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Help on a tie-in


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This christmas I get to go back to chicago and play with my old gaming buddies. I plan on running them through a game set in the "near" future. In this world huge conglomerates run the world and every one is connected to eachother through the "ethernet" a literal digital world whose User Interface is simular to a completely imersive Second Life-ish system. (Not Shadow Run, though I have always wanted to play.) For the parts that take place in the real world I'm using D20 Modern, a system I am very cofortable with, but for the digital I was thinking of using MnM, because of it's flexability and it's relation to D20 Modern. So what I need are "Packages." Powers that would get added in a digital world; in cluding Packages for a Hacker, Admin, and normal users.

I was thinking a limited flight ability, limited teleport, and a minor datalink power for starters.

The Hacker would be able to change the world around him is some way and of course the Admin could acess peoples acount info and simply boot people out. (BAN) I'm still looking for Ideas and If you have some I'd be interested to here them.

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