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Alternate Versions of Push

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A few ideas from my warped mind, presented here for your approval (and steady drain of your sanity).

1. What if Push was based in Freedom's Reach?

2. What if Push's abilities were given to him by magic, instead of SCIENCE?

3. What if Push built his own kinetic device?

4. What if there was an Anti-Earth Push?

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Anti-Earth Version - Shove

“Exodus 22:13. Suffer not a witch to live. Not that you'll have to remember that, you'll be a smear on this hammer very soon.â€

Players Name: Quinn

Characters Name: Shove

Power Level: 11

Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness

In Brief: Metahuman contractor and professional mage hunter.

Alternate Identities: Gabriel Quinn

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Cog City

Occupation: Career Criminal, Mercenary, Mage Hunter.

Affiliations: Many and varied.

Family: Robert and Susan Quinn (Parents, deceased), Rafael Quinn (brother, deceased)

Age: 20 (DoB: Sept, 1990)

Apparent Age: N/A

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Height: 5’2’’

Weight: 120 lbs

Eyes: Grey

Hair: White.

Description: A full-length, very comfortable, very clean, very expensive black longcoat, /w the emblem of a cross on the back, and the word "Exodus 22:18" written on it. White wool cap. Long blue scarf. White stainless "professional's" gloves. Black combat boots. Belt /w many pouches for equipment. Black jeans and black shirt.

History: For the most part, Shove's story before he gained his powers was much the same as Push's; broke and homeless on the streets of Gear City, nowhere to go, and no idea what do to. The difference being, where Prime-Quinn was an honest joe who'd work for his meals, Anti-Quinn was a thief and a mugger, who viewed his position in life as distinctly unfair. Even his scarf was stolen, a gift his mother was going to give to his brother.

He got his powers the same way Push did, a lab accident when a factory exploded. Although this factory was a laboratory run by The Notorious Doctor Fate, an underground hero who was constantly trying to develop new technologies to aid the citizens of Anti-Earth, under the very noses of the Tyranny Syndicate. Shove woke up in a lab, below an abandoned auto repair, a wild-eyed man holding up a tool with the intent of dissecting him, to find out precisely why he survived when an entire city block was destroyed. Shove escaped, using abilities he didn't understand, but the fact that simply pointing a finger would blow a hole in a wall intrigued and amused him. Leaving the auto repair burning behind him, the young man embarked on a crime spree, taking what he wished from whoever he wished, but staying low enough on the radar that his only real opponent was Doctor Fate, who opposed him as best he could. Shove was a small-time metahuman criminal for several years, before a massacre he perpetrated at the Cog City Museum (too many security guards blocking the way to a very expensive necklace) brought the attentions of another mysterious hero. The Gentleman Wizard, Mr. Webster, emerged from the wall, casting a spell that revived all the slain guards and tourists, bringing them back to life. He then proceeded to beat the living hell out of Shove using arcane spells of great power, until the kineticist finally had to flee.

Shove hid himself, his mind unable to understand how he, who possessed such incredible powers over this energy, could have been stopped by this man's magic. Hate festered in him, and finally he reached a decision. He'd hunt down this magical Mr. Webster, and crush his arcane power for good. As time went on and the hunt continued, his hate began to spread to all magic-users, seeing them as men and women wielding, in his mind, undeserved power. Since then, he's traveled the width and breadth of the USA, working as a metahuman contractor while simultaneously carrying on his own personal crusade against any and all wielders of the arcane.

Personality & Motivation: Shove is a brutal man, but a very precise one. A resentful man, but a cunning one. Years on the street under the repressive regime of the Tyranny Syndicate (albeit at a distance) bred a survivalist attitude that makes him a premiere urban predator, especially with his abilities. He views himself as a misunderstood crusader, in a way, his personal vendetta against the wielders of magic being a boon to society on the whole. Considering how many people have expressed the same views (to get discounts on his work, although they don't tell him that), he also sees his views as vindicated. Magic is anathema to him, any mention of it is enough to set him off as well, and the thought of eliminating the use of it, period, amuses and intrigues him (he realizes that just one man can't do it, but he intends to do his very best to flatten every magi he encounters).

Power Descriptions: The blasts of kinetic force he can launch have a fairly standard appearance, a mild warping of the air that increases in size the more power he pushes into the shot. When his force-field is active, there seems to be a small storm of warps and static crackles surrounding his body whenever someone strikes at him, that disappears when the attack rebounds.

Powers & Tactics: Shove is essentially a kinetic battery. He can collect and charge kinetic energy in himself, using his body to store the energy, and then can release it in various forms. While he is personally fond of the straightforward blast wave, increasing strength and adjusting space and radius as needed, time has taught him to use imagination in his abilites, particularly when dealing with mages who have a variety of spells. For example, he’s learned how to literally suck all the kinetic energy from a person, literally leeching energy from every moving part of their body, forcing a complete bodily shutdown. He’s also learned how to exude an immense amount of force in large orb around him (which he regularly uses to intimidate people, walls cracking on either side of him). Another example is his adaption of kinetic force to be able to fly, albeit slightly uncontrolled. Simply pushing excess force from his hands or feet allows him to lift and maintain a steady speed in the air, able to steer by adjusting his hands and feet. He’s managed to craft a force field that is fundamentally similar to his kinetic absorption abilities, essentially creating a field of kinetic energy that surrounds him and depletes the energy of things before they strike him. It doesn’t always work, as sometimes an attack is moving faster than the field can deplete it, but it can reduce the strike enough to protect him from most of the blow. In addition, he has managed to adapt his kinetic control on a less destructive level, essentially using an ersatz form of telekinesis as he manipulates the very slight kinetic energy surrounding everything (since most everything is moving on some level), although his use for it generally consists of hurling very heavy objects at things he dislikes.

Generally, he prefers to start a fight by testing the straightforward abilities, like the kinetic blast (going from force equivalent to a brick clear up to the force of a full-sized freight train), the paralysis wave, and moving through his repertoire, using what works, and cutting what doesn’t. He is very good at thinking on the fly, however, and frequently comes up with odd permutations and adaptations of his kinetic control that can surprise his opponents. Though pulling stuff like that out of his ass frequently drains him completely, exhausting him until he can recharge on kinetic energy. In anticipation of possible times he’d have to go toe-to-toe, Shove purchased a highly useful tool from a notorious black-market technology dealer, a large warhammer capable of conducting the kinetic energy that he could produce. A useful tool, particularly when he gets the drop on his enemy, and the crunching sound as it squashes a sorcerer's head in is always oh-so-satisfying to his ears. After that, he proved a repeat customer of Jewel Wasp's, frequently using assets seized from his targets to purchase handy tools or equipment that would assist in his work. Lengthy training has also produced a distinct ability towards precise fire and control, not that he particularly cares about collateral damage, but he does hold himself to a very exacting standard when inflicting pain upon magic-users.

:!: Yeah, it's Evil!Push. I kept a few similarities, but adjusted the situation a bit. Really, Shove is Push with far less restraint towards his powers, and a different perspective. What makes it scary is that really, the two aren't that different, in a manner of speaking. Push might have gone down this road, if he chose to be resentful of his lot in life before his powers. Although there is a bit of a difference in that a) Shove is a self-entitled jerk, which Push isn't, and B) Shove's view of the arcane is a lot more focused on than Push's.

:!: Yeah, Mr. Webster is Anti!Scratch, basically a good guy sorcerer who works with what's Up Above instead of what's Down Below.

:!: Stat-wise, there really shouldn't be any difference between Shove and Push, so I didn't put up a stat-block. Using Push's sheet should be sufficient, if he's ever in a thread.

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