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Questions about Communication


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I have two questions about communication.

The idea I have right now is a gestalt character who's 5 components have Communication.

First question has to do with the limited flaw:

Limited: Communication may be limited to only members of a particular group, such as a species, family, members of an organization, and so forth. This is in addition to limita-

tions imposed by medium (that is, requiring subjects to have

a means of picking up on the Communication). Particularly limited groups may qualify for a greater flaw (–2 or more) as the GM sees fit.

I'm thinking the -2 flaw, limited to the 5 getalt components, seems ok but want to make sure it is with the ref's.

Second, I'm imagining that this takes some effort to use. I'm torn between Action (-1) from to a move action or Distracting as making more sense. I'm leaning towards Distracting but would like your input on this.

Thanks again.


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I would suggest building that power differently. Rather than use the Communication power, you'd be better off with a Communication Link from Super-Senses. Communication Link works between two individuals and costs 1 pp. For a group of five, each of the gestalt components would need four such links. The important thing for you is that it ignores distance. It also gets around the question of how much the flaw would be worth.

I would lean towards the Distracting flaw over than the Action flaw. I think it better represents the concentration that you'd need to have in order to communicate across the link.

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