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History of Project V-Sign

Part 1: Founding

In the wake of the event which would later become known as The Terminus Invasion, top brass at the American Elite Government Intervention Service came to a grim realization. Should another attack of the same intensity of Omega's assault on the planet come to bear, there would be little that the organization could do to assist the planet's super-humans, the Freedom League in particular, beyond crowd control. Lacking agents that could fight foes on the same levels as the Freedom League was becoming more and more of an issue as the rise in the super-human population steadily continued. Realizing this, Director Powers signed off on a proposal for a new project, designed to create true superheroes of their own.

This solution would later come to be known as Project V-Sign. Using the most advanced resources available, the project was designed to push the limits of what could be done by a single agent, through a rapid advancement in portable weapons and technology. Of course, with such a loftly goal, it would be very easy to try and spread too far and too think in different directions, so the officers in charge of the project consulted on what the more immediate, specific goal of the project should be. After some deliberation, a focus was decided. The new agent had to be built for rapid response, able to get to any point of danger is a little time as possible. To that end, the scientists assigned to V-Sign were given a very specific goal: Turn a man into the world's greatest jet....

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