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Battle of the Century... bridge. (OOC)


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Toughness roll. On a a status of Disabled, a hole will form for Breakdown to get through: (1d20+14=18)

And since I can't allow things to be THAT easy so early on. Re-roll (Breakdown gets a hero point)

The Re-Roll (1d20+14=24)

So Doc Otaku is stunned. (The Tripod, not Him.)

Going on to the Bugbots, A few leaps onto he Tripod with Breakdown and are moving towards him. They'll reach him next turn.

The others are continuing their programming, whatever that is.

Be mindful of some of the desasters. Opportunities for Hero Points!. Razor, you're up!

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Okay standing on top of the tripod - walker - thingy...

Free Action: Dance Form

Full Round: Selective Area Burst DC 21/Ref, DC 26/Tou

I am including all the bots and the tripod, I am not including the bridge, cars, civilians, etc. I am including Doc Otaku (if he can be hurt since he's still inside his thingy) I am also including any school girls that happen to be in range (only the bad ones, though)

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For sanity of mind, I'm going to Assume that the Bugbots are nailed by the attack, turning into pieces of robot junk. (Ex3, keep your mouth shut).

As for the Tripod, no Reflex Save for it. It's just too big. Unfortunately, it also has a high Impervious rank, so the Attack is nullified.

Those Schoolgirl's you mentioned won't be out till AFTER your tun, sao no, your attack don't affect them.

On to Otaku's Turn.

First off, Otaku switches on one of his counter meeasures... His Electrified Hull. Aura Stun 11, so I need a Fortcheck from Breakdon DC 21.

Three Bugbots Pounce on yuki! Adding +3 to their attack!

TARANTULA SANDWHICH! (1d20+7=11). The miss. Pitiful.

Finally, Enter the New Challengers:

Aki (Red): Aki's Init roll (1d20+12=21)

Aya: (Blue): Aya's Init Roll (1d20+12=24)

Ako (Green): Ako's Init roll (1d20+12=15)

All the Other Bugbots do their thing.

New Init's After Razor is as follows:

Tarantula (31) Undamaged, 1 HP (used for Quick Change)

Breakdown (27) Undamaged, 4 HP

Aya (24)

Aki (21)

Doc Otaku (15) -1 Toughness for Tripod Walker

Ako (15)

Bugbots (14)

Razor (12)

Razor. GO!

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Move, flies towards Breakdown.

Standard: Aid. Aya is 'showing her assets' to Breakdown. Aid Roll must beat DC 10. If it does, then Aki will gain a +4 to her Attack Roll (All Three irl andoroids has Teamwork and Setup.) (1d20+10=13)

Aki: Flies In behind Aya and fires off a Laser Beam Towards Breakdown! Lasebeam cannon (Blast 12 autofire 2 (reduced interval), accurate. DC 27 Toughness) (1d20+14=34)

MAJOR EDIT: Miscalculation on my part. Aid is +2 with a +1 bonus for Teamwork. Setup doesn't apply to it. Thus, the roll is 19, NOT 20. No critical hit. However, 33 beats 21 by more then 5, thus the Toughness DC is 32 instead of 27.

Doc Otaku:

Notice check against RW's Stealth: Notice vs. DC 21 (1d20+7=26)

Razor is Spotted, and he sends orders to Ako to deal with him...

Bugbots gang on yuki again... Bugbots Gang up on on Poor Yuki... (1d20+9=22). Still missed.

Ako: Flies in to attack Razor Wing... Lasebeam cannon (Blast 12 autofire 2 (reduced interval), accurate. DC 27 Toughness) (1d20+10=25)

Razor, Go!

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Sense Motive Roll (1d20+9=29). Feint fails, thus the attack falls short.


Move: Moves to striking distance.

Standard: Another Aid (Her bonus is already +10, thus automatic.

Surge: Feint (Adds Attractive 2 to it): The DC of her Feint. Thanks to Setup, this will also affect the attack of the Other two angels... (1d20+10=23)

Clears Fatigue, Breakdown recieves HP.

Aki: Another Laser Beam blast... Lasebeam cannon (Blast 12 autofire 2 (reduced interval), accurate. DC 27 Toughness) (1d20+13=20). If Breakdow isn't feinted, that's a miss.

Doc Otaku is sitting this turn out and uses a VP to gain Seize Init. He's first next round. HP for Yuki, Razor and Breakdown.

Ayo attacks Yuki as she lands...

Lasebeam cannon (Blast 12 autofire 2 (reduced interval), accurate. DC 27 Toughness) (1d20+10=27) HIT!

Yuki's Toughness Roll... DC 27... (1d20+6=7)

...And let's hp that...

HP re-roll (1d20+6=14) Another sucky roll. +10 = 24. So Yuki has a bruise.

Bugbots begin to approach Yuki and Razor. Another Group is climbing after Breakdown again.

Razor... GO!

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