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A Game Of Skill (But Mostly Luck) (OOC)


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Citizens are booking it in an orderly fashion, it's MM turn, and she's shooting at Carrie, 27, yep, that hits.

Right, DC 20 for Carrie, Bruise, so it just grazed her.

Next round, Carrie's turn, she's gonna drop off the building and disappear. Before using her turn to climb back up and attack Madam Marvelous. Taking ten for Stealth, which is 30, which Madam Marvelous can't make.

26, so she loops around and hit's Madam Marvelous right back.

Toughness save on Madam Marvelous who is in fact flat-footed cause Carrie is concealed 17, she's staggered and dazed.

Zeke's turn.

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Zeke's going full bore (top Speed 14 - who was that masked man!) again, spend an HP for Monkey Climber, so he can use Acrobatics up that wall. Move By Action, Disarm to pinch her Desert Eagle, and then...humm...probably drop it into a handy wastebasket somewhere.

Acrobatics! (1d20+13=33) O_O

Okay, Disarm attempt. Unarmed Disarm - take that Deagle away from the crazy person! (1d20+8=23) Okay, opposed roll with her STR against DC 23. And away-hay-hay we go.

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He took her gun, anyway, she shakes her daze so Carrie and Zeke get a HP for the both of them, and she produces a detonator and lights it. Ohh shit, there's explosives, and fireworks set under the boardwalk. You get an HP, now they got one round to stop the explosives before they blow up the boardwalk.

New round, Carrie kicks MM in the face then starts running like hell again. she hits her, DC 27.

MM doesn't make it, she's out cold.

It's Zeke's turn, he has 4 HP, this is one huge bomb under the boardwalk filled with enough fireworks for a Chinese New Years display.

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