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Executive Splashdown (OOC)

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Sounds good. Don't forget that you can use an HP to clear Fatigue from a power stunt at the start of the following round, if you wish. (might be a good idea since it would slow down your ability to travel once you return).

I'll wait for a post from you IC, then I'll have Lukos strike up a conversation with Slipstream.

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Is it already established for the characters that the ship's the target (or will be established)? If not, I was thinking maybe Slipstream can use his security clearance with AEGIS to get information (satellite data or whatnot) of the port to get a better idea of what's going on.

If they're headed straight there, then disregard what I just suggested.

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Yea, sure. You can do that. What's the point of having benefits if you can't use them? :)

We are going straight there, but you can get all the information that was in the intro post through aegis. Basically there's been no contact with the people running the ship, etc.

Feel free to make some stuff up if you want. But AEGIS has no information about the para-military personnel that is stationed there.

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Quote, what are the possible ways each character can enter the cargo ship? I'd like to know so I can decide whether Tank will enter a different passageway at the same time as the others or if he will just start with doing what he always does, charge in first, be the damage sponge, and save the people in danger.

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Well, that's really up to you. It's a cargo ship, and you're a super hero. Do the math. It's made of steel, but with a reasonable amount of super strength/damage/etc. you could probably open it like a tin can opener. You could find a way to get up onto the deck, and enter in the conventional fashion, or you can get creative. This part of the thread is entirely up to you. I'll wait for at least one more post from you before I do anything.

Also, before we go much further, I was wondering if either of you wanted to see anything specific in this fight/fights? I haven't given much thought as to what we'll be fighting, so I'm totally open minded (I was probably just going to pick something out of instant super heroes).

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Well, Tank can definitely try to charge through the walls to check the lower part of the ship for the hostages. (please note: Tank can wait and think before he gets into action, but once he's in it, he won't change his mind about anything, so if Lukos has anything important to inform the Elderri, he better do it soon)

For battle, maybe there are environmental hazards that can be used to anyone's advantage? (specifically, I'd like to see a fire hazard somewhere along the way, it's considered very common on Tank's character sheet) As for who... I'm not really sure. (can we not let it be a villain with fire control? I have a fire archenemy in the works for Tank. the environmental hazards would be for the fire bit)

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Okay, so here's the deal. I'm going to make a general description of the bad guys showing up now. Then roll their initiative later, because I just realized the books are on another computer. Also, I don't want there to be a situation where there are no bad guys, and then suddenly they are on screen and killing you just because they beat your initiative. :)

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Okay, for the mooks in this thread, I'll be using some PL6 minions. I'm taking the Tracer from Instant super heroes, and I am retooling their equipment slightly to make them more setting appropriate. They don't need vehicles in a boat! To afford some of these changes, I'm dropping Quick Draw and going with another rank of Equipment increasing that to Equipment 6 (30 ep).

Changes to Equipment: Drop 4x4 truck (10 points). Drop Mini-Tracer (1 point). Adding the following:

Blast 4 (Grenades; Extras: Explosion) [16ep]


That's the defacto standard for all the mooks. All of the mooks below deck have this equipment. There are ten mooks below deck, and 20 above deck. Ten of the mooks above deck also have different equipment. The difference for these mooks is as follows:

-2 Attack [-4pp]

+4 Equipment [4pp] Total Equipment 10 (50ep)

With 20 more ep, I'll drop the Heavy Pistol [-8ep] and purchase P90 assault rifles with rapid fire and FMJ's. These guys don't @#$% around.

Blast 6 (Extras: Autofire 2; Penetrating 4) [28ep]

I'm not doing this without reason. Lukos has Impervious 6. In a regular battle versus most of the mooks in Instant Superheroes, he faces no threat because they can't damage him at all. With these rifles they can.

Without further ado, I shall roll their initiative.

Initiative for Regular Mooks; P90 Mooks. (1d20+2=7, 1d20+2=15)

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