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Into A Nightmare (OOC)


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As far as "digging into Push's past" goes, let's just assume that The Scarab used the Masterwork Library in her HQ to Take 20 on a series of Knowledge checks. It's been at least a few days since she got back from "Unstuck In Time," so she's had time to research his background. That would usually take about an hour per check, and let her hit DC27, 25 if there was some sort of -2 circumstance penalty. Throw in the occasional day-long use of her HQ's Think-Tank and some Extra Effort, or the occasional HP for Beginners Luck, and she can hit DC30-31. So basically, she's got everything on his rep tables that isn't tied to Gather Info. She's had ample time to sleep off any Fatigue from Extra Effort, but I'm cool with it if you'd like her to be down a HP or three at the start of the story; she has Luck 4, so she usually starts with 5.

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Clearly enjoys her reading. ;) So she'd have his Knowledge (Streetwise), Knowledge (Civics), and Knowledge (Arcane Lore) stuff:

Knowledge: Civics (Law Enforcement)

DC 10 – Push is a vigilante seen in different cities across the United States, but most recently in Freedom City.

DC 15 – The name Push was coined after the vigilante was caught on camera using kinetic blasts, linking him with other reports of vigilante work of a similar nature throughout Gear City.

DC 20 – Federal officers were, but are currently no longer on the hunt for Push regarding the Museum Massacre, instead shifting their attention to an enigmatic warlock named Mr. Scratch.

DC 25 – Push was caught by AEGIS agent Victory, and was offered a deal to head the hunt for Scratch in exchange for not being charged with the killings.

DC 30 – Push's current liaison is AEGIS Special Agent Arthur Kent.

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10 – “Heard some crooks down at the waterfront are complaining about a new hero in town.â€

DC 15 – “My cousin says some dude in a trenchcoat and big scarf blasted some muggers off of him the other day, used some freaky powers that warped the air!â€

DC 20 – “Weird, I heard that name on the news a little while ago, something about Gear City and a museum.â€

DC 25 – “Yeah, I saw him, and I swear I caught a glimpse of his face when that scarf fell down. He’s younger than me, and I’m in my first year of university!â€

Knowledge: Arcane Lore

DC 15- Demons from many different camps are complaining about a metahuman who constantly seems to show up when they are summoned, calling him the "Hammer-Bearer".

DC 20 - A powerful demon knight was recently flattened by this same "Hammer-Bearer", after being summoned to capture him by an individual called "The Grey Man".

DC 25 - The real identity of the Hammer-Bearer is known to some higher-up abominations as the metahuman Push, who is apparently hunting and being hunted by a warlock named Mr. Scratch, also known as "The Grey Man".

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The Scarab uses her Mind Reading power to probe Push's mind.

Mind Reading check: 34.

For every round that The Scarab spends taking a full action to probe Push's mind, I can ask one question. If Push doesn't know the answer, I know that too.

According to the book, "Especially personal or guarded information grants the target a +1 to +5 bonus on the Will save. Information the subject doesn't consciously know (subconscious, or forgotten due to amnesia, for example) grants a +5 to +10 bonus on the Will save, and the target can't choose to fail the save."

So Push probably has to make a Will save to resist, whether he wants to or not.

The Scarab's Mind Reading power has an Instant (Lasting) duration, so Push gets a new Will save every round to kick her out of his mind, with a cumulative +1 bonus per round. He can choose to fail that save.

If her Mind Reading attempt fails, she has to use Extra Effort to try again during the same scene.

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