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Megan Howell attended a party at the Midnight Society along with her parents.  Among the many guests invited by members of the Society that night were the Emissary (whom Megan had worked with only a few weeks earlier as Velocity to deal with the robot menace on Halloween) and one of her father’s more important clients, Benjiro Fujisama, CEO of Ares Macrotechnology Inc., and the armored hero Shinken.


Megan soon found herself talking with Randy Collins, the son of a prominent doctor in Freedom City and a student at Freedom City University.  After spending a bit of time talking and dancing, Randy had to leave, but he and Megan exchanged numbers so that they could possibly meet again other time.


Just when Megan had started to think the rest of the party was going to be boring when she found herself in the company of the famous actor, Adam Kirk.  Megan had an enjoyable time dancing and talking with Adam before he also had to leave, but not before he gave her his business card in the hopes they could talk again sometime.

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  • 1 month later...

Reputation Block

Here is some reputation stuff for Velocity (and her alterego).

Learning about Velocity


Gather Information (+5 for those associated with the Freedom League)

DC 10: Velocity is a known member of the Freedom League, joining the team several years ago.
DC 15: She has mainly been a reservist while she attended college (somewhere in the New York City/New England area).
DC 20: Velocity is believed to be close to matching Johnny Rocket in terms of speed. She is able to deliver considerably powerful punches that break the sound barrier and has in the past been known created miniature sonic booms that can be quite destructive.
DC 25: Rumor is that Velocity once defeated Johnny Speed (Johnny Rocket’s Tyranny Syndicate double) in a one-on-one fight.  She was also one of the founding members of the Interceptors, but decided to leave the team not long after it formed to focus on college.



Knowledge (Popular Culture)

DC 10: Velocity is a known member of the Freedom League, joining the team several years ago.
DC 15: Velocity is rather popular among teens and young adults, with a number of fan websites in existence.
DC 20: In the past, Daily Herald publisher Lana Loeb generally views Velocity as a much more positive role model than Johnny Speed, but has also criticized the young speedster as being something of a publicity seeker and has also alluded to Velocity’s popularity as a factor during periods of increased Zoom use among teens and young adults.

Velocity is believed to be close to matching Johnny Rocket in terms of speed. She is able to deliver considerably powerful punches that break the sound barrier and has in the past been known created miniature sonic booms that can be quite destructive.



Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 20: Most of Velocity’s activity in her first year as a costumed hero was in Hanover, Kingston and North Bay.
DC 30: Rumor is that Velocity once defeated Johnny Speed (Johnny Rocket’s Tyranny Syndicate double) in a one-on-one fight. 

Learning about Megan Howell


Gather Information or Knowledge (Popular Culture)

DC 10: Megan is the youngest daughter of Donald Howell, a senior partner at Hartford, Grayson & Cole, and Erin Howell, a well known philanthropist.
DC 15: Over the years Megan has been a part of Freedom City’s social elite, accompanying her parents to numerous high society events. Megan has often been known to help her mother with charity work.  Over the years she has been romantically connected with young men from some of the most prominent families in Freedom City.
DC 20: Megan attended North Bay Academy prep school and is currently finishing her undergraduate degree at Yale University. Megan currently is interning at Summit Transnational as part of finishing her degree in economics.
DC 25:  A year ago, while studying at Cambridge for a year, Megan was romantically linked to Lord Robert Harrow, a young member of the British aristocracy.  The pair appeared together on the covers of several British tabloids during this time.


Knowledge (Business)

DC 10: Megan is currently an intern at Summit Transnational and was recently interviewed by an online magazine for a financial newsletter it distributes.

DC 20: Megan was recently moved to working directly for Anastasia Van Cleef at Summit, the first intern Ms. Van Cleef has ever specifically requested to have work for her.
DC 25: Megan, along with her parents and siblings, has partial ownership (though her trust funds) in several art galleries in Freedom City.

