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Tempest's Undersea Adventure (OOC)


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Goon Initiative (1d20+1=20)

Tempest Initiative (1d20+0=16)

Tempest is unaware of the goons sneaking up behind him, they get a surprise round, and Tempest gets a HP for the set back (as I did not roll their Stealth vs his Notice).

For the stats of the goons I am using Devil Ray, pg 146 of the FC book. Why? Because he's pathetic.

For the first round, they line up their electrical blasters and let loose.

... and I just realized that Tempest has half immunity to electrical attacks :? Well this is going to be a short fight...

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Okay, the goons are going to be relatively smart here and change tactics a little. They're going to swim out to him, punch him in the face using Combined Attack, then use Move-by Action to run away, using their superior speed to their advantage.

Goon Melee Attacks vs DEF 18, DC 26 (1d20+9=10, 1d20+9=20, 1d20+9=13)

Apparently, these goons aren't the catch of the day.

Toughness save DC 26 (1d20+16=36) Yeah... definitely not.

And then the goons dash off about 3000 ft or so in opposite directions. Tempest can't even get within firing range of any of them.

Tempest is going to ready an action to use his Auto-fire Blast on the first one to come in range.

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