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Alien Super-Genius With A Portal-Gun

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Concept: Alien Super-Genius With A Portal-Gun

Power Level: 10

Power Points: 150



Tall, but with bad posture, frequently slouching and/or coughing. Pale. Thin. Mop of messy hair, eyebrows, and perma-stubble are all naturally green. Wears big round sunglasses, even at night. Wears a bright red Hawaiian shirt or tank top over cargo shorts and sandals (not flip-flops, proper sandals), even in winter. Walks with a cane. Sweats a lot and sunburns easily.



Member of an early branch-off Lor sub-race. Tech level was interplanetary, but not yet interstellar. Sun was about to go supernova. As most renowned scientist, he led the effort to save his people. He failed. His personal ship and one other ship were accidentally sent far away through space and several centuries forward in time, while the rest of the star system and his people were annihilated. The others wound up across the galaxy. He wound up crashing on Earth. He salvaged what little tech from his ship he could to build his portal-gun and repair a drone assistant.



  • Accident: Use of the portal gun can temporarily destabilize the fabric of space-time in the local area. If he uses the portal gun too much in too short of a time, he can accidentally create some kind of Negative Space Wedgie.
  • Addiction: Takes amphetamines and opiates by the fistful to deal with the constant physical discomfort and strain caused by Earth's environment (see below), and the constant emotional discomfort and strain of being stranded alone on an alien world with a significantly lower tech level than his own.
  • Emotional Problems: Isolation, Survivors Guilt, etc.
  • Enemy: Other survivors of his race blame him for the doom of their people and are scouring the galaxy to find him and punish him.



Strength: 08 (-1) (Heavy Load: 40 lbs.; Running Long Jump: 5ft)

Dexterity: 08 (-1)

Constitution: 10 (+0)

Intelligence: 40/25 (+15/+7)

Wisdom: 40/25 (+15/+7)

Charisma: 08 (-1)




Initiative: +15/+7 (+15/+7 Int)

Attack: +4, +10 Spatial Control

Grapple: +4 (+4 Melee Attack, +0 Strength)

Defense: +10/+4 (+4 Base, +6 Shield), +2 Flat-Footed

Knockback Resistance: 10/0




Toughness: +10/+0 (+0 Con, +10 Force Field [Impervious 10])

Fortitude: +5 (+0 Con, +5PP)

Reflex: +10/+4 (-1 Dex, +5PP, +6 Enhanced)

Will: +15/+7 (+15/+7 Wis, +0PP)




Climb 0 (-10)

Craft (Any) 0 (+15)

Computers 0 (+15)

Concentration 0 (+15)

Disable Device 0 (+15)

Investigation 0 (+15)

Knowledge (Any) 0 (+15)

Medicine 0 (+15)

Notice 0 (+15)

Profession (Any) 0 (+15)

Search 0 (+15)

Sense Motive 0 (+15)




Beginners Luck

Environmental Adaptation (Low Gravity)

Favored Environment (Normal Gravity)

Improvised Tools


Jack of All Trades

Luck 3

Sidekick 17 (9, +8 Veteran Reward) (85PP)

Speed of Thought








Comprehend 3 (Languages 3 [Read/Write All; Speak Any, One At A Time; Understand All]) [6PP]


Device 15 (75PP Container [Passive, Permanent]; Flaws: Easy-To-Lose; Feats: Restricted [Knowledge {Physical Sciences} skill bonus of +15 or higher], Subtle [Disguised as a cane]) [47PP] (Descriptors: Technology)


Enhanced Reflex 6 (Feats: Evasion) [7PP] (Descriptors: Defensive Portals)


Force Field 10 (Extras: Impervious) [20PP] (Descriptors: Defensive Portals)


Shield 6 [6PP] (Descriptors: Defensive Portals)


Spatial Control 15 (30PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 4) [34PP] (Additional Descriptors: Portals)


Base Power: [12 + 13 = 25PP]


Elongation 8 (1,000ft Max; Elongate 400ft per Move Action; 80ft Range Increment for elongated melee attacks; Feats: Indirect 3, Subtle) [12PP]


ESP 3 (Range: 1,000ft; Sense Types: All; Extras: Duration [Sustained], Simultaneous; Flaws: Action [Standard], Feedback; Feats: Subtle) [13PP]


Alternate Power: [29PP]

Blast 10 (Feats: Accurate 3, Indirect 3, Subtle, Variable Descriptor 2) [29PP] (Additional Descriptors: Dropping Stuff On You, Dropping You On Stuff)


Alternate Power: [30PP]

Deflect 10 (All Attacks) [30PP] (Additional Descriptors: Defensive Portals)


Alternate Power: [27PP]

