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Ember Paw: Moonlight Blues (Birthday Vignette)


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Sirius sat in his dark room, the moon coming through the half open window. It had been another year. Memories fluttered around in Sirius head, this time last year he had been home in Ireland.

Sitting on his bed he frowned, she had been so unreasonable. So what if his father had been killed because of it, it was two different matters. Sirius wasn’t his father, and the Foxfire wasn’t a gift to be used on a whim. It was his own foolish fault he had gotten himself killed thus passing on the Foxfire to Sirius.

Sighing Sirius shook his head, so in some small way he guessed he understood why his mother hated his birthday; after all it was the day she lost her husband, But that doesn’t give her the right to hold it over him every year.

His father had always been an oddball, using the leaked foxfire power to perform minor magic tricks for children, The only time he would turn into Ember was to do some stupid trick that usually led to him getting hurt, and eventually killed.

Mind you Sirius always resented his father for that. His mother and himself had been waiting at home for his father to come home for Sirius’s birthday, That’s when it had happened, Sirius’s markings had began to burn the Foxfire was released. Sirius’s mother didn’t need any other sign; she burst into tears, as she knew the only reason that the Foxfire would shift to Sirius was when its former host was dead…

Sirius hated his father for that. They never found his body, so the police just pegged it to his father running away, But Sirius and his mother knew better he was dead… When the host in killed and the Foxfire leaves to go to the new bloodline host, the energy expelled literally disintegrates the former host body.

A Few months’ later Sirius had left Ireland and headed to Europe, and than finally here to freedom city. Committing small crimes along the way, steeling artifacts that could hold the key to unlocking the Foxfire’s full power.

Sirius had to try; he wasn’t going to be like his father and snuffed out in an instant. Sirius was going to do something with his life, he was going to master the Foxfire and be it’s master, He wasn’t about to go about barley making ends meat at kiddy parties performing childish magic tricks. He was going to unlock the secrets of the journal and master the Foxfire. This was his only goal in life…

Sirius sighed again as he looked at the moon. He hadn’t spoken to his mother in such a long time. Perhaps it was time to wave the flag of truce. Sirius wanders over to the phone and starts to dial the number. Weighting nervously for the phone to be picked up Sirius’s hart was in his throat.

The wringing finally stops and a woman answers the phone in Irish. “Hey mum, it’s me Sirius…â€Â

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