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Juke Box Hero (OOC)


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Can you guys just give me a short post here so that I know you're all paying attention? ;)

"present and accounted for" or something like that. This way I know when I should do reactions or introductions to other's posts, etc.

Kavos: did you flag down Eddie once he was back on campus, or still wandering around the city?

Note: All posts by me in this thread WILL have something from Eddie in them. I am also running Chicken Sticks, my NPC, but I won't have any posts entirely devoted to him. This is to make post counting easier for our friendly neighborhood refs :)

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It seems that Cyroa and StB have expressed interest in joining the band at a later point in time. (or at least having to be convinced to do so). I say we wrap up the current thread with some stuff about your keyboard, then make another one where we try to convince James (Cyroa's character) to play lead guitar. That should patch us through to when StB is ready to unleash Zoe on us full steam.

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