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Admissions: Pax Interview [IC]

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November 29, 8 AM

After entering the main gate and making their way through the quad to the administration office, Kalani and Kamaka Ellison waited patiently for their appointment outside of the headmaster's office. After Pax's first evening of super-heroics, which his mother was less than pleased to hear about when Kamaka confessed his actions to her later that same night, he was invited to check out the Young Freedom website by Wander, one of the heroes he met during the bank robbery they had helped foil. The young heroine had referred the Claremont Academy to him in one of her e-mails, and after showing his mother the school's literature and explaining it's true nature, they both thought it best that he enroll.

But first, he had to be accepted by the headmaster, one Duncan Summers. Sitting quietly outside of the office on comfortable leather chairs, Kalani looked up from her magazine and noticed her son's knee jumping in anticipation. "Nervous, honey?" she asked with a sparkling smile that calmed his anxiety.

"Yeah, a little bit. Not every day you apply for Hogwart's, ya know?" he replied with a cheerful smile of his own.

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