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By the Great Dark Gods, it is everywhere!

Sanctis stood on a street corner somewhere in Freedom, leting his sense reach out and feel for his bane, the technology that these humans had started to use, started to rely on, to the detriment of Sanctis' masters, waiting in their darkness for the humans to return to them.

Sanctis muttered, "Machines to cook their food, talk to their neighbors, entertain themselves, dry their hair, clean their clothes, travel, even to wake themselves up in he morning. Just unbelievable. Unbelievable. They were so dependent on these machines, many could probably do nothing without them, nothing at all.

"But there are so many, so many machines. Destroying will be a challenge, but there must be a weakness. Somewhere where they can be crippled, somewhere where ....

But maybe a test run would be better, a test of his powers and abilities somewhere a bit smaller. He knows what he should be able to do, what he was created to do, but .... let's see.

And Sanctis moved off towards a shopping center on the south side of Freedom City, heading for a center of technology, an electronics superstore. Humans and electronics together, a great place for a spirit to get started.

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Sanctis got away clean.

And inteh paper the next day were some reports of the chaos and mayhem at a local electronics store

Shoppers Gone Wild

Yesterday, at about 3:00 in the afternoon, shoppers at the Gadgets 'R Us destroyed over 125,000 dollars of electronics in just a few minutes. They were joined in their destruction by Druid and Gravity Master., two of Freedom City's younger heroes. Druid especially did a large amount of damage, leaving several shelves virtually destroyed by his lightning blasts.

Oddly, none of the perpetuators remembered anything about why they destroyed the electronics, though a few remember a voice commanding them to do so, but none of the witnesses were sure where the voice came from. Most of those who did not take part remember an almost irresistable compulsion to obey that voice, but were able to not do so. Gravity Master mentioned something about mind control while he hurried off with Druid to an unknown destination.

What was the purpose of this event? And will it be repeated?

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It has been a few days since the Toystore, and Sanctis has not noticed a lot of fear form it in the populace. He has walked the streets and listened to the people as they talk and interact, and he has been a bit disappointed.

And he has also learned how immeasurably huge this city is. His creators had given him a sense of modern society. But he is realizing that their thoughts and understandings are all very old, when people lived in tribes and small cities of perhaps a few tens of thousands. But this city has single buildings that have thousands of people in them. Single buildings.

Of course, he could possibly destroy entire buildings, and he thinks the power is within him to do so, but that just seems ... wrong to him. He is not here to kill people, but to destroy technology.

He starts to take to walking the streets at night, with his super-senses spread wide, looking for anyone else who might be on his side in this fight, someone else who destroys technology or lives with out it, So he walks, looking for any oasis of calm in this sea of Technology.

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After the washout in Lantern Hill, Sanctis decided to keep on his patrols for now, spending time looking at he water and power systems, trying to find nodes and places where a little destruction would have a strong effect on the city. He then hears a couple of people discussing the power blackout in New York a few years ago, and Sanctis realized that electricity was the way to go. Everything worked off electricity, or almost everything. If Freedom City blacked out, it would be a good example for others.

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