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Von Höllenhaus

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Von Höllenhaus



Powerlevel: 10 (220/220)

Unspent Power Points: 0.

Trade-Offs: -1 Active Defense, +1 Toughness


In Brief: Basically red skull with a gas power.


Alternate Identity: 
Höllenhaus, Hessen Germany.

Residence: Underwater Base
Occupation: Intentional Terrorist.
Affiliations: Overthrow: Formerly Nazi Germany.
Family: Does have family members still in Germany. But keep no real contact with them.



Name: Vilhelm Albert Von Höllenhaus III

Identity: Secret.
Age: 106.
Gender: None: Formerly Male.
Ethnicity: Caucasian. (Germany)
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 171lbs.
Eyes: None Visible.
Hair: None.



The man that was once Vilhelm Von Höllenhaus III was born and raised in Germany only days before his father would be killed over the Trenches of World War I. He grew up enjoying a life of comfort and privilege while the nation around him slowly fell apart. And he like a great number of germany military officers where swept up in her fervor of the Nazi party. And taking a commission in the SS as it was formed.


Personality & Motivation:


Powers & Tactics:


Power Descriptions:






Abilities: 14+14+14+4+0+4 = 50pp.

Strength: 24.
Dexterity: 24.
Constitution: 24.

Intelligence: 14.
Charisma: 14.


Combat: 14+14=28pp.

Initiative: 7.

Attack: 7.

Grapple: 18.

Defense: 7.

Knockback: -6.


Saves: 8+5+10=23.

Toughness: 13.

Fortitude: 15.

Reflex: 12.

Will: 10.


Skills: 12pp.

Acrobatics +2 = 9.

Climb: +2 = 9.

Disguise: +4 = 6.

Drive: +2 = 9.

Intimidate: +14 = 16.

Language: +2 = 2.

Notice: +8 = 8.

Pilot: +2 = 9.

Sense Motive: +4 = 11.

Survival: 4 = 4.


Attack Focus (Melee) 4.

Attack Focus (Ranged) 3.



Fascinate (Intimidate)


Fearsome Presence 1.

Move By Action.

All out Attack.

Defensive Attack.

Elusive Target.

Equipment 4. (Assault Rifle)

Improved Block.

Power Attack.

Takedown Attack.


Device 5: Flame Suit. 20pp

-Protection 6.

-Napalm Shot. (Blast 6: DC:21 Fire: (Area: Line. 5x150ft) Fire Damage.
-Flame Thrower. (Blast 6: DC:21 fire (Area: Cone, 60ft cone) Fire Damage.


Gas Attack (Linked power) 80pp.

-Damage 8: (DC:23. Action:Free. Alternate Save: (Fortitude) Cloud Area: (40ft, Diameter, Lingers) Range: (Touch)

-Dazzle 8: Affacts: Visual Senses, DC:18; Cloud Area (40ft, Diameter, Lingers) Range: (Touch)

-Nauseate 8: (DC:18, Cloud Area (40ft Diameter, Lingers)



DC Block:

Assault Rifle: +10. (DC:20) (Autofire/Ballisitics, Crit 20, Ranged Incr 50ft)

Fire Cone Damage: (DC:21) (60ft cone, crit 20, range incr 60ft)

Fire Line Damage: (DC:21) (5x150ft line, crit 20, Range incr 60ft)

Gas Damage: (DC:23 Fort) (40ft, Diameter, Lingers, Crit 20)

Gas Dazzle: (DC Fort/Ref 18) (40ft. Diameter, Lingers, Crit 20)

Gas Nauseate: (DC Fort/Staged 18) (40ft Diameter, Lingers, Crit 20)

Unarmed Attack: +11 (DC 22) (Bludgeon, Crit 20)


Total: 50+12+23+100+28+23 = 236.

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