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WCZA Channel 7: Albright Institue Begins Testing


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"...And that brings us to tonight's main focus. With me, today is Shawn Reed, chairman of operations at The Albright Institue. Mr. Reed, would you be so kind as explaining the recent program begun at the Institute."

"Yes, of course. Mr. Albright has always believed that Freedom City's large number of empowered beings could be a danger to the normal citizens of the city if left unchecked. To help the Freedom League, he has decided to open the doors of the Institue as a place where new empowered beings can have their abilities tested in a safe environment. The tests are confidential and the results will be held in the highest confidences."

"I see. It seems that the program will have many people opposing it. Some will think that the Albright Insitute will use the information gained to keep track of the people of the city. Won't the practice be considered an invasion of privacy?"

"This is true that some will be against the program, afraid that we are trying to take on a Big Brother aspect but I asure you that is not the case. The information gained will be avaiable to either the Freedom League or authorized government agencies. This is of course in agreement with the Privacy Act. We are confident that there are many empowered beings that wish to have their limits safely guaged and simply offer them the opportunity to do so."

"Well, thank you for clarifying this. Anyone wishing to partake in the testing should go to the Albright Insitute located in Hanover. Thank you again for coming on our show, Mr. Reed. This is Shannon Williams for News in Perspective."

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