But I want the more than occasional dinner too, as well as some you and me time in the evenings."

"This is something we can do, yes?" Eve asked, looking hopeful. "I mean for me it's just school, I could do that in my sleep, literally. It might need to be teased from my subconscious but, 'Hey I'm a telepath,' and the mind is pretty much my playground. It helps that I have, not to put too fine a point on it, perfect recall. I forget nothing."

"Which, incidentally, it's been over a year and you've not once mentioned your birthday. You're supposed to divulge these details,"" Eve murmured stealing a quick kiss before continuing, "so the person that loves you, me if you weren't aware, can dote on you even more than usual."

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Etain took the kiss for a few seconds and smiled as she leaned her head on Eve's shoulder,

"It is a nice sentiment, but I would like to keep my independence even in our relationship. I have never really been on my own again, I would like to experience it for longer then I have."

She folded her hands on her lap and let out a sigh about birthdays,

"This may disappoint you, but I am not sure when I was born. Not really, the date counted for the passing of age is October 23rd, but it is not the real date, nor do I know if it is anywhere close. It is, rather complicated, but the simplest explanation I can provide is that where I am from I was with an adopted family rather then the one I was born with."

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"I can understand the need for independence," Eve acceded. The telepath wrapped her arms around her dark-haired girlfriend and added, "I apologize if I gave you the impression that I wanted to intrude upon that, that was not my intention."

She smiled.

"The twenty-third of October will work. While I'd prefer to know the true date, this is the one you've been using thus far, so there is no real need to change it." Eve rested her cheek against Etain's head, drawing into her lungs the scent of her hair. She was a little surprised at hearing Etain was adopted, but that quickly passed. Besides, knowing that didn't change how the telepath felt about the illusionist.

"Hey," Eve murmured, breaking the comfortable silence that had fallen about the couple. "Do you think I could meet your parents?"

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"I am assuming you are refering to those who raised me, and it would be difficult. I cannot return to where they are currently living, and travel to here is, rather restricted in most circumstances. Though that is for very good reason I assure you. Where I am from, those who live there, they are best kept where they can be in check. This world is too ignorant of magic to be really prepared if one of them were to take free reign, I myself as limited as I am in comparison was rightfully feared in my capability and bound by the school as a precaution. Though I do believe they are going to remove the binding at graduation, which will put me at ease when having to face larger threats."

She moved a little bit so she could face Eve and she smiled,

"Also, it is more comfortable once they remove the spell. It does not hurt, but it makes my wrists feel a bit heavy. But that is not an issue, I guess it has been not asked but I must say I really cannot tell you much about them. My parents, where I was raised, how it was like, I promised I would not, and I am not to keen on breaking that promise, or any promise for that matter."

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Eve sighed and stepped away from Etain.

"A simple no would have been adequate," the telepath said. Eve crossed the room to Etain's large bed and sat down on the edge, her mask of self-control and detachment reasserting itself, crushing the hint of frustration that had begun to show. She sat there quietly for several heartbeats, looking down at the floor.

When she started to speak again her voice was quiet. "Is there anything I can ask you that won't result in an evasive non-answer?" Eve asked lightly. "I have perfect memory, Etain. Perfect. I remember everything from when my control slipped and I accidentally memory dived. I get that at least part of your life was strange mix of sword fighting, anachronistic dress and speaking a dead language."

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Etain looked at Eve and let out a sigh as she stood up this time,

"Well, if you were to ask if I were human, I would say yes, if you ask if those who raised me were, I would say no."

Her smile dropped as she looked at Eve,

"Eve, what you saw was a parody of this world. A parody maintained by creatures who both adore humans for their innovation but belittle them for there fragility. Customs like language, sport and attire were picked and mixed by those who fancy them while maintaining enough knowledge to miss their actual meaning and worth."

She sat down again and glanced down before looking Eve in the eye,

"Do not doubt my trust in you, I cannot give you words that are anything but true. I also cannot give my word without the intention of fufilling it or that in of itself would be something other then true. I have given my word to not reveal the names of where I was raised, or the nature of those who saw fit to raise me."

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Eve scooted closer to Etain and rested her head on the dark haired teen's shoulder. She began to relax, tension she didn't realize she had draining out of her as she took comfort in the warmth and proximity of Etain.

"Might come as a surprise to you," Eve began, a trace of wry humor in her voice, "but I'm not very good at opening myself up to others, but I trust you--I love you--and I hope you're aware of that. I know what it's like to not be trusted with your powers; people tend to not like telepaths around, afraid that we're always snooping and prying."

Eve sighed. "Sorry. I spend a lot of time in my head." She gave a half-hearted chuckle. "And it wanders and I get scared and worried and I'm rambling..."

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Etain leaned forward and brushed her lips against Eves forehead as she brought the other girl closer to her still,

"Too common is power like ours abused that mistrust is to follow, but we have such a fortune that it is also used for good. Those who do so, they are private, as are we, because we have something to cherish,"

She brushed her hand through Eve's hair,

"To love, and protect. It is hard when we guard ourselves so closely to not question those we choose to keep close."

She left out a sigh, her smile soft,

"I am not surprised, nor am I insulted. What is surprising is how long I have gone, how much I am trusted, but you and by my friends despite all they do not know, all I will not tell them. It is strange, and refreshing that such a thing is given so easily here when where I am from, it is hard to give especially to those who were close."

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Eve shifted her position slightly when Etain brought her closer, slipping one leg up onto the bed and tucking it below her. This adjustment effectively bracketted the slender, and quite beautiful, young woman between the gymnast's thighs partially enveloping her; an effect made the more complete with Eve wrapping her arms around Etain. Etain could feel her girlfriend relax against her, truly relax, and though the telepath's hands weren't idle (moving in gentle, if teasing, motion) they weren't doing anything untoward.

The smaller of the two responded to the first's kiss with one of her own; Eve's lips making soft, if tentative contact, on Etain's neck. The anxieties Eve had, the worries, the fears, the niggling doubts she had (mostly with regard to herself) melted away in the warmth of her girlfriend's proximity.

--I could have the estate sold, maybe get a room here,-- Eve suggested mentally unwilling, at the moment, to use her mouth for the less important task of speaking than the one it was already engaged in.

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Etain held her close feeling her warmth and the slight touch of her mind. The words echoing as she smiled. She leaned in and kissed the girls chickes, each so pale and warm under her lips as her hands went back to her hairs. She twirled it before she pushed her mouth towards the other girls ears and whispered,

"You already have one,"

She backed up and found the girls mouth with her hand before raising her chin and kissing her deeply, only parting after a minute or two to say,

"You will always have one."

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