Nauseate 10 (Extras: Range [Ranged]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Accurate 3, Indirect 3, Subtle) [27PP] (Additional Descriptors: Rapid Teleportals)


Alternate Power: [28PP]

Teleport 8 (2,000 miles / Same Continent; Extras: Portal; Flaws: Action [Move Action to open or close]; Feats: Change Direction, Progression [Portal Size] 2 [25ft x 25ft], Subtle) [28PP]


Teleport 4 (400ft per Move Action; Flaws: Limited [Short-Range]; Feats: Change Direction, Interpose, Progression [Cargo] 1 [250 lbs.], Turnabout) [8PP] (Additional Descriptors: Instant Portal)


Immunity 8 (Aging; Cold; Interaction Skills; Radiation; Flaws: Limited [1/2 Effect]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Alien Biology [Aging, Cold, Radiation], Mutation [Interaction Skills], Super-Intellect [Interaction Skills])


Quickness 6 (x100; Flaws: Limited [Mental Tasks]) [3PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Intellect)


Super-Intellect 15 (30PP Array) [30PP] (Descriptors: Mutation)


Base Power: [15 + 15 = 30PP]

Enhanced Intelligence 15 [15PP]

Enhanced Wisdom 15 [15PP]


Super-Senses 1 (Low-Light Vision) [1PP] (Descriptors: Alien Biology)





Disability (Earth counts as a "High Gravity" environment; -2 Attack; 20ft Base Speed per move action; 1/2 Carry Capacity; Falling damage gains +50% Damage effect rank; -10 Climb; -10 Strength for Jumping; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate) [-2PP]


Disability (Mobility; While in a "Normal Gravity" environment like Earth, when he attempts to move normally in combat, he must make a DC15 Fortitude save; If he fails, he loses the move action, but does not move; If he fails by 5+, he falls Prone; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Minor) [-1PP]


Disability (Earth counts as a "Thick Atmosphere" environment; Once per hour spent outside without breathing assistance, or when engaging in combat, he must make a DC15 Fortitude save to avoid becoming either Fatigued or Sickened [GM's discretion]; If already Fatigued or Sickened, he becomes Exhausted or Nauseated; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate) [-2PP]


Disability (Light Sensitivity; If his sunglasses are broken or removed while direct sunlight is visible, he must save against a Visual Dazzle effect, others gain Partial Concealment from him, and he suffers a -4 penalty to Notice and Search checks; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate) [-2PP]


Vulnerability (Heat [including Environmental Heat]; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Minor [+1 DC and x2 Time Interval]) [-1PP]


Vulnerability (Light [Sensory; a Visual Dazzle or a Nauseate effect with the "bright/flashing light" descriptors would count, but not a Damage effect with the "laser" descriptor]; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate [+50% Effect Rank]) [-2PP]


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I've got 8PP of veteran rewards I can pry off of an inactive PC to help pay for this guy. He's not very useful, but he could be fun, and he could get more useful over time.


Concept: Friendly Robot Sidekick (Skeets with the serial number filed off)

Power Level: 10

Power Points: 85 (Sidekick Rank 17)



Strength: 01 (-5) (Heavy Load: 2.5 lbs.)

Dexterity: 10 (+0)

Constitution: -

Intelligence: 20 (+5)

Wisdom: 10 (+0)

Charisma: 10 (+0)



Initiative: +0 (+0 Dex)

Attack: +6 (+2 Base, +4 Size)

Grapple: -11 (+6 Melee Attack, -5 Strength, -12 Size)

Defense: +6 (+4 Base, +2 Size), +3 Flat-Footed

Knockback Resistance: 0



Toughness: +6 (+9 Protection, -3 Size)

Fortitude: -

Reflex: +6 (+0 Dex, +6PP)

Will: +4 (+0 Wis, +4PP)



Intimidation 0 (-6)

Stealth 0 (+12)



Eidetic Memory




Comprehend 3 (Languages 3 [Read/Write All; Speak Any, One At A Time; Understand All]) [6PP]


Features 2 (High-Definition Audio & Visual Recorder; Holographic Projector) [2PP]


Flight 1 (10MPH, 100ft per Move Action; Feats: Subtle) [3PP]


Immunity 40 (Fortitude effects; Psionic effects) [40PP]


Protection 9 [9PP]


Quickness 6 (x100; Flaws: Limited [Mental Tasks]) [3PP]


Shrinking 12 (Size: Diminutive; Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Permanent; Feats: Innate) [13PP]




Disability (No Hands; Frequency: Very Common; Intensity: Moderate) [-4PP]


Vulnerability (Electricity; Frequency: Common; Intensity: Moderate [+50% Effect Rank]) [-3PP]


Vulnerability (Magnetism; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Major [x2 Effect Rank]) [-3PP]


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