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Gear Guard: Revisited

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The idea to try and start a tech based team kind of died in the making a few months ago. I'd still kind of like to see this happen, so I'm seeing if there's still any interest in such a thing.

As it was Raveled's idea initially, I asked and have received permission to cannibalized it and try for a hard reset.

The idea is to put together no more than, say, 4-5 characters of similar power level (10/11/12) and stick them on a team (Exceptions can certainly be made if someone REALLY wants in, but isn't quite the right PL. I'm not big on crushing hopes and dreams).

They'll focus on crimes and/or villains that have more of a tech based flavor. We can also discuss the possibility of a Satellite HQ or some such when we see who's involved and if they have any pp to spare.

I'm submitting Blueshift as the first slot. Anyone interested in backing me up?

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