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Velocity's First Appearance (Origin Story)


Megan Howell was in her bedroom in her parent’s large home in North Bay, looking at the costume lying on her bed which she been working on the last week and a half.  About three weeks ago, she had been on a field trip to Astro Labs when a battle had broken out between a supervillain out to steal some invention and a superhero.  In the chaos of the fight, Megan had been knocked into some experiment and doused with chemicals.  Thankfully none had caused any physical damage, and not within the first week after the incident, she had discovered she could run far faster than normal, even faster than a car.  She was also able to do things much quicker, which certainly helped with her homework.


During one of her runs where she had been experimenting with her powers in a park between North Bay and Kingston, Megan had seen a man snatch a woman's purse.  Before she had even thought about it, Megan had chased after him, only using just enough of her speed to catch him and grab the purse back for him.  Out of pure luck, the purse snatcher had not been inclined to do more to get a purse, and had simply run away.  The incident got the fifteen year old thinking that maybe she could use her powers like the members of the Freedom League or the Atoms did.  But of course, if she was going to do that, she knew she needed a costume.


So Megan had hit some stores, looking at some Halloween costumes for ideas and had picked up some things there and at sporting good stores.  She had then spent the last week or so working on altering a pair of skin tight running pants and long sleeve top.  While Megan was not particularly good at sewing, thanks to her new found powers, an hour or so a day of taking time to work on things was more like ten hours at a time.


To the suit she had added a strips along the outside of the arm, legs and side of the torso, with a black and white checkered pattern.  She also had managed to put together a matching yellow mask that would cover the upper half of her face and her hair, though she had fixed the back of the mask to allow a ponytail to hang out, but, the blonde teenager had fixed it so a part of a brown wig extended out of the mask in the ponytail.  With the mask, she had an old pair of skiing goggles that would help with the wind from running fast.  She had not yet found any good boots, so had to go with yellow running shoes for the moment, and a pair of yellow gloves finished the outfit.


Tonight her parents were out at an event at the Midnight Society, so they would not be back until later.  While her older brother Jason was home, she rather doubted he would bother to ever check on her, so it was the perfect night to go out and try out her costume.  A small smile coming to her face, the teen suddenly became a blur of motion, and a second later was standing there dressed in her costume. 


Yeah, this should work nicely.  Megan though as she regarded herself in the full length mirror on the back of the door to her room.  Satisfied with the costume, the teenager was the off in a blur of movement and out of the house in moments, speeding off down the road to go test out her powers more.


The teenager felt exhilarated as she raced down the streets, easily outpacing the few cars that were out.  Now that she did not have to worry about holding back in case someone might see her, she was amazed at just how fast she was able to get and how quickly she was taking in things around her, which seemed to be moving so slow.  Before she knew it, Megan was out of North Bay and over into Kingston. 


The young teen briefly considered going to some of the western or southern sections of the city, but decided it was probably best to not go too far from home this first night.  Not to mention she was not at all certain how well she could handle some of the problems in those parts of town.  So for the moment she just satisfied herself with zipping around Kingston, reveling in the feeling of just being able to fully cut loose with her speed for once. 


A short while later, she was down near some of the warehouses along the Kingston waterfront when she heard a tremendous bang echo out of an alley she was passing.  Looping back around, the teenager skidded to a halt at the mouth of the alley.  Through the darkness, Megan saw a police officer pinned against a wall by a garbage dumpster with a man in jeans and a leather jacket standing a few feet away.


"Still think you're going to arrest me?"  The man in the leather jacket yelled out as he moved up to grab the side of the heavy dumpster before easily shoving it aside, causing it to crash against the wall of a building some twenty feet away.  The police officer crumpled to the ground, still alive but clearly very hurt.


Oh no!  Megan thought as she took in the scene, her heart began beating faster as her mind began to race.  She had wanted to go out and try at being a superhero and all, but she had been hoping on this first outing she might have something more run of the mill.  Not some guy attack a cop who had superstrength, or was at least on that MAX drug or whatever it was called.  She was uncertain just what she could do against this guy.  Superspeed or not, she was still just a fifteen year old girl.  Perhaps she could go try to get help of some kind.


