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Mirray Eelrin




PL: 8 (150) (Built as PL8)


Identity: Public

Alternate Identity: None

Birthplace: Long Island, Alternate Dimension Earth.

Legal Status: Minor. dimensional refugee.

Base of Operations: Claremont Academy

Residence: Claremont Academy Dorms

Occupation: High School Student

Affiliations: Claremont Academy



Age: 20. (Equivalent to sixteen years)

Gender: Female.

Species: Alternate Dimensional Earthling.

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 131lbs.

Skin: Pink

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Black/Gold


Character History: Mirray was born on long island, but not this worlds long island. Rather on the island that would be long island on earth prime. On her own world, the name of the island is lost to history. And simple called Tir Dhuchais. A island with the ruins of a city and a population of survivors living in the underground tunnels and caves under the city. A lot was different on her world, and a lot was the same. But much was forgotten also, all she knew was that she was part of a tribe living in man made tunnels. The surface inhabited with wild beasts. Burning sun, sand, and violent natives. The underground was safe, her people eating fish, growing underground plants and hunting game.


And her tribe like all overs had rules, rituals and taboo's one of the greatest was to not go into the 'temples' on the island. Large structures with archaic magical devices. And Mirray like all of her people followed these rules.

Finding herself in one of these temples was more a matter of self preservation then anything else. Her fishing party being attacked on the surface by the surface dwelling natives and followed into the tunnels, a brave move by there enemies. The other members of her fishing party where either killed, captures or separated from her and she hide herself by first sliding then falling down one of the side tunnels. Finding herself in a "ancient" temple.


She was unable to find a way out. Instead having to live a few days by hunting the vermin in the temple and eating some of the mushrooms and fungus. She would have likely starved to death but in her hunt for a way out or food. She found herself in a part of the temple that lit up like the surface when she entered and a moment later. With a blinding light seamed to pull her apart tiny piece by piece. And then...


She was put back together, on a island like hers. Only much different.
And having a strange looking panicked teenager with other worldly powers dropped into Earth Primes Freedom city had a understandable predictably outcome. First the police then the Freedom league
getting involved. But no one was hurt and little real damage caused, The authorities first asking for help with understanding where Mirray had come from. And then once they started to understand entrusting Mirray to the League. They also discovered a great deal about her original dimension from materials thrown into there dimension with her. Indeed most likely far more then Mirray and her people knew. 


Physical Description:

Mirray is a bit short and board for the stands of earth. She has sink that is a light shade of pink. Her sclera are black with the irises of her eyes being yellow.
Soft almost 'fluffy' hair that's curly and messy with a small pair of bony antenna sticking up out of her hair. She has a pronounces set of Canines as well as sharp strong claws at the end of each finger where the finger nail of humans on this earth would be. As well as a number of hard sharp spikes located on her knuckles, feet, elbows and knees.

While still getting use to the requirement to where clothing. She's become quite fond of larger baggier clothing in general. Cargo pants and large t-shirts being to go to.


Powers and Tactics:

Mirray "powers" are actually just the biological adaptations that per people have developed over centuries of exposure to radiation and harsh environmental conditions. First by way of genetic manipulation then simply by way of genetic stresses. Granting her immunity to most natural bands of radiation and to most poisons. The latter ability allowing her and her people to eat a very wide and some what... distasteful range of foods.

She posses a battery of heightened senses including, Echolocation and the ability to hear high end frequencies. A accurate sense of smell along with the ability to see well in low light and ability to see into the thermal range with the use of small pits located near the base of her antenna. A pair of insect wings located under slits on her back right around where human shoulder blades would be allow her some ability to fly. And the ability to stick to and climb on most surfaces. She possess the same limited telepathic ability as many of her race though hers is a bit stronger then most. Giving her the ability to mentally communicate in very close proximity with some one. As well as read another persons mind while in physical contract with them. And a ability to accelerate the bodies healing process by touch also.


