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Kerrik Reyson


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[january 16 2045 hours]


woooosh THUMP

*pant pant pant*

Greetings Freedom City! Just picked up my new recorder this afternoon, charged it up and i am giving it a whirl.

Woooosh THUMP

Just out about town for a stroll, if you could call it that...Wooosh Its more of an extended series of jumpsTHUMP

Oh and thank god for this tail, otherwise i would not be able to climb as well as i should if i wasn't able to hold the recorder there...Wait hold on

*clack clack clack clack clack*

I think i see someone down there getting mugged! Duty calls!


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Aww, man, they are really mad at me this time...

A muffled shout in the distance: "Kerrik! You get down here this instant young man!"

See what i mean? I mean come on all i did was knock down a few walls in a bank.


I mean they were making such a fuss about the guys stealing loads of money from the vault...

"Are you even listening to me, Young Man?!"

And its not like they said, "Oh Kerrik, please save our money! but if it's not too much trouble can you try and avoid doing any damage to the bank while you fight them?" I mean its not like that one guy had a grenade launcher or anything!

"Don't make me come up there, young man!"

Ugh... i had better get going. I will probably just stay away from home for a few days... Man i don't see why that cop had to come by and tell them all about it... I mean its not like i stopped the bank robbers without anyone getting hurt or anything...

"Kerrik?! KERRIK!!!"

I HATE Pigs... Kerrik grumbled as he climbed out the window of his room at home.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Ugh! Kerrik slammed his fists into the wall of the alley sending cracks up the side of the wall.

Those pigs are still afta me! Kerrik sighed as a feeling of helplessness came over him.

They think tha jus cuz i don't want ta talk ta them, I musta done sumthin wrong! Kerrik rumbled

Forget this city! I am outa here. Maybe i'll come back when things calm down a little more.

After vaulting back up to the top of the sky scrapers, kerrik went bounding off through the city. Once he reached the edge of the city, he hitched a ride with a random car and was gone. The whole time Kerrik grumbled to himself about various pork products.

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