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First Blood (OOC)

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Toughness save vs Bite DC 25 (1d20+15=22)

So Injured & Bruised

She'll squeeze in retaliation.Round 1: Grapple check, if succesful DC 28 toughness save (1d20+25=27) Okay, Rouge could actually match that. Screw it, I've got 4HP and I'm burning one now to reroll that; Rouge can't beat a minimum roll of 36 since she's Morphed and not using her Strength setting.

I'll also burn a HP to nix fatigue for a Surge: going back to her usual form and ramping up her Supernatural Attractiveness to full effect. I suppose I could say I use my move action force a charisma check too, just because it seems fitting. Round 1: Charisma Check, forcing open Rouge's drawback (1d20+6=13), I'll just claim the low roll is cause she can't see her properly, just the face and neck.

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