The man walked over to the prone form of the cop, putting his foot on the officer's throat.  "That looked like it hurt.  But not as much as this will.."


At that moment Megan knew she could not go look for help, or just ignore this.  She had to do something, even if it was just distract the guy and get him to try to chase her away from the injured officer. 


With adrenaline rushing through her, the teenager streaked forward, a yellow blur as she came up to the guy, swinging her right fist at him as hard and as fast as she could, not really expecting the punch to do much more than get his attention.  *WHACK*  To Megan's surprise, the punch connected solidly with the side of the man's jaw, spinning him around twice before he fell to the ground a short distance from the injured officer.


Megan continued on past both of them, looping back around slightly to skid to a halt facing the grown man she had somehow just decked.  "Hey!  No picking on cops while I'm around!"  She called out, speeding up her words and tone more than normal.


The man pushed himself up on all fours as he looked around for who had hit him, his gaze falling on the yellow clad teenager.  "Hey sweet pants."  He says smiling as he climbs back to his feet.  "How about you come back over here and try that again."


Whatever slight confidence Megan had been feeling from knocking the guy down quickly faded as he did not seem particularly hurt from what she figured was likely her best shot.  But despite the growing terror she was feeling about her prospects in her first fight ever, the teenager kept a somewhat confident outward appearance.  "You think you can handle more?"  She quipped back at him as she began moving towards the side, waiting for him to rush her and move away from the injured police officer.


Her plan worked just as she hoped, as the man rushed towards her, a scowl on his face.  Oh no, oh no…  Megan thought as once again began doubting whether this had been a good idea, but as the man closed and his fist started forward, everything seemed to go in slow motion, and the agile teenager dodged aside, the man’s punch missing her, though she felt the air from it as she passes.  *WHAM*  The thug stumbled a few paces, before his fist slamming into the nearby wall, leaving a small hole in the building where he connected.


"That's funny speedie."  He said as he righted himself, but at that moment, Megan was back up next to him, swinging her fist at him once again as hard and fast as she could.  *WHACK*  Once again she managed to connect, this time with the back of his head, which caused her hand to sting slightly.  There was enough force to the blow to cause his head to jerk forward, slamming his forehead into the wall in front of him.


This time when he stood back upright and turned around, his face was twisted in anger.  But Megan was already back further down the alleyway, away from both the man and the downed police officer.  Growling with rage, the man moved over next to the dumpster he had pinned the police officer with and sent it rolling towards Megan with considerable force.


But as fast as the heavy dumpster was actually rolling, it was lumbering along in the teenager's eyes, and she easily moved out of its path as it crashed into the wall she had been standing near with a loud *CRASH*


"You're going to have to do better than that!"  She managed to call out to the man, despite the frantic rate at which her heart was beating, and she came to a halt a short distance away.  Just at that point, the sound of police sirens began to draw closer, causing the man to look towards the mouth of the alleyway a moment before focusing back on Megan.


"It's been fun, but I gotta go."  He stated as he squatted down and then leapt up onto the roof of one of the buildings along the alleyway and then disappeared from view.


"Another time then!"  Megan called out after him, though her heart was beating furiously and she was really glad that the fight was over.


In a flash she was over next to injured officer, kneeling down to check on him.


"Thank you."  The officer said, his voice strained as he spoke.  "You probably saved my life.  Who are you?"


Megan gave the officer a small smile that hide the various doubts she was having at the moment about her  oh so brilliant plan of trying to be a superhero.  "You're welcome."  She replied.  "And I'm….Velocity."

Looking up, she saw a patrol car pull to a stop at the mouth of the alleyway.  "Your backup's here, so they should be able to take care of you.  Be safe officer."  She said before she was off down the other end of the alleyway at full speed, gone from the scene before the other officers had even stepped out of their vehicle. 


As she ran down the streets of Kingston, the teenager was wracked with self doubt.  She was not sure she had ever been as terrified as she had been while fighting that guy in the alleyway.  Megan did not even want to think about what might have happened if he had managed to get a hold of her during the fight.  Right now, she was not enjoying the chance to cut loose with her powers anymore, she just wanted to get home and get out of her costume.



