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Cold. Darkness. Pain. These are the things that Victor awoke to find in his company. His broken body lay in the fetal position at the steps of a large wooden door. He was being racked back and forth by shivers from the cold rain falling on his skin and his battered armor. He tried to remember what had transpired that saw him transported to this place.

"Grow strong, youngling, and return to wreak destruction on those who have wronged you."

It came to him in a flash, the words of the filthy wizard that brought him to this place. Why the wizard did not simply end Victor's life was a mystery to the boy, but he smiled to himself bitteryly, it was a choice the disgusting fool will learn to regret. Just then the large door opened, and a woman's face greeted Victor's eyes. At once Victor could sense the Taint on her. The boy heaved in a breath, "I can smell what you are, witch, begone while you have a chance to flee me, for when I regain my strength I will hunt your kind to extinction for the harm you have done to me and my order. The old man was a fool to bring me here, I will be your ruin!" Victor spat at her feet and attempted to rise, his limbs shaking with the effort before finally collapsing again.

"My aren't we the zealot," The Headmistress mused at the broken boy. "Bring him inside, we have much to teach this one."

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