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Placement Tests -- Echi Haimura (OOC)


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Echi is her Surname. Like Smith. Haimura is her given name like Jane.

Smith Jane, xD

Just making sure there was no confusion. ^_^

Thanks. I actually needed that. I've become so use to most Japanese having "-mura" on their family names. "Echi" is one family name that I've never heard of so that also threw me off. :)

I'll be careful about it in the future.

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Okay, we're pretty much ready to start the actual testing for Mura.

I'm still trying to figure out the five stages and what they will test, but I have the first one set up already. Go ahead and give one last post showing Mura's reaction to being left in the room, and I'll put the information fo rthe first stage here. I'll put an introduction post in the main thread as well and then you get to write up the results of the test.

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This stage is to check Mura's strength limits. The machine is a press. She stands inside and pressure is used from the machine to take her down to her knees. She has three attmepts to over come each part of the test. Each test represents increasing difficulty. So, against the DCs listed, Mura uses her Str bonus plus her super strength bonus (total +11) to overcome the DCs. She may use extra effort at anytime, but the effects of the extra effort will remain until the next Stage. She may spend an HP at anytime, but once used, she will not have it for the rest of the tests. If she beats the opposed roll DCs, she can advance to the next part.

Part 1 -- Gifted strength attempt 1, 2, and 3 (1d20+3=16, 1d20+3=14, 1d20+3=12)

Part 2 -- Best in World attempt 1,2, and 3 (1d20+6=26, 1d20+6=9, 1d20+6=23)

Part 3 -- Mod. Superhuman attempt 1,2, and 3 (1d20+9=26, 1d20+9=19, 1d20+9=16)

Part 4 -- Very High superhuman attempt 1,2, and 3 (1d20+15=22, 1d20+15=20, 1d20+15=25)

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This test is to test the limits of her Blindsense. Within the room, devices are placed to set off a variety of tones. All Mura has to do is to point out their location once she hears them. The stage has four different parts. Each part has four ranges that she must succeed on by rolling her notice skill (d20+13). He has three chances per range to correctly locate the source of the sounds. Again, Extra effort can be used at any time. She can use her hero point at any time as well, but it will no longer be available for the remaining stages. Any conditions due to Extra Effort will reset between the stages.

Part 1 -- DC 10 Close range (within 10ft) [no change], Medium range (50ft)[-5 on roll], Long range (100ft) [-10 on roll], Extreme range (150ft) [-15 on roll]

Part 2 -- DC 15 Close range (within 10ft) [no change], Medium range (50ft)[-5 on roll], Long range (100ft) [-10 on roll], Extreme range (150ft) [-15 on roll]

Part 3 -- DC 20 Close range (within 10ft) [no change], Medium range (50ft)[-5 on roll], Long range (100ft) [-10 on roll], Extreme range (150ft) [-15 on roll]

Part 4 -- DC 25 Close range (within 10ft) [no change], Medium range (50ft)[-5 on roll], Long range (100ft) [-10 on roll], Extreme range (150ft) [-15 on roll]

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This stage will be a test of her ability to remain undetected. She must cross the room while different sensors are in place. She must make roll her stealth score vs the set DCs. She gets three chances per section. Extra effort can be used at any time. she may use her powers at anytime to make it across the room. Again, spending a hero point is acceptable.

Part 1 -- Average difficulty DC 10 (Visiual sensors)

Part 2 -- Tough difficulty DC 15 (Auditory sensors)

Part 3 -- Challenging difficulty DC 20 (Radio sensors)

Part 4 -- Formidable difficulty Dc 25 (Tactile sensors)

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This stage will test her skills. Like the other stages, there are four parts. She must use one of her skill sets to beat the DCs listed. She can use the sets in any order that she wishes but once used, she can no longer use that set. Again, she gets three attempts per part to succeed.

The skill sets are as follows: [bluff or Diplomacy] [Acrobatics] [Gather Information] [Knowledge Business]

Part 1 -- Tough difficulty DC 15

Part 2 -- Challenging difficulty DC 20

Part 3 -- Formidable difficulty DC 25

Part 4 -- Heroic difficulty DC 30

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This stage will test Mura's ability to differentiate targets. Placed in the room will be placed targets for her to hit along with targets she must not hit. She will roll an attack roll against the various Defs as well as a lone d20. The d20 will determine whether she targeted the correct drone. Again, she gets three attempts per part to succeed. Using extra effort or a Hero point can be used at anytime. On retries, she must reroll her attack as well as her targeting d20.

Part 1 -- Average difficulty Def 10 (d20 -- 6 and above means correct targetting)

Part 2 -- Tough difficulty Def 15 (d20 -- 11 and above means correct targeting)

Part 3 -- Challenging difficulty Def 20 (d20 -- 16 and above means correct targeting)

Part 4 -- Formidable difficulty Def 20 (d20 -- 20 means correct targeting)


Part 1 --Part 1 DEF 10; 11 or higher correct target (1d20+7=17, 1d20=15)

Extra effort will give you a +5 on the d20 roll.

A hero point will allow you to reroll the d20 adding the ten to anything lowever than 11.

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