Back in the safety and comfort of her parents’ home, Megan made her way back into her room wearing a red bathroom, using a towel to dry her long blonde hair after a nice, relaxing hot shower.  The fifteen year old was feeling a bit more relaxed now, the feelings associated with that fight in the alleyway a bit more distant.  But she was still thinking that maybe she should get rid of that costume she had made and just give up on this idea of being a superhero.


The young blonde had just gotten into her room when the TV she had left on when she had gone to take her shower had a news report about her and her encounter with that thug in the alley.  A news crew was at the hospital, interviewing a woman who was crying.



"If she hadn't been there, my husband wouldn't be alive."  The woman said as she looked into the camera.  "Thank you Velocity."

The reporter went on to say that there was little information about the new superheroine, other than that she appeared to be a young teenager.  Then the news cast moved on to the weather.


Sitting down on the edge of her bed, Megan could not help but feel a certain sense of pride knowing that not only had she likely saved that officer's life, she had ensured that his wife wasn’t just another widow of an officer killed in the line of duty.  Maybe that superstrong thug had gotten away, but if she had not shown up, the news story she had just seen would have been very different.  And if he had just been a normal criminal, like that purse snatcher from the other day, Megan felt rather confident that those punches she had been able to somehow deliver tonight would likely have knocked him cold. 


Crouching down beside her bed, she reached underneath and pulled her handmade costume out and stood up, holding it out in front of her.  Maybe I can do this.

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Megan finished her first date with Randy by making out with him in his dorm room at Freedom City University.  When it was time for her to head home, she was waiting for a taxi outside his dorm building when she encountered the armored heroine Valkyrie and then saw a car crash through the front door of the Hunter Museum of Natural History. 

Quickly changing into her costume as Velocity, the speedster joined Valkyrie in trying to stop two supervillains, Heavy and Nanowire, from stealing an artifact from the museum.  Despite their best efforts, the two heroines were unable to stop the villains from getting what they were after and escaping. 

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Megan Howell was out enjoying the annual Freedom City Halloween Block Party in the Theater District with her current boyfriend, Corey Wells, when a giant mummy showed up and began creating havoc.  In the confusion that followed, Megan slipped away from Corey and changed into her costume as Velocity to go and help deal with the giant mummy.  Four other heroes turned out to be in the area, Emissary, Hybrid, Raindance and Freedom Eagle, and together, the five managed to defeat the giant mummy, which turned out to be a robot.


The group then took what they had found over to Freedom Hall to turnover what they had uncovered to Daedalus, who informed them that other robotic Halloween monsters were popping up around the town.  While Daedalus examined the remains of the giant mummy robot, Velocity had the chance to head back up to North Bay, where, as Megan, she was able to meet back up with Corey for a little bit to enjoy a Halloween party being hosted by one of their classmates. 

But eventually, the speedster had to duck out of the party early, as Daedalus had called with news that he had located a signal coming from Astro Labs that was linked with the mysterious Halloween monster robots.  Once again working with Emissary, Hybrid, Raindance and Freedom Eagle, Velocity led the group over to Astro Labs, just in time for the group to fight some giant bat robots that appeared.


Velocity was able to locate the transmitter that had been teleporting the robot creatures into Freedom City, and Hybrid was able to disable it.  The group had then taken the device back to Daedalus to be studied in a hope that he might eventually be able to track the robots back to their source.

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While running around parts of North Freedom performing various good deeds, Velocity encountered a young boy that also had superspeed powers.  The boy was terrified of his new powers, seeming to think they made him some sort of a freak.  Velocity spent a bit of time trying to convince him that was not the case (as she certainly did not consider herself a freak), but just as she seemed to be making headway, he ran off saying he had to get to gymnastics class or his mom would be mad. 


A few days later, Velocity had just finished running down a group of gang members using Zoom in Riverside Park when the young boy showed up again, having seen her on the news.  He seemed a bit less afraid of his powers this time, having made himself a costume, and asked the teenage speedster to help teach him to use his powers to fight crime.  Though she was a bit hesitant to put the kid in a position where he could possibly be hurt, Velocity agreed to help teach him some things and the two set off to patrol the city, eventually coming across a bank robbery which they were able to quickly deal with.


