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New RolePlaying Site [www.roleplayrealm.com]

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Hi, Folks.

I wanted to share a new site that I've been working on and finally unleashed to the public a few days ago. As many of you know, I created a play-by-post site called Groovy Gamers in 2004, had a couple of wonderful years running the site, and sold it in 2007, which turned out to be a huge mistake, but that's another story. I've debated on what to do since then, but have decided to finally put my love, money, time, and effort into something that isn't just a "project". This is it.

If anyone here is interested in general roleplaying game discussion and play-by-post games, please stop by and check it out. We need all the good vibes we can get. :) The address of the site is http://www.roleplayrealm.com. We look forward to seeing you.

Thanks for your time,


"Endless Flight"

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