And finally her people posses a number of hard hollow bone like spikes located around there body used to punch, kick, elbow or knee attackers. All of which are able to deliver a toxic cocktail of chemicals, the effects being disruption of the sensory organs, leading to blurred vision, nausea ringing in the ears and burning sensation. All which uncomfortable. The same spikes also allowing her to shot out a sticky high strength substance not unlike spider silk.



Acceptance: Mirray likes this new world, its much less violent and dangerous then her old one. And she wants to fit in and for people to like her.

Teenager: While technically a adult in her own culture Mirray is biologically still a teenager on earth prime.
Economically Struggling: While most teenagers are most or less at the economic whim of there parents Mirray literally has no extra money to spend.

Survival Instincts: Being from a world where almost everything wants to eat you has lead Mirray to develop a tendency to go a bit overboard when she feels threatened.

Lost in translation: A combination of unfamiliarity with culture, language and human behavior can lead to... awkward interactions at times.

Prejudice: While not monstrous looking. Mirray is definitely not "Normal" looking. It's not normally a major factor in groups that are accustomed to such things. but out in the general public it can be.

Poor Literacy: Marray is still in the process of learning to read and wright English.



Abilities: 10+10+18+8+2 = 48 pp 
STR 20 (+5)
DEX 20 (+5)
CON 28 (+9)
INT 10 (+0)
WIS 18 (+4)
CHA 12 (+1)
Combat: 16 + 10= 26 pp
ATK: +8 Ranged/Melee. +12 Venomous Spikes. (+10 Base)
DEF: +9. (+5 Base, +4 Dodge Focus)
Grapple: +11.
Initiative +5.
Knockback: -4.
Saves: 1+3+2 + 6= 0pp
Toughness: 10 (+9 CON, +1 Protection)
Fortitude: 10 (+9 CON, +1)
Reflexes: 8 (+5 DEX, +3)
Will: 6 (+4 WIS, +2)
Skills: 32R = 8 pp

Acrobatics 5 (+10)

Climb 4 (+9)

Language 1. (English, Galic)

Notice 6 (+10)

Stealth 5 (+10)

Survival 6 (+10)

Swim 5 (+10)
Feats: 5 = 5pp

Attack Specialization 1: Venomous Spikes.

Dodge Focus 2.

Power Attack.

Uncanny Dodge.

Powers: 4+4+2+1+2+2+2+4+18+2+8+8 = 57pp.


 Super-Senses 4: Echolocation. (Accurate: Normal Hearing, Extended: Normal Hearing, Ultra-Hearing) [4pp]

 Super-Senses 4: (Acute: Smell, Darkvision, Infravision) [4pp]

 Flight 2. (25mph, Flaw:Wings) [2pp]

 Communication 1. (Mental) [1pp]

 Mind Reading 8. (Flaw Ranged -2: Touch, Flaw:Duraction, Instant) [2pp]

 Immunity 2. (Poison, Radiation) [2pp]

 Super Movement 1. (Wall Crawling) [2pp]

  (Descriptors: Biological, Alien)

 Healing 2. [4pp]


Webs 8.5 (17 points, PF: Alternate Power) [18pp]

 BE: Snare 8 ("Web Line," PF: Tether) (17/17)

  AP: Trip 8 ("Web Bomb"; Extra: Area [Burst, General]) (16/17)

   (Descriptors: Biological, Alien)


 Damage 1 (Extras: Linked [Nauseate, Stun] Feats: Mighty) [2pp]

  Nauseate 8 (Extras: Linked [Damage, Stun] Flaws: Sicken) [8pp]

  Stun 8 (Extras: Linked [Damage, Nauseate] Flaws: Daze) [8pp]

   (Descriptors: Toxins, Venomous spikes, Alien)


DC Table

Unaremd  DC 20      Injury/Bruise

Spikes       DC 21      Injury/Bruiser

Sicken       DC 18      Fort/Sicken (Limited to Sicken)

Daze          DC 18      Will/Daze (Limited to Daze)

Trip            DC 18      Reflex Area/Prone  

Snare        DC 18       Reflex/Entangle 


abilities 48 + combat 26 + saves 6 + skills 8 + feats 5 + powers 57 = 150 pts 

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