When the holidays arrived, Velocity attended the Freedom League's Annual Christmas Party at Freedom Hall.  There she spent the evening reuniting with many of the heroes she had worked with on the Halloween and robot cases, as well as meeting some of Freedom City’s other heroes.


On New Year's Eve, Megan attended the Midnight Society's New Year's Party with her parents.  The teenager spent a lot of her time during the party with Randy Collins, the FCU freshman she had recently started dating.

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  • 2 months later...

Following the new year, Megan attended a fundraising dinner for prostate cancer research that was hosted by Jonathan Grant of Grant Conglomerates.  During the dinner, Megan had a chance to catch up some with Grant's oldest daughter, Sarah, who had been in the same year at North Bay Academy as Megan's older brother Jason.  Also among those present was the Emissary, whom Megan had worked with a couple of times as Velocity.


Wanting a little break from heroing, and tired of always going to the underage Midnight Hour, Megan decided to use her money (and looks) to take a little trip to the Millennium for a night of dancing.  It was after all one of the poshest dance clubs in the city.  While there, the teenager ran into Duncan Maguire, the famous NASCAR driver, who had spotted her out on the dance floor.  Though Duncan was a bit worried when Megan admitted her actual age, the pair spent the evening talking and dancing together.

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Seemingly out of the blue, Daedalus contacted Velocity, Emissary and Raindance regarding the dangerous, teleporting robots they had fought on Halloween.  After the three heroes arrived at Freedom Hall, Daedalus informed them that he had managed to track down two possible sources for the robots and needed them to go investigate both locations.


The trio was joined by Valkyrie, the heroine Velocity had worked with a couple of times in the past.  Emissary flew one of the Freedom League's Pegasus jets out to Arizona to drop off Raindance and Velocity so they could investigate an abandoned military airfield, while he and Valkyrie headed into space to investigate a space station that was the second possible source for the teleportation signal of the robots.


While looking through the hangers on the base, Velocity and Raindance encountered a pair of killer jack-in-the-boxes.  When one of the toys managed to stun Velocity for a moment, Raindance interceded and managed to keep the two busy while she recovered.  Once back in the fight, she speedster helped finish off the pair of killer toys with a well timed sonic boom.


Meanwhile, in space, Emissary and Valkyrie were attacked by what appeared to be wind-up robots defending the space station.  While the robots initially had the upper hand, the two heroes eventually managed to turn the tide and cleared a path to the space station.


Back in Arizona, Velocity and Raindance found a automated factory producing all manner of dangerous robotic toys, that were being teleported off to an unknown location (or locations) once they were completed.  The two heroes quickly destroyed the factory and then finished their search of the abandoned base to ensure there were no more facilities there. 


After managing to breach the space station, Emissary and Valkyrie were able to capture the individual behind the deadly robot toys, ToyBoy.


While waiting to be picked back up in Arizona, Raindance asked Velocity out to coffee (the pair had been flirting a fair bit during the mission) and the speedster had agreed, the two swapping phone numbers so they could arrange the date later.


A few days after returning from the mission in Arizona, Raindance and Velocity arranged to meet up for coffee in Riverplace in civilian clothes instead of costumes.  The two spent some time talking and getting to know one another.

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When Emissary had gotten permission to use the Wreck Room at Freedom Hall, he invited Velocity along for some training and networking with a few other superheroes the metallic hero had recently encountered.  Arriving at Freedom Hall for the event, Velocity met Captain Wonder, the legendary hero from several decades earlier; Dr. Archerville, a brilliant German Scientist and inventor; Legionnaire, a time displaced Roman solider; and Mongrel Angel, a winged, fire wielding angel!

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Megan's science class at North Bay Academy took a field trip to the Hanover Institute of Technology in the early Spring for HIT's annual science fair.  While trying to fight off boredom and a trio of lame geeks that tried to hit on her, Megan ran into the handsome (and smart!) Will Maddox, a student at HIT and a member of the school’s football team.  At Will's invitation, Megan accompanied him to observe a demonstration for a combat simulator by Professor Myrtleton. 


But Megan's time trying to get to know Will better was cut rather short when a trio of armor wearing villains (well, they called themselves villains anyway), showed up to try and rob everyone at the demonstration.  Ducking away in the confusion, Megan changed into her Velocity costume and returned to confront the villains of Tricorder (they even had a lame name!).  It turned out she was not the only hero present that day, as the costumed vigilante known as Nightrival was present in the crowd as well, appearing about the same time Velocity did.


Though the pair of heroes quickly seemed to be getting the upper hand against Tricorder, the tech-oriented villains activated the highly advanced adaptive robots that had been part of the demonstration and turn them against the heroes.  Velocity turned her focus on the robots, while Nightrival continued to work on finishing off the members of Tricorder.  Although the robots began copying Velocity's powers, the speedster was able to finish them off with a well timed sonic boom, which also served to put an end to what little resistance was left in the members of Tricorder.


With the threat dealt with and the police soon arrived.  Nightrival and Velocity had time to chat briefly, during which Nightrival mentioned to the speedster that he was thinking of putting together a loose group of superpowered individuals to work together in fighting crime.  Velocity gave Nightrival a means of contacting her, and then they both headed off to change back into their secret identities.


After changing Megan made her way back into the exhibit hall and managed to find Will once more.  But she was not able to talk with him long before she had to get back to her class before she got in trouble with her teacher.  She and will exchanged numbers so they could arrange a time to meet again in the near future.

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What had been a normal day at North Bay Academy quickly changed when a couple of boys began causing problems during Megan's PE class, moving far faster than a normal person could, speeds that Megan recognized from experience as what someone using Zoom could achieve.  After one of the boys collapsed in the class, the PE teacher, with Megan's help, managed to stop the teen from having a heart attack.


Knowing the other boys could be in similar danger as well from the drug, Megan made an excuse to slip out of class and changed into her costume and headed off as Velocity to check their houses to be sure they were not having similar problems.  Instead of finding teenage boys suffering cardiac arrest caused by Zoom leaving their system, the speedster found some men-in-black types trying to kidnap one of the teens.


While trying to follow them, Velocity was spotted, which led to a high speed chase across town, in which she managed to force them to crash the van, allowing her to rescue the teen.  Worried that the others might be being kidnapped as well, Velocity headed back to North Bay and found another group of MIBs at another boy's house.


While Velocity was able to deal with most of the MIBs, the leader managed to get away, moving as he was using Zoom as well.  But the young speedster was far faster, and was able to catch up with him and trail him all the way to a warehouse in Southside.


Before Velocity could follow him into the warehouse, Raven showed up, indicating she had been investing the group for some time as well.  The pair then stormed the warehouse, quickly dealing with a number of MIBs, though the leader again slipped away into some sort of basement area.  While Raven remained behind to deal with some reinforcements that had arrived, Velocity followed the leader.


Down in the basement area, Velocity found also sorts of high-tech equipment, before she was ambushed by the MIB leader, who hit her with a fire extinguisher, but the speedster shook off the attack and easily dealt with the man.  As she continued exploring the area, Velocity found rooms filled with hundreds of suspension chambers filled with people in suspended animation.  She also found one of the teenagers from school she had not yet checked on, Robert Luciano, but soon learned that he was not the Robert Luciano she knew, but was there to replace the boy.

It was then that Johnny Speed, the evil version of Johnny Rocket from Anit-Earth appeared.  The battle between the two speedsters ranged throughout the underground complex, but in the end, Velocity had managed to knock out the supervillain.


Raven caught back up with Velocity, and the two learned that the Tyranny Syndicate had been engaged in a plan of kidnapping and replacing various important individuals, or those close to them.  As other members of the League arrived to help with the clean up and figuring out how to go about releasing and restoring the kidnapped individuals to their lives, Raven extended Velocity an invitation to join the Freedom League, and then sent her to help get the duplicate Robert Luciano set up with the new identity the League had established for him. 

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Not long after receiving the invitation to join the Freedom League, Megan graduated from North Bay Academy.  It was about that time that Nightrival contacted Velocity about the team he was putting together.  Though Velocity knew she likely would not be able to commit to the team between her responsibilities with the Freedom League and starting at Yale in the fall, she attended the first meeting for the group.


Also present were a number of other heroes that Nightrival had worked with, Hub, Sen and Gimalkin.  Grim initially took a disliking to Velocity, including an angry rant after the speedster explained to Nightrival why she was not going to be able to be a regular part of the team.  But the two were able to smooth things over some, and exchanging numbers so they could try to keep in touch.

As a new member of the Freedom League along with Emissary, Velocity soon was busy with the duties of being on the team.  She and Emissary found themselves in a battle with Doc Otaku and his Angel bots.  She helped Emissary organize another training/networking event at Freedom Hall, playing host to Arrowhawk, Archangel and a number of other heroes.


Velocity also took some time to help Emissary with a charity event he had helped arrange for a children’s hospital (which Velocity's mother also helped in planning as well).  Among the other heroes Emissary had recruited to help with the event were Doktor Archeville, Captain Wonder, Gossamer and Rusty.


One afternoon while out on patrol near Liberty Park, Velocity ran into Grim (in her civilian identity) and a young teenage heroine named Kizzy.  The two older teens spent a bit of time getting to know Kizzy and offered to help her with getting to know her way around Freedom City and the hang of heroing.

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  • 5 years later...

For part of the summer, Megan headed off to Europe with her two best friends, Lisa and Janet (who had both been on the cheerleading team with her at North Bay Academy).  The three teenage girls first went to England, spending a few days exploring some of the English countryside (with Megan doing even more exploring at night as Velocity) before they headed into London for a few days.


While the three girls were sightseeing near Trafalgar Square, a group of OVERTHROW agents began an attack on a member of the British government.  Slipping away from her friends, Megan changed into her Velocity costume to go and try to stop the terrorists, arriving just as her fellow Freedom League member Emissary (who also happened to be in the city) appeared.  Together the two quickly made work of the terrorists.


Megan and her friends spent a couple more days in London before moving on to Paris and other parts of France.  As part of their trip, the spent a few days on Ibiza, where Megan celebrated her eighteenth birthday.  When the three went out to one of the many nightclubs on the island that night, Megan met Robert Harrow, a British aristocrat a couple of years older than her.  The two eventually ended up going back to Megan’s hotel room and spending the night together. 

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Even as Megan began at Yale, she continued joining Freedom League missions as she could.  While back in Freedom City one weekend to help choreograph some dance routines for the North Bay Academy cheerleading squad, Megan and a couple of the girls on the squad when out to a carnival being held in Liberty Park.  A number of other super powered individuals were also present at the carnival, including a number of heroes would soon were to become Megan's teammates: Grimalkin, Colt, Jack of all Blades, Razorwing and All-Star.


Following a Freedom League mission in Kenya alongside Captain Thunder, Daedalus, Star Knight and Pseudo, Velocity received an invitation from Doktor Archeville to join a new team of young adult heroes he was sponsoring, the Interceptors.  After briefly considering the offer, Velocity put herself on reserve status with the Freedom League and joined the new team, alongside Grimalkin, Colt, Jack of all Blades, All-Star, Razorwing and Blink. 


However, Velocity did not remain an Interceptor for long, as she soon left the team when she decided to focus on college, staying on reserve status with the League as well.

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Megan continued at Yale, while joining the League for occasional missions.  For her Junior year, she was able to spend the year studying at Cambridge in England.  While at Cambridge, Megan ran into Robert Harrow once more, who was in his graduate work there.  The two began dating, their relationship lasting close to eight months.


Toward the end of her time at Cambridge, Captain Thunder requested Velocity assist a team of UNISON superagents that were attempting to secure some weapons grade plutonium that was being smuggled through Varna, Bulgaria by members of a Georgian based Organizatsiya.  Traveling to Varna, Velocity met up with the members of the UNISON team: Spartan; Powerplay; Flechette and Clansman, as well as a UNISON non-powered operative, Agent Salazar.


The group staked out a section of the docks in Varna, observing as members of the Goregian Organizatsiya met with a group of superpowered mercenaries from a group called the Arsenal, who were representing some buyer for the plutonium. 


Once Agent Salazar confirmed that the plutonium was present, Velocity and the UNISON superagents leapt into action.  Velocity found herself fighting another speedster named Blur, while the UNISON agents engaged four other Arsenal members: Bola, Widowmaker, Barrage and Kilowatt, as well as many of the Organizatsiya members. 


But even as they seemed to be winning, Velocity and Agent Salazar were betrayed by the UNISON superagents.  Powerplay suppressed Velocity’s powers and Spartan knocked her unconscious with an energy pistol.  When Velocity woke up a short while later, her powers were still gone, but Agent Salazar helped her escape from arriving Organizatsiya reinforcements. 


The two went into hiding in nearby Turkey, Agent Salazar indicating that by staying hidden, the rogue UNISON superagents, who had stolen the plutonium, would believe they were dead.  Velocity (whose powers had returned) and Agent Salazar spent the next couple of days tracking down the rouge UNISON superagents, trying to find where they might try to sell the plutonium in order to try to stop them.


The pair ended up in Marmaris, Turkey, a city located along the "Turkish Rivera" and well known for its nightlife.  Making their way into one of the city’s many nightclubs in disguise, Velocity and Agent Salazar (with the assistance of some MOSAD agents and an Israeli superhero) managed to stop the sale and secure the plutonium.  However, the rogue UNISON superagents all managed to escape.


When Megan finally made it back to England, Robert was furious that she had just disappeared without a word or any contact for three days.  When Megan was unable to explain her absence, Robert ended their relationship.  After finishing her time in Cambridge, Megan returned back to the United States to prepare her final year at Yale.

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As the Christmas holiday arrived for Megan's Senior year at Yale, she returned to Freedom City having been able to arrange an internship at Summit Transnational for her last semester.  While she had a couple of classes she was going to be taking via teleconference (with occasional trips to New Haven as well), the majority of her credits for her last semester were to come from her internship.


After getting settled back in at her parents, Megan headed off to her favorite coffee shop in Kingston to finish up a take home final for the Fall semester.  Just as she had finished the final, another patron accidently spilled coffee all over her laptop, causing it to short out.  Luckily, Thomas Morgan, who worked in a nearby computer repair shop owned by his father, saw the incident and offered to try to fix the laptop, or at least help Megan recover the data off its hard drive.


Making their way over to the shop, Thomas set quickly to work recovering the data from the laptop.  Meanwhile, a pair supervillains, Mindfire and Bonebreaker, began causing mayhem nearby, apparently on the order of some employer.


After seeing Megan off to the shop's backroom to hide, Thomas made his way out the front, changing into his Voltage costume to see what was going out outside.  In the backroom, Megan took the opportunity to change into her Velocity costume and take the back way out into an alley so she could loop back around to investigate.


Engaging the two supervillains, Voltage managed to daze Mindfire, only to take a solid hit from Bonebreaker.  Velocity then arrived, attacking Bonebreaker and drawing his attention away from Voltage.  While Voltage and Mindfire continued to trade blows, Bonebreaker was unable to land a hit on the agile Velocity.


After trading a few blows with the supervillains, Velocity and Voltage managed to knock the two unconscious, Velocity decking Bonebreaker and Voltage blasting Mindfire.


When the police arrived to take the villains into custody and take over the scene, the two heroes traded information so they could contact each other if needed.  They both then left to change back into their civilian identities and met up again back in the repair shop.  Megan then made her way back to her car to head home and send off her completed take home exam to her professor.


As the Freedom City police transported the unconscious Mindfire and Bonebreaker across the Centery Bridge, the convoy was attacked by other supervillains, who freed the two unconscious villains and departed.

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